Updated Duolingo Character Names 2023 (Complete Guide)

Updated Duolingo Character Names 2023 (Complete Guide)

There are a lot of online learning platforms on which you can learn foreign languages. Duolingo is a platform on which you can learn different languages like French, Spanish, etc. It was first launched in 2011 and since then it has been updated with time. With different updated new features are launched on the platform including different Duolingo characters. If you are unaware of it, here we will provide you with different Duolingo character names.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo has different features like gems, leagues, etc and you will also see there are a lot of different characters.
  • There are 10 different characters available on Duolingo. These characters represent different skills and are coming from different regions.
  • There are three main queer characters – Bea, Lin, and Oscar.

However, you must read it till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial facts regarding it.

Updated Duolingo Character Names 2023 (Complete Guide)

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a platform which offers a variety of languages to learn on. You can get languages like Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, etc to learn. You will also see different podcasts for Spanish and French language. To learn a specific language you will need to complete the lessons which also include funny statements in each of the courses. You will be having both Free and premium subscriptions available for Duolingo. There are two types of Duolingo premium memberships – Individual and Family plans that you can take up to get the premium features. Initially, these courses were created on an incubator which was a voluntary program and now is shut down.

For unlocking new lessons of the course you will need to get different gems. These gems can be earned from different activities like taking part in leagues or performing daily quests just like you need friends for friends quest. You can use them either to unlock new lessons or to unlock status icons. Duolingo also has a different character on their platform which help in keeping the learning more interesting. Further, we have discussed them in detail. Further, if you have taken a course which you no more like can be deleted from Duolingo.

What are the different Duolingo characters?

Just like different languages available on Duolingo, you will see different characters on this platform. There are 10 different characters that you can find on Duolingo. It was done to refresh the look of the app and to get different tones. These characters are from different origins and have different stories. You may have to download the content to complete the course. They help to show different experiences in learning the language. These characters will help you to stay motivated in the language learning journey. Follow statement by Emily Chiu shows how the names were selected for different characters-

“We wanted to keep the names pretty similar across languages for consistency.”

Updated Duolingo Character Names 2023 (Complete Guide)

This means that the meaning of the name of one character may vary with different languages. Thus the team had to cross-check the names of each character so that no one is similar. Every character has its own story and challenges. So further we have discussed all the then characters for your help. As the aim of these characters is not just for reflecting the languages but the different cultures, all the characters on this platform are from different cultures. Further, they mainly aim to focus on the communities which are underrepresented in Western media. 

What are the queer characters in Duolingo?

As there are diverse learners on this platform it is important to represent every type of learner on this platform. There are a lot of different learners including the LGBTQ community. Thus they have three different queer characters on this platform which are Lin, Bea, and Oscar. All three different characters show different types of LGBTQ people. Lin is dating women, Bea dates both men and women, and Oscar is a man and is into men. 

Image Source: Duolingo

List of Duolingo Character Names in 2023

Following is the list of the names of the Duolingo characters-

  • Bea
  • Eddy
  • Junior
  • Lin
  • Lucy 
  • Zari
  • Falstaff
  • Vikram
  • Lily
  • Oscar

Let’s dive in deep and find out what all of these characters denote:

1. Bea

Bea is a black woman with a yellow top, blue jeans red shoes, and a belt. If you consider yourself ambitious and are not afraid to go after it then you may consider yourself as Bea. There are small changes in this character after it was launched. Her previous hairstyle into something which is more authentic to the community to which she belongs. Also, she is one of the official characters in LGBTQ+ characters. If we consider its the official character she is the one who notes everything in her planner. She is always willing to learn new things and help you even if you do not need it.

Image Source: Duolingo

2. Eddy

Eddy is a person who is in his red tracksuit and gym shorts, has blond hair, and loves to play sports. There is no doubt that he enjoys sports whether running around the block or getting a new PB. He is a father to another character ‘Junior‘. This character helps to show do everything that helps to improve yourself. 

Image Source: Duolingo

3. Junior

Junior is the little joy of Eddy. He has the correct answer to everything happening around him. like any other ordinary kid, he always wonders what can he get by convincing his dad to like video games, ice cream, etc. He usually will see trying his luck on convincing his dad or clearing the maths test. Junior will be seen wearing a light blue t-shirt along with dark blue pants and black shoes. Duolingo on its official Twitter page writes:

‘“While Eddy lifts weights all day, Junior prefers talking your ear off about frogs!”

Image Source: Duolingo

4. Lin

As discussed above Lin is a character who is a part of queer characters and is also known as dating women. There is no full-time job for her and is never on time. As she is staying with her grandmother Lucy (another character), she usually crashes her grandmother’s apartment. It gives her the freedom to watch shows until 3 AM. In an interview with Emily Chiu, she said that showing the relationship between granddaughter and grandmother will help people to know how grandparents can be teachers. 

5. Lucy 

As discussed above she is the grandmother of Lin. She is an Asian grandmother who is difficult to impress. She usually has a yellow outfit along with a top bun with grey hair. If we talk about the official statements she is not like another grandmother. She is a very cool grandmother and usually talks about hitchhiking. Further, she also lets Lin stay at her place without having any job. Also, her past stories are generally described as being Fuzzy. 

Image Source: Duolingo

6. Zari

She has a sparkling animated eye wearing a blue top along with pink pants and a pink scarf. The way she takes a pink scarf on her head, surely depicts that she is a Muslim character. Zari never takes the tension of what others think and spends most of the time remembering the formulas for calculus. Further, she also loves pineapple on pizza. This character is shown to be an extrovert and always doing something. She is too good at every language and thus if you also want to learn every language fluently, Zari’s character is you.

Image Source: Duolingo


7. Falstaff

Falstaff is a very big teddy bear, unlike other human characters. He is a black bear with a blue scarf. It is one of the characters which do not interact much with other characters. There is no backstory of this bear and there is no official statement on why it is the only animal in these 10 characters. 

Image Source: Duolingo

8. Vikram

Vikram is a character who keeps on smiling always. If you are having a bad day learning the language, Vikram will help you to cheer you up. It is an Indian character who is particularly a sikh. This character has a good beard and wears a pink T-shirt and shoes. Along with it wear a blue turban along with blue pants. However, it is not officially stated anywhere. Even when you lose a streak of 365, ( which helps you to get VIP status and streak society as well) he will be there for you to cheer you up. You will never get a negative feeling from this character. 

Image Source: Duolingo

9. Lily

Lily is a 16-year-old character who is shown all in purple. She is their best friend of Zari. There are three main characters in Lily – Self-protective sarcasm, Apathetic, and Reticent. She loves to be sarcastic every time and is very introverted in nature. Lily has knowledge of music and has a lot of specific unrecognizable bands on her playlist.

Image Source: Duolingo

10. Oscar

Oscar is a member of queer community member on the platform. He is a character who has a moustache and curly hair. Oscar usually wears a pink shirt and green pants. He is a high school teacher and loves to do his job. His free time is spent in doing painting in his studio. 


Duolingo is a platform on which you can learn new languages with the help of completing different lessons. These lessons are completed with the help of gems which can be earned through the league. However, along with these features, you will see a lot of different characters on this platform. There are 10 characters on this platform which reflect different skills along with the diverse community. There are three different characters – Bea, Oscar and Lin who are the part of Queer community.


Who is Bea dating on Duolingo?

Bea is a character who dates both men and women. She is dating Bea a character who dates both men and women. She is dating Daniel on Duolingo.

How old is lily Duolingo?

Lily is a sixteen-year-old character. She is an introverted person who are best friends with Zari. Lily has three different characteristics – Self-protective sarcasm, Apathetic, and Reticent. 

Does the Duolingo bear have a name?

The name of the Duolingo bear is Falstaff. Sometimes it is also known as Grumpy Bear, Hungry Bear or just The Bear. 

What is a Duolingo owl?

The name of the Duolingo owl is a duo. The duo is to supposed to bring back goodwill. The duo is similar to the spectacled owl species which is green in colour and is the app icon for Duolingo.

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