What outfit to wear to the Med School Interview

What outfit to wear to the Med School Interview?

One of the best feelings that you feel as a student is to get an interview invitation from the medical school you applied for. Obviously, after so much hard work, you would not want to lose the opportunity to get admission just because of your interview. It is good to prepare for the questions during your interview time as it is one of the main steps for getting into medical school. You must also take care of the uniform during your interview.

Quick Takeaways

  • You must try to wear the right dress during your interview. 
  • Try to wear colours that are not too dark and not too light. 
  • Wearing proper suits can be a great idea for medical school interviews. 

However, you must read till the end so that you could get a better understanding of the importance of wearing proper attire in the medical school interview.

What outfit to wear to the Med School Interview?

Why is it important to wear proper attire during a medical school interview?

What you are wearing depicts what kind of personality you carry. It is the way of presenting yourself before the person who is taking your interview. Remember, “First impression is the last impression”. How you answer the questions is a secondary thing, the first thing that anyone notices in you is the way you dress up and carry yourself. Having proper attire while giving the interview not only helps to look professional but also leaves an impression on the interviewer.  However, your uniform will also depend upon the area where you live like Ohio, Washington, Philadelphia, etc.

What outfit to wear to the Med School Interview?

After following the proper application process, you need to take care of the outfit that you need to wear in Med school. As you may be applying to multiple medical schools, the uniform may be different from them. You may also need to write the diversity essay form to get into medical school. Let us know what women and men should wear for a Med School Interview.

What attire should women wear during the medical school interview?

This is a common question among all the girls going to interview at medical schools. Before knowing about the attire, it is important to know how can you make money when you are in medical school so that you can easily get the right attire. Let us see what should you wear during the medical school interview-


Wearing a suit is the perfect choice for attending the interview at the medical college. You can either wear pantsuits or a skirt suit whichever you want to and are comfortable in. Wearing suits in darker colours adds an advantage while giving an interview. The three most attractive colours during the interview are grey, black, and navy blue. Avoid wearing blouses that are too revealing and skirts that are too short. 

Shirts with matching pants or skirts

If you do not have a proper suit, a shirt along with matching pants or skirts can help you. Do not wear a wrinkled shirt. You can wear neutral, or solid colours like beige, grey, soft blue, etc. Remember to tuck in your shirt. Do not wear an oversize shirt.

Also as discussed above do not wear too-short skirts. Keep it up to knee length. Also if you are wearing pants then the length should be according to the type of sandal you have worn. If you are going to the vet school, you must wear this attire as it will help you to stay comfortable.


Wearing the right sandal is a must as you need to show confidence to the interviewer. If you are wearing uncomfortable sandals then there are chances that you get nervous during the interview. Also, try to wear black color as it will go with every attire.

What outfit to wear to the Med School Interview?


You should take up the bag which is large enough to take your important papers including your admission form. Also, remember to take up the bag which matches the dress that you will be wearing during your interview. 


Do not wear a lot of accessories as they will not look professional. Try to wear simple stud-type earrings and a watch. It will give you a simple yet professional look. 

Makeup and tattoos

If you want to do makeup, try doing very light makeup. You can use foundation, eyeliner, mascara, etc for your interview.  Also, if you have any tattoos on your body, try to cover them up.


You must make a proper hairstyle while going for an interview. Do a proper comb before going to the interview. Try to keep the hairstyle simple. Pin up the extra hairs properly. Do not use any strong fragrances in hair products.  

What attire should men wear during the medical school interview?

This is a common question among all the Boys going to interview at medical schools. However, you must apply at the age of 28 if you still are not sure about if you really want to get into the school or not. Let us see what should you wear during the medical school interview-

What outfit to wear to the Med School Interview?


You should wear a proper suit during the interview. You should stick with dark colours like grey, black, or navy blue. Also, you should add silk or a silk-like tie to your suit. 

Shirt and pants

Try to wear a white collared plain shirt. Do not wear pattern shirts. You must make sure that the shirt is ironed properly. Also, tuck it properly. Your pants should be of proper length and wrinkle-free. It is also one of the attire when you are going to the clinic to get the required number of patient hours.

Proper grooming

If you keep your face clean, shave, then try to shave before the interview. But if you have a beard then you should set it properly. Do a proper hairstyle before going for an interview. If you use any setting product make sure it does not have a strong fragrance. Also, if you have any tattoos then try to cover up them. 

Socks and shoes

Try to wear socks that are going with your shoes and suit. Try wearing dark-coloured socks. Be sure to wear socks whose pattern and colour go with the suits. Also, do not forget to polish your shoes. If your shoes are not polished, they will look unprofessional and will also leave a bad impression.


Make sure to take bags that can carry all the necessary documents along with your portfolio, a copy of the portfolio, etc. You may also need to get a bag if you are going to vet school to carry the documents.


While it is important to give the right answers in the interview, it is also important to look presentable in front of the interviewer. You must try to wear proper suits like grey, navy blue or black color. Try to pair it with light accessories and a bag that has a large space. Along with that, you must have a proper hairstyle and if you are a boy then you must have rightly set the beard if you have.

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