Duolingo Plus Honest Review (2023) – Is the Premium Membership Worth it?

Duolingo Plus Honest Review (2023) – Is the Premium Membership Worth it?

If you are thinking of learning a new language you might be aware of Duolingo. Duolingo is a platform that offers various languages which you can learn on it. On this platform, you need to complete different lessons which are designed for learning a specific language. When you are using this platform you will see a lot of ads which are really irritating. Thus to get rid of it Duolingo has its premium version known as Duolingo Plus. If you don’t have much knowledge of it, do not get worried about it. We will be discussing each aspect of Duolingo Plus in detail.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo Plus is a premium version offered on Duolingo.
  • There are different features that you get with Duolingo – No Ads, Unlimited hearts, repairing of streaks, etc. 
  • There are two types of plans that you can take – Individual and Family Pack
  • The cost of the Duolingo plus will vary with where you are living, what is the duration of the plan, and what type of plan you are using.
  • If you want to experience the features of Duolingo plus but do not want to pay for it, there are several ways of getting it. You can use the service of a 14-day free trial or look for some of the promo codes for it.
  • Once you have taken the subscription plan you can always cancel it before the free trial if you do not like it. However, how to cancel it depends upon the way of purchasing it.
  • As you are getting all the important features in the free version of it as well, it may not be much worth getting the subscription.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial information regarding Duolingo Plus.

Duolingo Plus Honest Review (2023) – Is the Premium Membership Worth it?

What is Duolingo Plus?

Duolingo offers a premium subscription service by the name of Duolingo Plus. Duolingo Plus can be purchased using the app on a monthly or annual basis. It helps to get some new features and get rid of some. If you have Duolingo Plus you will see the owl of Duolingo ( the app icon) is in a spacesuit and the appearance of the app turns blue. You will also see different characters like Bea, Oscar, etc on the platform. However, with time, it is currently known as SUPER DUOLINGO. There is no difference between them – all the features are the same. The only difference is the name and them. The theme shows a more spacey and galactic vibe of Plus. However, you must also remember that you may remove the course which you no more need.

Is Duolingo Plus worth it?

As discussed above Duolingo Plus is the subscription plan for Duolingo which helps you to learn different languages like French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, etc efficiently. You will also get podcasts or stories in Spanish and French languages. There are a lot of benefits that you get with the help of a Plus membership like zero ads, unlimited hearts, repairing of streaks, etc. But whether is it worth it to choose or not is a big question. When you are going for the Plus membership you need to spend some of the cost for it. According to us spending the cost plus membership is not worth it.

The only reason is when you are using the free plan of Duolingo, you will be getting almost the same features from it. However, earlier it was worth it as it gives offline learning but with time now you can get it with a free version also. Further, you may want to take it because of two main reasons- 

Practising the mistakes

Duolingo Plus Honest Review (2023) – Is the Premium Membership Worth it?

The free version of Duolingo will discourage you once you make mistake on the platform. So with the plus version, you were able to practice mistakes again and again.

No adds

As it helps you to remove unnecessary ads on the platform. It is a very common reason why you may want to go for this membership. 

If you still want to try Duolingo plus you can think of taking a family plan which will help you to divide the cost between 6 different people. To help you more, we have further discussed all the features of Duolingo Plus so that you can decide whether you want to take it or not.

What are the Features of Duolingo Plus Membership?

Taking up Duolingo Plus membership, also helps you to stay motivated in the language learning journey. The following are the features of Duolingo Plus Membership-

  • Zero ads: Duolingo Plus helps you to study without being distracted by advertisements. 
  • Offline learning: Duolingo Plus allows you to download courses so you can study without an internet connection. Although, this feature is now available even for free users, earlier it was only available to Plus members
  • Progress Quiz: You can evaluate your language proficiency and keep track of your progress by taking a quiz.
  • Unlimited hearts: With the help of Duolingo Plus you can make mistakes without being penalised because you have an infinite number of hearts available to them.
Duolingo Plus Honest Review (2023) – Is the Premium Membership Worth it?
  • Repairing of streaks: Duolingo Plus also allows you to repair your streaks if you have missed a day of learning. Once you reach a streak score of 365 days, you will be getting VIP status and a free streak freeze. When you will have high streaks, you will unlock the achievements.
  • Practising the mistakes: Taking Duolingo plus membership will help you to practice the mistakes again and again which you make more often. 
  • Skips: If you find a level too easy, you do not need to complete it you can easily skip it.
  • Free Legendary levels: As you already have Duolingo Plus you will not need to spend 100 gems for unlocking legendary levels which will further help you to get the purple crown.

What is the cost of Duolingo Plus?

The price for Duolingo Plus will vary with the area of living, time duration, and which plan you are taking. There are two different Duolingo plus plans – Individual and Family. The following table shows the cost of Duolingo plus subscription plans based on 12 monthly subscriptions for different countries-

CountriesSubscription plan
U.S.A$6.99 a month
UK£6.49 a month
Australia$10.83 a month
Canada$8.91 a month.

However, you must remember that these prices are for 12 monthly subscription plan. If you want you can consider taking 1-month or 6-month subscription plans. However, it will increase your per-month cost.

Duolingo Plus Honest Review (2023) – Is the Premium Membership Worth it?

If you have less money to spend on Duolingo, you can think of going for a family plan. It is a plan in which you can club up to 5 different members. If you are going for this plan you can save with its help of it. Suppose you are living in the UK the annual family plan is £105.99 or  £106  per month. So if you are able to bring 5 more people, you will need to pay the cost of  £1.47 per month.

What are the conditions for not taking Duolingo Plus memberships?

Following are the conditions when you should not take the Duolingo Plus memberships-

  • If you are just starting with your language learning program on Duolingo, you must avoid taking the subscription plan. First try to get familiar with different features like Duolingo gems, leagues, etc.
  • There are many people who do not stay committed towards language learning. Thus you must not take it if you are not able to stay committed to learning the language.
  • If you are on a tight budget you must not think of taking the paid version of Duolingo.

What are the conditions for taking Duolingo plus memberships?

Following are the conditions when you should be taking the Duolingo Plus memberships-

  • If you are on Duolingo for a long time you can always think of shifting towards Duolingo Plus. 
  • There is no restriction on your budget and can manage to get extra money for the subscription. 
Duolingo Plus Honest Review (2023) – Is the Premium Membership Worth it?
  • If you want to get rid of ads and the heart system. 
  • You may be using the app for a while and may not want to lose the level because of your mistakes. Thus for practicing mistakes again and again you can purchase the subscription plan.

How to cancel the Duolingo Plus subscription?

There are chances that you may want to take advantage of Duolingo Plus and find it is not worth it. In such a case you can always cancel it at any time. Generally, you get 14 day free trial period for the Duolingo Plus subscription plan. To cancel the subscription you will need to see how you have taken the subscription to Duolingo Plus. There could be three different ways of taking the subscription-

Apple app store

There are chances that you have downloaded it and taken the subscription through the Apple app store. For such a case go to your setting app and tap your account which is at the top of the page. You will see an option for subscriptions, tap on it and you will see the option for Duolingo. Select it and tap on the cancel option to get rid of the subscription.

Google Play store

If you purchase the subscription from Play Store, you can use the Duolingo app to cancel the subscription. You will need to tap on the Duolingo Plus icon and tap on settings. Once done you will see the option of managing a subscription, tap on it. You will see some of the instructions coming on your app. Follow them to get rid of the subscription.

Duolingo Plus Honest Review (2023) – Is the Premium Membership Worth it?

Duolingo website

The last way of buying a subscription is from its website. If this is the case for you all you need to go to the website and log in to the account. Now select Duolingo Plus and click on cancel the subscription. 

How to avoid paying the cost of Duolingo Plus?

Following are the ways by which you can avoid paying the cost of Duolingo Plus-

1. 14 Days free trial

Every user of Duolingo gets a 14-day free trial for Duolingo Plus. If you also want to take advantage of it, all you need to select any of the super features like unlimited hearts. Then you will see an upgrade screen where you can try for $0.00.Tap on it and then your free trial will be started.

2. Using the desktop version

Think of using the desktop version as it will not limit you from making mistakes. This is because, on the desktop version, you are having unlimited hearts which is one of the reasons for having the Plus subscription. 

3. Extend your streaks

Again this is another way of not paying for Duolingo Plus. When you are extending the streaks you not just get some of the cool goodies but also get some free trials for Duolingo Plus. Unlike the above one, you will be getting free trials only for less than 3 days. However, some studies suggest that there are people who have earned these trials for 7 days as well.

4. Promo codes

Duolingo keeps on releasing various promo codes that help to get free subscriptions for a long duration. Thus you must keep a check on it to get some of the amazing promo codes. However, you must remember that you will have to put the payment detail as well. Suppose you get a promo code for 30 days, and cancel the subscription before it, you will not be charged for it.


When you are using Duolingo you will get the free version of it. Though the free version also helps you in learning different languages, there is a premium version of it as well. This premium version is known as Duolingo plus and has much more features than the free version. Some of the features on Duolingo plus are no ads, unlimited heart, practising mistakes, etc.

Offline learning on Duolingo was also one of the features of Duolingo plus, however, with time it is also available for free members. If you want to use it but do not want to pay for it you can always take advantage of a free trial or extend your streaks. Also, you can look for various promo codes that will help you to get it free for a long duration.


What is the advantage of Duolingo premium?

The main advantage of the premium version is that you will be getting No ads, Unlimited hearts, repairing of streaks, etc.

What is different about Duolingo premium?

Duolingo premium has some additional features than the basic version including getting No ads, Unlimited hears, practising mistakes, streaks repairing, etc.

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