How has education changed over the last 100 years

How has education changed over the last 100 years?

Education has been evolving every year which has improved or declined our education system. and knowing the education changes can help in better understanding a way to prepare for the future things. Over the last 100 years, there have been a lot of changes in the education system like the designing of the classes, the teaching methods of the teacher, etc.

Quick Takeaways

  • During 1852 education was mandatory for kids. 
  • Though it was again dependent on the parents to teach their children. 
  • The education system has changed from the traditional method of teaching in the classrooms to shifting online during Covid-19. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of how education has changed over the last 100 years.

How has education changed over the last 100 years?

How has education changed over the last 100 years?

The world suffers from the coronavirus and due to this, there was a whole shutdown in every department. even in the pandemic year was not able to create problems for the students in their education because of the digital learning system. The following are some points showing the changes in the last 100 years in the education system-

1. 1852-Mandatory education

Before 1852 it was necessary for kids to get an education. It all depends on the parents if they want them to go to school or not. It began to change when  Massachusetts recognized the importance of education for the kids and it was the first state to pass a law of mandatory education for all. Thus due to this law of mandatory education, the parents were fined who don’t send their children to school.

2. 1875-Learning for free

After when the parents were asked to send their children to school, there was a time when the parents were asked to pay for the tuition and books fee for the children that were affordable for every family. So in 1875, the state offered public education for free which led to equality in education for children that were from poor backgrounds. 

3. 1917-Full circle

In 1917 getting mandatory education for children that was started in 1852 came to Mississippi resulting in the United States making the law of mandatory education for children. 

How has education changed over the last 100 years?

4. Early 20th century-Minds our mines

There were some families who used to send their children to work in factories and mines. Due to this, the children were unable to go to school as they had to earn money. So in the early 20th century, there was a child labor law enacted due to which it was illegal to make children work in factories, mines, etc. 

5. 1930- Take me to school

In 1930 the country had to suffer from the great depression in which much public transportation was being closed and the children from poor families were not able to come to school due to a lack of personal vehicles. So for this solution, the school has to introduce a bus for transportation of the student from home to school and from school to home. 

6. 1946-No kid hungry

Even after the great depression, there were many families who were not able to get food for days. Coming to school hungry would make it difficult for the student to learn so the federal government passed the act of national school lunch in which they serve children free and low-cost lunches for the children whose parents were not able to make their children get food. 

7. 1954-Say no to segregation

There are many towns that have separate schools for white and black students. And the schools were for black students who were below the standard for white students. So in 1954 one of the most revolutionary changes was made in the United States saying no to segregation. 

How has education changed over the last 100 years?

8. 1965-Bring me your poor

In 1965 the elementary and secondary act was passed by which the funds were distributed to the schools who were having lower incomes. So that there was no gap in achievements between the students from high-income and low-school income. 

9. 1966-Meal of the day

Providing the school lunch program was not enough. So in 1966, there was a program in which qualified students were able to eat free or at a low cost the meal in the morning. 

10. 1972-Girl power

In 1972 the United States Congress passes the law of title IX for higher education in which discrimination on the basis of sex was prohibited. Which created equal opportunities for girls in school. 

How has education changed over the last 100 years?

11. 1975-Accommodations for all

In 1975 America passed a disabilities Act by which the students who were not able to get education properly in poor quality or expensive Specialty schools were allowed to get the appropriate education for free or on a low income for the student with disabilities. 

12. 1983-A nation at risk

In 1983 there was a nation at risk report passed in which there were numerous recommendations for the school for the methods of teaching the students which became the first mandated educational standards in the US. 

13. 2001-No child left behind

This act was one of the most controversial education reforms in the US as it created an appropriate standard of grades for each subject. The teacher has to prove that they have taught the student their lesson to these standards that have to be proved through standardized testing methods for the student. 

14. 2013-The next generation

In 2013 the next-generation science standard created a standard in which the most relevant skills were prioritized for the student as STEM education in k-12 schools so that the students were prepared better for their careers.

How has education changed over the last 100 years?

15. 2015-Race to the top

There were many schools that struggle in creating a standard due to the lack of resources in schools so by race to the top the schools were granted money to help them so that they would adopt standards, and the teacher of the school should be provided with professional development and get the resources which are necessary of the student’s learning. 

16. 2019-All work no play

In 2019 Washington became the first state to provide the student with an outdoor preschool that helps the youngest students to learn interestingly and by discovery. 

17. 2020-Covid-19

In 2020 the schools were closed due to covid-19 pandemic so as to decrease the spreading of the disease. Here the student and the teachers have to face a lot of problems in Organizing distance eLearning a new educational method of teaching. 

18. 2021-Time to recover

After the reopening of the school, only 20% of the students continue to study remotely. There will be the stage when the student will get educated by going to school or virtual learning will continue forward. Virtual learning is getting popularity day by day.

How has education changed over the last 100 years?

Future Education

There are three-point that will make difference in the educational system in the upcoming years:

1. Technology

As the evolution of technology is going educators need to have knowledge about how to apply technology and where to apply it. This technology has given birth to various Edtech platforms.

2. Role of students

The students themself have to invest their time learning and investing in the school personally as the role of the teacher is getting indispensable in the educational system. 

3. Knowledge and research

For the student, it should be compulsory to get new knowledge and innovative research should become part of student education. Further, you can also get knowledge of the subjects like esthetics online.


With the growth of technology, nobody would be able to guess how the student will get an education in the next 100 years. 

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