Why starting med college at 28 is important

Why starting med college at 28 is important?

Attending medical school and becoming a doctor is the dream of many students. But due to different factors, they may be confused about when to get admission to the schools. Many students may think that they must get admission in their early 20s as they won’t get admission after that. Eventually, it is not true. You can take admission even when you are 28. Let us find out what is the maximum age to take admitted to medical schools and why you should get admission when your age is around 28.

Quick Takeaways

  • There are many factors that help to depict that starting medical school at the age of 28 has a lot of benefits. 
  • You get a lot of time to gain the necessary experience and earn some money to give for your tuition fees. 
  • It will also help you to know if you actually want to do it or not.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a deep understanding of why starting medical school at the age of 28 is important.

Why starting med college at 28 is important?

Does age impact Medical school acceptance?

To become a doctor you need to go to medical school but it depends upon which doctor you want to become. For example, for becoming a psychologist you do not need to go to medical school. However you can start medical school at any age, this means that your age does not impact medical school acceptance applications and you can apply with VITA application or med school diversity essay. All you need to know are the requirements you need to submit. Do your research properly about what the current policies of different schools are. Choose the school which best suits you.

Is it possible to start medical school on the 28?

Of course YES. As already mentioned above that there is no age limit to start medical school, you can start it when you are 28. You will have to sit in the interview for which you will need the right dress code. Starting your school at 28 will result in starting your residency when you are 32. The residency period ends up to 5 to 7 years which is based on your specialization and the research done for you. You may be shocked to know the fact that most people are recommended to start their medical college when they are 28. Thus don’t worry and follow the proper application process for applying the medical schools.

Why starting med college at 28 is important?

Starting your medical college when you are 28 gives you a lot of benefits. The perks of starting medical at 28 are given below –

1. Determining what you want?

One of the biggest perks of starting your medical at 28 is that you get to understand what you want to do in your medical career. Many times students get into medical schools with the opposite interest, and this makes them feel burdened with their studies. There are times when students get admission into medical schools but end up getting into other schools. Taking time before getting admission helps you know your capabilities and interests. You will also need to have a specific number of hours that you will need to enter in the university.

Why starting med college at 28 is important?

2. Collecting funds

Tuition fees for getting into medical schools are way more expensive. This results in high debt for the students. You can work in various fields to save funds for your medical schools. It will not only help you to pay your tuition fee but also help you to focus on your studies as now you do not need to worry about your tuition fee. It will also help you to pay the rent. If you become an intern then you may also get paid to work. However, once you get into the medical college you may still be able to earn the money by working which will help you to pay the fees.

3. Building up other career options

As I discussed many students get into medical colleges but this results in moving toward arts colleges which means that they drop out of med colleges. When you have already worked and gained some experience, you can go back and start that work again if you are not happy while in medical school. You may also try to get money while in medical school so that you can take care of your expenses.

4. Childcare facilities

When you are in your 28s, you may also plan to start a family. You can benefit from an on-campus childcare facility. Another benefit that you will get is to attend your classes online. Also, you can take maternity or paternity leave at the start of the two years of college. Although this is not the same case if you are a practising doctor. You can also try to take care of the animals if you want to get into the vet schools.

Why starting med college at 28 is important?

Best specialties to get into at 28

Following is the list of different specialties where you can get admission at your 28 –

1. Family Practice 

Such programs generally are for 3 years and are less competitive than the other streams. Family Practice is also known as general practice or family medicine. As a family medicine, your primary job is to assist the primary healthcare facilities for everyone irrespective of their age. The average annual income salary is around $237,000.

2. Internal medicine

Being an internal medicine, you will be dealing with internal problems. Internal problems include diabetes, influenza, etc which are now becoming common in people. As these diseases are now found in 8 out of 10 people there is a high demand for internal medicines. The annual average income salary is around $152,000.

Why starting med college at 28 is important?

3. Physical medicine

You will be helping people who have physical disabilities. Your job is to examine the problems they are facing and help them by providing them with treatment plans. This program is also around for a maximum of 3 years. This is quite a high-paying profession as compared to others. The average annual income salary is around $206,774.

  • Around 5% of students that take admitted to medical colleges each year are above 30 years.
  • If we speak about the exact numbers, there are around 200 students who take admission at 35 and around 350 at the age of 31.
  • There are around 10 – 12 students each year that are above 50 years.
  • The average age to enter med school is 24.
  • Most doctors retire when they are around 65 years old.


Many people take admitted to medical college at an older age. Around 5% of students who get admission to med schools each year are more than 30 years old. This shows that age is just a number and does not have an impact on getting admission to medical schools. Although, as per various studies you should get into medical school when you are 28. This gives you different benefits like collecting funds for tuition fees, determining what you want, and building up a backup career option. 


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