Why do International Students Prefer Vocational Courses over Degree Courses

Why do International Students Prefer Vocational Courses over Degree Courses?

International students or foreign students are the students who pursue their education from another country rather than from their home country. They have to choose between vocational or degree courses while studying as an international student.

Quick Takeaways

  • Vocational courses are basically practical-based courses in which practical knowledge is given.
  • International students mostly prefer vocational courses over Degree courses due to job opportunities and high wages. 
  • Vocational courses help them to get related practical knowledge and gain the necessary skills for the job role.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of why international students prefer vocational courses over degree courses.

Why do International Students Prefer Vocational Courses over Degree Courses?

Why do International Students Prefer Vocational Courses over Degree Courses?

Vocational courses are basically practical-based courses in which practical knowledge and training of an individual in a particular field are required. You would also require hands-on teaching skills like plumbing, programming, business, trade, and film editing. It helps them to easily find out jobs like logistics.

When a survey was conducted it was found that nowadays international students mostly prefer vocational courses over degree courses. Degree courses include theoretical and traditional subjects like literature, history, and math.

What are the Advantages of vocational education training?

The following are the benefits of taking up vocational courses-

  • In vocational education, practical learning is more important than theoretical learning. You need to focus on practising tangible skills that will help you in your workplace. Though if you want to increase your skills, you can take up part-time jobs but make sure to work for the right number of hours.
  • Vocational education basically prepares students for the Global stage. In vocational Schools, students have the opportunity to attend courses and work closely with their classmates who belong to different ethics, culture, and economic backgrounds.
Why do International Students Prefer Vocational Courses over Degree Courses?
  • Vocational education helps in building better relationships with classmates and professors. As vocational education is practical learning, you spend most of the time with your teacher and your classmates in the same environment which helps in building better relationships.
  • Vocational learning helps one to pursue their passion or a career in which he is interested.
  • vocational courses also intend to support non-conventional students who are willing to study while balancing other obligations. There are many options such as online learning, evening batches, and night weekends, etc that will help you to make a balance.

What are the economical benefits of vocational education?

  • The students may easily find jobs if they have graduated from a vocational program and have work experience and specific training in the field so it becomes easy for them to find a job in their profession.
  • Vocational programs have more minor duration courses than educational programs or degree programs. This helps students to end this school faster. As less time is spent in school so the students have the opportunity to spend more of their time learning and training and making money in their careers faster.
  • vocational programs are cheaper than other types of degree programs. The duration of the Vocational program is 2 years or less. This program has a bright future and is costless to students who come from different countries and helps them to save some money.
Why do International Students Prefer Vocational Courses over Degree Courses?

What are the challenges faced during vocational education?

  1. The first challenge that is faced by the student is there is less opportunity to explore different subjects as in degree programs.
  2. vocational students have less ability to adapt. Basically, students who do not have the opportunity to improve their skills through various disciplines and topics might have less willingness and ability to transition and adapt to new technology and strategies in their workspace.

Vocational training VS academic training

  • Vocational training students have trained in a specific field and the knowledge and the skills are provided to the students for a particular specific field or position. In academic training, you are provided with theoretical knowledge that can be applied to various professions within a certain field.
  • Whereas the degree courses basically provide a variety of subjects that are not directly related to you. It may not be necessary that it will be used in your career. Vocational Studies provide skill-based learning and direct knowledge and instruction to you in a particular field which helps you to build your career in a specific field or position.

What are the demanding courses in the vocational course?

The demanding courses which the student wants to learn during the vocational course are

  1. Business courses.
  2. Commercial cookery courses.
  3. Marketing courses.
  4. Child care courses.

1. Business courses

The business course provided by the vocational courses enhances the student with the skills and knowledge about the business, the implementation, and execution of all the business activities, and how the management of the business is done. It will help you to understand various terms including CEO, CLO, etc.

2. Commercial cookery courses

You get to know about the skills of cookery and hotel management. They provided the student with a diploma in hospitality management by which the student gets hospitality knowledge, and some training is also provided that will be required in hospitality.

3. Marketing courses

The qualification in marketing course helps the student to provide skills that are required in the field of marketing such as lead generation, customer service, customer satisfaction, etc.

4. Childcare courses

The vocational course provides the student with a child care course that makes the students learn various skills that are needed during child care. the student gets many job opportunities like a family care worker, tutor childcare worker, etc.


Vocational courses provide students with many job options which the student can pursue forward in their life. so the student prefers vocational courses over academic classes.


Why is vocational education important in the country?

Vocational education is important for economic productivity in the country. It enhances the student with many skills which they can use in their life.  

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