Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)

Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)

Duolingo is one of the leading platforms that help you to learn different languages online. All the courses are well developed by specialists, which were earlier designed as a part of the Duolingo incubator. With the help of it, you can improve your fluency in a particular language. If you are using Duolingo for a while now and want to get rid of the ads, you may be thinking of taking the premium version. There are two different plans that you get on it – Duolingo family plan and individual plan. If you are thinking of taking the subscription you may want to know more about them. Here we will help you to know more about the family plan in detail so that you could decide whether to choose or not.

Quick Takeaways

  • If you are thinking of taking the subscription plan on Duolingo, you will have to choose between an individual plan and a family plan.
  • Family is the plan which can be shared by up to 5 more people. On the other hand, an individual plan is one which you can not share with others. 
  • The main benefit of taking the family plan over the individual plan is that it will cost you much less as an individual than the individual plan.
  • If you do not want to take the plan and still want to take the advantage of the family plan, you can use your 14-day free trial or look for various promo codes. 
  • Once you buy the family plan of Duolingo Plus, you will have to share the link of it with the other members. You can do it by sending the invitation link for joining the plan.
  • If you are the one who will be paying the annual charges, you are known as a family manager. You will be having the right of removing or adding a member to the group.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss important facts about the Duolingo family plan.

Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)

What is Duolingo Plus?

Duolingo Plus is a premium version of Duolingo on which you can learn different languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, etc. You will need to pay a price for getting the subscription plan. With the help of Duolingo Plus, you will get rid of unnecessary ads and features in the free version of Duolingo. In addition to it, you will be getting some more features with the help of Duolingo Plus just like the stories. When you are taking Duolingo Plus you will see the owl in a spacesuit. You will also see different characters on the platform.

Further, the appearance of Duolingo will also turn blue. This platform is also known as Super Duolingo. The rate of the subscription plan varies with the area of living, the duration of the subscription and the type of the plan. There are two different plans for purchasing the subscriptions-

  • Family Plan
  • Individual Plan

What is the Duolingo family plan?

The family plan is the one in which you can club your subscription along with up to 5 members. This means that in this plan you can generally divide the price among 5 members. Thus the cost of this plan for you will be much lesser than getting the individual plan. You can share this plan with your friends, family members, or anyone who wants the subscription plan. The only aim of this plan is to reduce the overall cost that an individual has to bear. You can get this plan on all types of devices including Android and iOS devices. 

Is the Duolingo family plan worth it?

Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)

A family plan is a part of super Duolingo which is a premium version of Duolingo. Honestly, there is not much difference between the free and the paid version. You will have to collect gems and will be able to take part in different leagues. In addition to it, you will be able to use Duolingo offline (which was earlier available only for prime members). Though you get different benefits with the membership plans, many people do not find it worth using them. However, if you still want to take the experience of taking the membership, and have 3-5 more friends who are interested in using the membership of it, then you must go for the Duolingo family plan

What is the cost of the Duolingo Family plan?

Again the price for it will vary with the area of residence. However, you must remember if you are thinking of taking the family plan, you must know that it is only available as an annual subscription. There is no monthly or any other subscription plan. Further, we have given the table which will help you to know the monthly plan according to the country you are living in- 

CountryPrice of the plan
Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)

What are the benefits of the Duolingo Family Plan?

The following are the benefits of a Family Plan-

  • As a member of a family plan, you will get rid of all the ads. 
  • Just like the free member, you can easily remove the language course that you may have taken earlier.
  • You will have unlimited health and can practice your mistakes all the time.
  • If you have lost your streaks, you can repair them with the help of the plan.
  • The cost of the family plan for an individual is much lower than purchasing the individual plans
  • With the help of the Family Plan, you will be able to take part in the legendary level without using your gems and get a crown for them.
  • You can skip the levels if you think that they are easy to attempt which is not possible in the free version of Duolingo. These levels help you to get achievements and unlock the chests on the platform.

However, you must remember that these are the benefits that you get when you become a premium user. This means that even if you will be purchasing the individual plan, you will get these features on it. You may be thinking then how is the family plan different from the individual plan? Further, we have given the answer to this question for your help.

How is the Duolingo Family plan different from the individual plan?

There is not much difference between both plans. Both plans have the premium features like removal of ads, streaks repairing, unlimited health, etc. The only difference between both plans is the cost that the individual has to bear. Further, you can also get a monthly subscription to the individual plan. However, the cost of it will be higher than the annual cost. Below we have given a table that will help you to know the monthly annual subscription plans for different countries-

Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)
CountriesSubscription plan
U.S.A$6.99 a month
UK£6.49 a month
Australia$10.83 a month
Canada$8.91 a month.

How to get the features of the Duolingo family plan for free?

There are 4 different ways by which you can get safe from paying for the family plan-

1. 14-Days free trial

The first way is to take advantage of the 14-day free trial. All you need to activate your subscription account. Once you start it you will get a 14-day free trial pack. Don’t worry there will be no deduction in these 14 days. Use the features of the subscription plan for 14 days and before the plan is finished, cancel your subscription.

2. Increasing the streaks

When you increase your streaks on Duolingo you will be getting some exciting goodies. However, it also gives you a free trial for a maximum of 3 days. When you will be getting 365 days streak you will be getting VIP status and streak society.

Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)

3. Look for Promo Codes

Duolingo keeps on providing various promo codes that help you to get a free trial for specific days. Suppose you may get a promo code which offers a 30-day free trial. You can use the code for getting the free trial. Again you will have to put the details of your account. However, there will be no deduction till those 30 days.

4. Using the desktop version

If you are using Duolingo on your desktop you will get unlimited health which is a prime feature of the subscription plan. Thus if you are taking the subscription plan only for unlimited health, you can think of using Duolingo on the desktop version.

How to get the Duolingo family plan?

To get the subscription plan there are some very easy steps that you need to follow-

Start with opening up Duolingo. In the next step, you will have to go to the shop option by clicking on the gems icon if you are using a mobile. However, if you are using it on a desktop, you will have to click on the shop icon. Now look for the option of upgrading to super and click on it. Follow the instruction, fill in the details of your account, and start with your family plan. 

However, if you are already a super subscriber, you will need to open your super dashboard. Now look for the family plan on it, and click on it. Your family plan will be upgraded on it. 

Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)

How you can share your Duolingo family plan?

As discussed above you can share the family plan with your friend and family members and is not only limited to them. You can share your plan with anyone you want to. To share the plan you need to send your special invite code. All you need to do is to go on your family plan and click on add the member’s option. If you are using a mobile, you can directly share the link in text messages or on other platforms by tapping on more options. 

If you are using a desktop, you can copy the link of your promo code and send them to others. However, the person to whom you send the link just taps on the link and gets an invitation to the family plan.

How to manage the Duolingo family plan?

As there are 6 different people using this plan, you will need to manage it. When you are using a family plan, there are two statuses- Family manager and simple member. The family manager is the one who is paying annually for the subscription plan and will be managing all the other members, There is only one family manager and no one else can become the manager.

To manage the family plan all you have to do is to go to the super Duolingo hub and look for your family plan. At the top right corner, you will see the option of manage. Tap on it and you will be able to delete an old member or add a new one. 

Duolingo Family Plan Complete Guide 2023 (Everything Covered)

What are the reasons for Duolingo’s family plan not working?

There is no doubt that you may find some problems while using Duolingo’s family plan. Following are the reasons why your family plan may not be working-

1. Invites do not work

When you send the invitation to someone, there are chances that the person may not see the option of accepting the invitation. There is no particular reason why it happens. However, in a study, it was examined that the platform on which you are sharing the link may not support it. Thus if you are facing the same issue, you must consider changing the platform.

2. The person may be a super subscriber

If you are sending the invitation to the super subscriber it may not be able to open the invitation. They will only be able to join it when their subscription plan is over. 

3. Using the beta version

If you are using the beta version of the platform you will again not be able to send the invitation. In fact, you may not be able to join the family pack. Thus you must make sure that you are using the standard version of Duolingo. Further, make sure that the person who is receiving the link is also using the standard version of it.


The Duolingo family pack is one of the types of pay that you will be getting in the subscription plan of Duolingo. There are two different plans – individual and family plans. In the individual plan, you can not share it with others and can get monthly or annual plans. Also, the cost that you will be paying as an individual is higher than you will be paying in the family plan. So if you are using the family plan you can share it with other people. There are only annual plans available in the family pack and you can divide the cost of it among 5 more people.  


Can you change the family manager in the Duolingo family plan?

As per the latest update of Duolingo, you can not change the family manager in the family plan. It will remain the same till the subscription gets over.

Does Duolingo have a lifetime subscription?

If you are thinking of taking a lifetime subscription, you may be getting upset. This is because at present there is no lifetime subscription available on the platform.

What do you get with a family plan of Duolingo?

As a member of the Duolingo family plan, you will be getting all the benefits of the subscription plan. You will be getting the benefits of zero ads, unlimited life, the option for more practice, etc.

Is there a super Duolingo family plan?

Without any doubt yes there is a Duolingo family plan which allows you to share your subscription with 5 other people. So if you have some friends who might want to have the premium version of Duolingo, you can club together to get the subscription.

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