Updated List of Every Duolingo Language Available in 2023 (With Stats of Users)

Updated List of Every Duolingo Language Available in 2023 (With Stats of Users)

Learning foreign languages is getting more popular day by day. Many people are looking for different platforms to learn languages. One such platform with which you may also be familiar is Duolingo. Duolingo is a platform which was designed with the motive of teaching people different languages. If you also want to learn a different language you can use Duolingo. However, you must first know about every Duolingo language available. Thus here we will help you to know how many languages are there on this platform.

Quick takeaways

  • There are 43 languages out of which 39 are for English speakers.
  • The most learned language on this platform is English and after it is Spanish.
  • When you are choosing the course you will see the option of beta courses. These courses are the ones which are still in the process of final check but are available for use.
  • You may also find some languages that are not part of real life but are taken from some fictional shows like Games of Thrones.

However, we will recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial facts related to the languages available on Duolingo.

Updated List of Every Duolingo Language Available in 2023 (With Stats of Users)

How many languages are available on Duolingo?

Duolingo is a platform on which you will be learning different languages as a free or premium member. Thus it is important for you to know how many languages are available on this platform. Currently, there are 43 different languages available on the platform 39 of which is for English speakers. You can also take up these courses offline so that you can learn the language. You must also know that for every language there are different levels like legendary levels, that help to know how much you have learned in the course. Once you go through them you will also get a chance of earning crowns. In addition to learning a new language, you can also do an English proficiency test, which is similar to TEFOL.

List of every Duolingo language available

The following table shows different Duolingo languages available for English along with the number of learners for a particular language-

Different LanguageNumber of Learners
Spanish 33.4M Learners
French20M Leaners
Japanese13.8M Leaners
German11.9M Leaners
Korean11.8M Leaners
Hindi8.35M Learners
Italian8.16M Leaners
Chinese6.28M Learners
Russian5.53M Learners
Arabic4.68M Leaners
Portuguese3.46M Learners
Turkish3.05M Learners
Dutch2.06M Learners
Vietnamese1.94M Learners
Ukrainian1.71M Learners
Greek1.69M Learners
Polish1.65M Learners
Swedish1.61M Learners
Latin1.58M Learners
Irish1.44M Learners
Norwegian1.25 Learners
Hebrew1.09M Learners
High Valyrian911K Learners
Indonesian823K Learners
Danish716K Learners
Finnish706K Learners
Romanian682K Learners
Hawaiian636K Learners
Czech625K Learners
Welsh580K Learners
Haitian Creole498K Learners
Swahili477K Learners
Scottish Gaelic461K Learners
Hungarian 453K Learners
Esperanto312K Learners
Klingon(Beta)298K Learners
Zulu297K Learners
Navajo (Beta)274K Learners
Yiddish (Beta)251K Learners
Updated List of Every Duolingo Language Available in 2023 (With Stats of Users)

How has the rank of learning the languages changed?

The following points show how the rank of learning different languages has changed-

  • Korean was overtaken by German which become the 4th most popular language.
  • Hindi also moved above by coming to the 6th position.
  • Portuguese had made the Turkish language fall to the 11th position.
  • High Valyrian has doubled its user base and comes to 23rd position from 28th position.
  • Haitian Creole has also moved towards 31t from the 34th position.
  • The Zulu language has earned a user base of 32.1k to 297k users.

What is the most taken language in Duolingo?

English is becoming the most important language at the current time. Online education has given rise to learning the English language. The most taken language in Duolingo is the English language. After it the second most learned language is Spanish. However, you must remember that whenever you will take the language you will see the Duolingo owl many times and you will also see various characters. Further, if you have taken a language course that you no more want to study, you can always think of deleting it.

What are the beta languages?

Beta languages are the one which is still in the development process but is available for use. Some of the courses which are still labelled as beta are Klingon, Navajo, and Yiddish. As in these courses, final touches are still to be added there may be some bugs in them. However, one thing you must remember is that all the courses are updated with time. It means that all the courses are in the beta stage. 

Updated List of Every Duolingo Language Available in 2023 (With Stats of Users)

Which languages are expected for you to come to in 2023?

If we talk about 2022 two different languages were launched in Haitian Creole and Zulu. They are now fully developed courses and are available on Duolingo. However, if we talk about the course for 2023, Xhosa is the only language which is represented on the list and is only 6% completed. We can expect it to be launched at any point in 2023. 

As the Duolingo incubator, is shut down in 2021, two languages were still in process. Maori and Tamil were these two languages which were in the early stages. However, with the close of the platform, Luis von Ahn announced Maori to be the next 5 languages of Duolingo in 2022. Still, there was no information about the Tamil language. 

Further Tagalog language is one of the most requested languages in Duolingo. Around 82 million people speak this language. Though Luis von Ahn once stated that it is one of the next languages of the platform, Duolingo does not have any courses for it. Further, it is only available as a base language and that too for only those who are willing to learn the English language. 

What are Duolingo fictional languages?

Updated List of Every Duolingo Language Available in 2023 (With Stats of Users)

There are many languages that are available on the platform and are not real-world languages. Some of them are High Valyrian and Klingon which are used in Games of Thrones and star trek respectively. Both languages are not from the real world and are not available in well depth knowledge. However, it is mostly taken by the people who are crazy fans of such shows. So if you are a fan and want to learn these languages you can definitely choose them. 

Which course is the best course on Duolingo? 

There are two best courses available on this platform- French and Spanish. As French and Spanish are getting popular each day, they have become very popular courses on Duolingo. Thus you can see a lot of updates for these courses. There are regular updates on these courses and also have a big library of stories. After these two courses, the best courses they offer are Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. Earlier there were a lot of audio lessons and podcasts for related subjects. When you will be completing the full course you will be unlocking different achievements for them. Further, if you are also losing your motivation while learning it, you can always look for the ways like removing distractions to learn the course.


Duolingo is a platform which offers you different language courses. There are around 43 different courses out of which 39 are for English-speaking people. The most learned language on this platform is English and after it is Spanish. When you are using this platform you may see an option for beta languages which means that these courses are still in the development process and are available to use. If you are thinking of new languages, we can think of Xhosa to be launched in 2023 as it is 6% completed.


How many daily active users does Duolingo have?

The current users of Duolingo are around 575 million users. However, if we talk about daily active users they are about 9.6 million users.

What percentage of people finish Duolingo?

The total number of users and daily users is too high on Duolingo. But this does not mean that they will be completing the course on the platform. According to informal research, if we consider the completion rate for different courses the least is for Spanish which is about 0.01% and the most for Ukrainian which is around o.24%.

What percentage of Duolingo is fluency?

If we look at the statistics of 2018, the fluency percentage that you can get on Duolingo is about 65%. You will get it when you finish the Advance proficiency in the test of the language you have chosen.

What are the Duolingo leagues?

Duolingo leagues are a way of earning gems which are used to open new lessons. It also helps you to test your knowledge. In it, there is a one-week competition which starts on Monday evening and finishes on Sunday evening. There is a total of 30 candidates and the top 20 move to the next league.

When was Duolingo last updated?

Duolingo platforms keep on updating their services and keep adding features. The current update of the platform was on August 2022.

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