6+ Easy Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo (With Hacks)

6+ Easy Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo (With Hacks)

Have you ever thought about learning different languages like French, Spanish, or English? It is obvious that you face difficulties in it, but there is a way out for you. You all might have heard about Duolingo before. Just like other language learning platforms like Preply, this application is very famous and is a great source by which you can learn different languages. Everyone’s schedule is so hectic these days that no one has the time to go for tuition or join a course to learn a different language. And thus Duolingo can help you out in learning a language. You will become bold and confident while talking in a new language. But to use it you need to have Duolingo Gems. There are various ways by which you can get them.

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are the ways by which you can earn the GEMs in Duolingo –
By using the daily quests
By crashing the daily XP goal. 
By finishing the Leagues 
By accomplishing the achievements 

Further, we have discussed these ways in detail, but let us first see what exactly are Gems or lingots.

6+ Easy Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo (With Hacks)

What are Gems or Lingots?

Just like the owl, Duolingo gems are the feature that you will see almost every time on the platform. Gems are the virtual currency used in this application by Android users and IOS. When you download this app on your laptop or computer, then as a web user you will see the virtual currency named lingots. Both are the same, there is no difference. When you complete a lesson you earn a few gems. Also, there are a lot of funny statements that will help you to stay motivated and focused.

On Duolingo, you will be able to learn new languages by completing the lessons. To complete the lessons and learn a new language you need to earn the gems or lingots in this app. There are a lot of languages that you can study like Spanish, German, French, Japanese, etc. In addition to that, they also help you to take part in Legendary levels which will further help you to get crowns in the skill. The colour of lingots is red whereas gems are blue. Gems are used for various purposes like refilling health, using any bonus skill, etc. If you are a free user, getting gems is very important, as it will help you to unlock more features like status icons.

How to get gems in Duolingo?  

Though learning a new language may seem hard and challenging, with Duolingo you will be learning them in an interesting manner. You must first decide which Duolingo language you want to learn. However as discussed above, you will need to earn gems in it so that you can complete the lessons. Some of the ways by which you can get the gems are mentioned below: 

1. By using the daily quests

The First way to get the gems in Duolingo is to complete the quest that comes in the application daily. This is the easiest challenge and simple way of earning gems. Also, these quests will help you to learn the chosen language more efficiently and effectively and they are one type of timed challenge. Other such common timed challenge that you can take is the XP ramp-up challenge and match madness which will help you to gain more XP.

2. By crashing the daily XP goal

You just need to crash your XP goal which means that if you have set your XP goal to 15 XP, then you will get a gems chest when you finish your first lesson of the day. To take up daily quests you will not need to get Duolingo Plus. In addition to it, earlier you were also able to get the XP goal with the help of the perfect lesson boost that you get when you get a perfect lesson.

6+ Easy Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo (With Hacks)

3. By finishing the Leagues 

It is a weekly leaderboard that shows your rank in the list. You can even get your gems by performing well and remaining in the top 3 in the weekly league. You need to finish it as high as you can so that you can get more and more gems. This will not only help you to get the gems but will also reflect your understanding of the language.

4. By accomplishing the achievements 

You will see various achievements in your Duolingo profile at the bottom of the screen, by completing them, you can get your gems. These achievements will involve different tasks related to the learning of your language.

5. By purchasing the gems

You can also get the gems by buying them with money which should be real. You can buy it from the Duolingo shop. Though if you do not want to purchase them you can always follow the above methods to gain them.

6. Other ways

There are other ways also by which you can earn the gems. Gems can be earned by: 

  • Making a friend your best friend in the app.
  • Remaining in the top 3 places in the league. 
  • Sending invitations to friends to join the app. 
  • Crashing your day’s limit or goal.
  • Making new friends will give you gems and eligible for friends quests.

What are the hacks for getting gems in Duolingo?

Yes, you got it right, some hacks can help you in earning gems in Duolingo. These hacks will help you to earn gems-

  • You have to maintain the streak as long as you can for getting 50 gems every week. 
  • You have to finish the daily quests thrice meaning 5-12 chests in a chest. 
  • You have to make good use of your XP boosts so that you can get more gems.
6+ Easy Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo (With Hacks)

Is there any way to get unlimited hearts on Duolingo for free?

Yes, there is a possibility of enabling unlimited hearts so that you can continue. Below are the steps to follow:

Step 1– Firstly, you have to update Duolingo if it’s not up to date. 

Step 2- Then, open the Duolingo application.

Step 3- Then, click on the hearts tab there.

Step 4- Click on the unlimited plus.

Step 5- After that, you will see unlimited hearts, and then without losing health, you can make mistakes. Your health won’t be affected. 


Learning a Language is a basic step but practising it consistently is an achievable thing. You need to practice it regularly so that you can learn something efficient and effective. Duolingo is a great and famous application that will help you out in learning different languages. However, if you want to learn new languages in it, you will have to earn gems in it. You can earn them in various ways like making a friend’s best friend, completing the tasks given or the quests shown, etc.


How do you get 1000 gems on Duolingo?

You can get 1000 gems in Duolingo by signing up for Duolingo plus on your mobile. 

Can Duolingo make you fluent?

If you are depending on Duolingo for your fluency, then it’s not possible as you also need to make some effort for your learning as it is a two-way process. 

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