What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now (Updated)

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

Learning new knowledge is extremely difficult and challenging. Thus you will need to have a good platform for it. You may be thinking of using Duolingo for learning a particular language. However, when you will use it, you will find a lot of different features on it. One of the features of Duolingo is the Duolingo streak. If you are unaware of Duolingo’s streak we will help you to know more about it. 

Quick Takeaway

  • Duolingo streak represents the number of days that you have used to finish a lesson. 
  • The longest streak on Duolingo is around 3676 which is held by the user christi3.
  • You can find about the longest streak from the platform Duome which is an official website.
  • To maintain your steak from disappearing you can try streak freeze.
  • Streak freeze is a way of freezing the streaks you made so far. With their help of them, you can freeze the streaks for two days in a row.

However, we will recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to Duolingo’s streak.

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

What do you mean by Duolingo Streak?

Each day you complete a lesson, you gain one streak, which starts at zero. Thus, the Duolingo streak represents the number of days that you have used to finish a lesson. You would have a 20-day streak if you logged in to Duolingo and finished a lesson every day for 20 days in a row. Your streak will extend by 1 day after you finish a lesson on the website or the app. If you do not finish a lesson, it resets to zero unless a streak freeze is purchased in advance. You will see these streaks even if you are a free member.

You may also perform other things like participating in leagues or listening to podcasts, to increase the streak score. If you are wondering what is a streak freeze, we will be discussing it later. However, let us first look at who holds the Longest Duolingo Streak. You can get this streak even when your complete the course offline. Thus if you are doing a lesson in a day and after some time going for Legendary levels or crowns there will be no increase in the Streak score.

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? 

You will be shocked to know that the longest streak on Duolingo is around 3676 which is held by the user christi3. Having 3676 streaks means that the user is using Duolingo for the past 10 years. As Duolingo was established in 2011, this longest streak shows that the person was with Duolingo since the beginning of the platform. It also means that the user is using Duolingo since the time it used an incubator for creating the courses. Further, you must also know that not only Christi3 is the one who has streaks from the past 10 years. The following table shows the names of the other users with a streak from the past 10 years-

  • SarkaB – 3675 days 
  • Johnarnold – 3671 days 
  • DeeRamm – 3670 days 
  • Jelinek – 3670 days 
  • Davidbohardt – 3652 days
What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

What can be expected highest streak at the end of 2023?

Obviously, there could not be a particular prediction for it. Let us consider the highest streak holder Chirsti3 with 3676 has managed the streak to stay till the end of the year. He/she will become the first person to have more than 400 streaks on Duolingo.

How you can find the longest streak?

Finding out the longest streak on Duolingo is very easy. Though you do not need to have Duolingo to check out the streak score, you will need to have a separate app i.e Duome. Duome is unofficial but the best app to check what is your streak score. On this platform, you will not only be able to check your streak score but also the XP scores and golden owl. The second you land on the webpage of Duome, you will be able to see the global dashboard. However, if you want to see where you stand among the other users, all you have to do is to write your username, after entering the website. 

Duome platform will have two different leadership boards based on the type of users- 

  • The first set includes people who have not used the streak freeze along with the ones who have used it.
  • The second set of users is the one in which only people who have not used it are included.

Further, we have discussed the feature streak freeze in detail for your better help.

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

What is streak freeze?

Streak freeze is a feature that helps to lock the number of streaks you have. Suppose you had 200 streaks and were not able to log in and complete the lesson, you may lose the streak. Thus it means that it will not be reset to zero in number. There are generally two ways by which you can get the streak to freeze. The first one is the one which you will have to buy from the Duolingo shop. The other feature is the one in which you will get them through the streak society. When you reach a certain level, you will get eligible for activating the three freezes. You can use these freezes a maximum of three times.

What are the different ways to maintain the Duolingo streak?

Duolingo streak helps you to know where you stand in your learning path. However, it is very easy to lose the streak on Duolingo. Following are the ways by which you can maintain the Duolingo streaks-

1. Stop ignoring the warnings of Duo Owl

Duo Owl (the app icon) will appear on the screen after some time you miss the lessons. You should not miss any of the warnings of the owl. If you are doing something really important, make sure that you complete the lesson after completing it. You will see various Duolingo characters on the platform so which will help you to keep on motivating to complete the course.

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

2. Keep it short

When you log in to the platform, you will find long lessons sometimes for higher-level skills, in languages like Spanish. Though you must try to complete the lessons in a way that is easy for you. You are not required to give 4-5 hours in a day. All you need is to spend a minimum of 5 minutes on the platform. You can either take part in a daily quiz or complete the lesson to maintain it. Further, you must also remember that you will be getting statements that are funny and maybe weird sometimes.

3. Stay consistent

Staying consistent means that you are logging in to the account regularly at equal intervals. However, you must make sure that you must complete at least one activity at a time. Try logging in to the platform at a similar time every day. It will help you become consistent with your daily routine. Suppose you have logged in in the evening, try logging in the evening each of the days.

4. Streak freeze

Again as discussed above, streak freeze is the one with which you will not lose the streak if you don’t log in to the account. To get this streak freeze, you will need to spend 200 gems on the mobile app and 10 lingots on the desktop. Thus if you want to hold on to the number of streaks you have maintained, you can think of investing some gems to purchase it. To use it you must be active on Duolingo for a day before using the Streak freeze.

What is the Longest Duolingo Streak as of Now? (Updated)

5. Always think of why you are using Duolingo

Again you must remember why you were initially using this platform. Duolingo has a lot of different courses which you can take up for learning various languages like Japanese, French and Spanish. Therefore you must remember why you are learning this language. Suppose you are thinking of visiting France in the coming months. Thus you may want to learn French to make things easy for you. You must make sure that you are not deviating from the reason for learning the reason.


Duolingo streak represents the number of days that you have used to finish a lesson. So if you are spending 15 days on the app, your streak score becomes 15. The longest streak holder is user Chiristi3 with 3676 streaks. This shows that it has a streak of more than 10 years. If the same user continues to perform on Duolingo till the end of this year, he/she will be the first person who has more than 4000 streaks.

If you do not get active on Duolingo for a day, you will lose the streaks you have received. To find the highest streak on Duolingo, you will need to have Duome- an unofficial platform. To maintain your streaks you can use streak freeze to not lose them.


What happens at 365-day streak Duolingo?

When you are using Duolingo for a year continuously i.e. 365 days, you will reach the first tier. It will help you to get wildlife achievement. You will get VIP status once you get a 365-day streak.

How long is a good Duolingo streak?

There is no fixed number of Streaks that you should have on Duolingo. You can have streaks according to the number of days spent on the platform. However, if you are at a stage where you only have 7 streaks, the chances of you completing the course increase by 3.6 times. There is no need to be a Duolingo Plus member for getting the Duolingo streak. However, if you still want to take the membership plan, there are two different plans – Individual and Family plans.

Does the Duolingo streak society still exist?

This feature was earlier available on both the app and the desktop version. However, with some of the updates, you will only get this feature on Androids. Also, you must remember that you will only get this feature once you complete the 365 streaks. Once you complete 365 streaks you will also get some other prices. 

How long can you freeze your streak in Duolingo?

You can freeze your streaks for two days in a row at a time. This means that you will not be able to freeze the streak for a full week. 

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