How To Beat Impossible Duolingo Match Madness (Easy Ways)

How To Beat Impossible Duolingo Match Madness? (Easy Ways)

Duolingo is a platform where you get to learn different courses based on different languages which have different exercises. Each of the lessons includes a lot of different exercises that help you to learn the basic of the language. Along with these exercises, Duolingo has a lot of different challenges that help to test your knowledge so far. When you are using Duolingo you may see different timed challenges in which you have to complete a specific task in a specific time period. One such timed challenge that you may see is Duolingo Match Madness. To help you know a lot more about Duolingo Match madness and how can you beat it, you must go through this guide.

Quick Takeaways

  • In Duolingo Match Madness, you will have to match a 90-word pairing in 1 minute and 45 seconds. However, with the latest update, you will be getting 120 questions to complete in the specific time period.
  • When you complete the match madness challenge you get to earn 40XP for it. 
  • You will get this challenge for very few languages like Spanish, French, German, etc.
  • There are three tiers and you get around 5XP, 10XP, and 40XP, on completing the first, second, and third tiers on the challenge.
  • To beat the impossible Duolingo match madness, you must follow the given ways-
1. Do not get confused
2. Stat at rhythm
3. Slow down the speed
4. Look for the left corner
5. Take breaks in between 
6. Use row blaster

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important regarding Duolingo match madness and also to understand the ways to beat it in detail. 

How To Beat Impossible Duolingo Match Madness? (Easy Ways)

What is the Duolingo Match Madness?

Match madness is one of the timed challenges that you will be taking on Duolingo. Just like the XP ramp-up challenge, you will have to go to the league tab where you get the Duolingo league and look for the Match Madness icon at the right corner at the end of the page. Match madness is like the normal exercise – matching the pair becomes the hardest time challenge.

In this challenge, you will have to match a 90-word pairing in 1 minute and 45 seconds. If you are able to do it you will be getting 40XP for it. However, the latest update you will be getting is the approach of the XP ramp-up challenge. There are 3 levels, which start with getting 20XP with a 5XP increment. Further, you can earn the maximum number of 60XP. In addition to that, you also need to match 120 words at the last level. Although this update is only available to fewer people.

How to beat impossible Duolingo match madness?

Match madness is the toughest timed challenge, even if you are popular in the targeted language. These challenges will also help you to stay motivated in the course. Following are the tips or easy ways that can help you. Beat impossible Duolingo match madness-

How To Beat Impossible Duolingo Match Madness? (Easy Ways)

1. Do not get confused

Obviously, match madness is a tough challenge as you need to match more pairs in less time. When you are under so much pressure, you will be getting panicked and confused for Duolingo match madness. Once you get panic, there are high chances of making mistakes and eventually losing the challenge. Therefore you must not get confused and stay calm on the platform. When you will stay calm, you will understand each of the words easily. When you will calmly take up the challenge, you will be able to do better in it.

2. Stay in rhythm

Once you are calm and ready to take the challenge look for the rhythm. When you are in a rhythm, you will get into the zone. Once you are in your zone and get a flow for it. It will help you to find the challenge easier than the other challenges. When you complete all the challenges, you will be getting to unlock a new achievement or chest.

3. Slow down

Ok! Being in a time challenge is tough and giving you the advice to slow down may find a useless tip. But trust us, if you do it you will find more good results. When you will use your hand much faster than the brain obviously you will lose the mistake. And then of course you will lose the challenge. Thus start by finding out the rhythm and increase your speed from there.

How To Beat Impossible Duolingo Match Madness? (Easy Ways)

4. Look for the left column

When you are in the challenge, you will see words from your native and targeted language. On the left side, you will see the words from your native language. Whereas on the right side, you will see the words that are from your targeted language like Dutch, Spanish, High Valyrian, Russian, etc. The time you will start to focus on the left side, you will get a lot of words which you will know in the targeted language. Now first select those words that you already know. Once you select them, you will see those pairs removed from the exercise. Now you will see the words that are left and you must try to select them. 

5. Take breaks

You must remember that the clock with a stop between the tiers. Once you finish the first tier, you will have to get straight into the second tier. When you will have a very short break between them, you will be able to take a breath in it. 

6. Row blaster

Row blaster is the booster that helps you to remove a specific row which makes it easy for you. The time limit for this challenge will remain safe. However, you will only be getting four rows instead of five rows. Obviously, when you will have one row less in the challenge, it will become much easy for you to get the answers. The cost for this power-up is 150 gems which are too high.

How To Beat Impossible Duolingo Match Madness? (Easy Ways)

So if you have a lot of extra gems you can think of taking them up. To get it you will again need to go on Match Madness and boot up on the round. If you are using it for the first time you will probably get to use it for free. After it, you will have to tap on Buy Row Blaster and pay 150 gems for it. 

Which platforms have Duolingo match madness events?

Match madness was earlier only available for iPhone users only. At that time it was not available for Android or desktop versions. It was because the Duolingo platform usually provides new updates on iPhones and keeps adding new features like Duolingo Classroom. At that time other times challenges like Lightning Round or XP ramp-up challenges on the Android. However, currently, they are available on Androids as well. When you will complete the first level and earn some points, you will get advance to the next level.

What are the languages which will have Duolingo Match Madness?

Currently, there are very few Duolingo languages which have Duolingo match madness challenges. Thus following are the most common languages which have Duolingo match madness challenges in them-

How To Beat Impossible Duolingo Match Madness? (Easy Ways)

However, you must remember that these are not only the languages that will have Duolingo match madness. Further, Duolingo keeps on updating their courses and thus you will find the challenge in new courses as well.

How does the Duolingo Match Madness work?

  • Match madness is a simple challenge which will help you to earn more XP in less time. In this timed challenge, you will have to answer the right questions, in less time. 
  • Obviously, there will be pressure on you as you need to match more words in less time. You will see two different columns – Targeted and Native language
  • You will need to match the words between the native and targeted language. There are three tiers in the challenge and when you complete the first tier, it will become hard for the challenge.
  • When you complete the 20 right answers (first tier), you will get 5 XP. When you complete the second tier you will guarantee yourself 10XP, by giving your 30 correct matches. 
  • Once you complete the final tier you will complete the challenge and bag yourself 40XP. When you make a mistake you will not lose any health or get penalized for making a wrong answer.


Duolingo is a platform on which you will be learning a new language through different exercises and challenges. One of the most common exercises that you get on the platform is timed challenges like Duolingo match madness. Duolingo match madness is the challenge in which you get 90 words in both target and native language. You will need to match them within 1 minute and 45 seconds.

When you are in this challenge, you must try not to get confused and stay in your rhyme while choosing the answer. Also, Duolingo gives you a booster known as a Row blaster, which will help you to remove a single row. It means that it will help you to get 4 rows instead of 5 rows. 


How do you get match madness on Duolingo?

To get the match madness challenges on Duolingo you will have to go to the league tab on Duolingo. Once you are at the league tab you will get the match madness icon at the right end corner of the page. Tap on it to get your Duolingo to match madness challenge.

How many match madness levels are there in Duolingo?

When you will be taking the Duolingo match madness challenge, you will be getting 90 questions which have 3 different levels. However, with the latest update, you may get 120 questions again with 3 different difficulty levels. 

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