How much do Shrinky Dinks shrink

How much do Shrinky Dinks shrink?

Shrinky drinks are a fun activity by which your children can learn to create different shapes and also increase their artistic skills. Not only this, but many youngsters and jewellery designers also use it to create their earrings, key chains, etc.

Quick Takeaways

  • Shrinky drinks are the one made out of polystyrene sheets which are cut out with scissors. On heating out the cutout it chances its own size. 
  • Shrinky drinks shrink up to by β…“ of the original shape of your cutting and become 9 times thicker.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of shrinky drinks.

How much do Shrinky Dinks shrink?

What do you mean by Shrinky Dinks?

They were first created in 1973 but became popular in the 1980s. It is a toy and activity kit which is also called “Shrinkles”. This is made out of sheets of polystyrene that can be cut with regular household scissors. When you heat the cut shapes, they start getting thick and decrease in size with the same colour and shape. If you want to enroll them in more interesting things, you can go for 3k programs or Zentangles.

How many shrinks? – How much do Shrinky Dinks shrink?

The shrinky drink will shrink up to by β…“ of the original shape of your cutting. Also, it will become 9 times thicker and heavier than the original paper. However, these measurements are based on most of the common shrinky dink toys. The size and shape of each shrinky drink vary with its company. It will also vary if you are using homemade shrinky dinks. 

Why do shrinky dinks shrink?

As you already know, these sheets are made up of Polystyrene which is also known as #6 plastic. Raw polystyrene is heated up before being wrapped into thin sheaves to create shrinky dinks plastic sheets. They are then quickly chilled to keep their new shape. The polymer’s fundamental structure is changed during the heating and cooling process. It changes from being a jumble to being well-ordered.

However, the substance is ready to return to its previous composition. As a result, the sheets return to their more disorganized state when the plastic is heated. It shrinks and thickens as a result.

What do you need to make Shrinkles at home?

To make them at home you need to have five different things at home –


As you know that these sheets are made up of #6 plastic, therefore it is important to have that plastic. If you are worried about where to find it, don’t worry. This is the easiest plastic to get at home. When you bring the clear containers from salad bars or any grocery stores, there are chances that they are made of the #6 plastic.

To cross-check whether it is the right plastic or not, check for the recyclable symbol on it. Also, check for number 6. If both things are available on the container, then that content is made up for you.

Permanent marker

How much do Shrinky Dinks shrink?

Though you can use any kind of pen to draw the shape, you should try to use a permanent marker. This will help you to draw the perfect outline of your desired shape on it. 


Once you have created the outline of the shape on it. You would need to cut that shape, for which you will need scissors.

Baking tray

You need to put the cutout on your baking tray when you are putting it in the oven.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil helps to save your shrinky toy to stick on your baking tray. Make sure to cover every side of your tray with it

How to make a shrinky drink at home?

Sometimes students refuse to go to school. Thus giving them this activity will help your child to stay engaged and will also help to improve their creativity level. Here are the steps by which you can make the Shrinky drinks at home – 

Get the required plastic

The first step is to get the required plastic at your home. Make sure to check the details mentioned above on the plastic that you will get. 

Draw and cut the shape

With the permanent draw your shape. Complete the shape by filling up the colors. Once done, cut the shape out.

Prepare the baking tray

As mentioned earlier, cover the whole tray with the help of aluminum foil paper. This will help to save the shrinky drinks to get stuck on the tray. Do not put the shrinking drinks together. Keep them apart from each other. 

Preheating the Oven

You need to preheat the oven to 350℉. Let it heat for some time.

How much do Shrinky Dinks shrink?

Bake the shrinky drinks

Once the whole procedure is done, keep it for baking now. In starting you will see that the plastic is starting to get curled at both sides i.e Inward and Outward. 

How much time is needed to bake them?

You will need to put it on for at least 2 to 3 minutes before baking it. As mentioned above it will start getting curled in the beginning. It might get curled for 1 minute. There is nothing to worry about. Keep checking your shrinky drinks. Once they are done. Keep it in the oven for the next 30 seconds, just to cool them. Now take them out, and they are ready for you.


Shrinky drinks are a fascinating exercise that teaches kids how to make various forms and improves their artistic abilities. In addition, you can use it to make your keychains, earrings, and other accessories. To make it the basic thing that you need is #6 plastic. This plastic is used in clear containers in which you may get fruits or other groceries. To identify this type of plastic you need to see the recyclable sign along with the 6 number on it. It will take 2 – 3 minutes to bake the shrinky drinks to get in the desired shapes.

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