When do University Interviews take place in?

One of the biggest tensions while applying to the university is whether or not you will get accepted to the university. Even if your application is accepted you will then have to prepare for your University interview. Therefore you must know when the university interview will take place.

Quick Takeaways

  • A few days before results day, the majority of universities will have received your marks.
  • The time when the interview will take place will depend upon the university and the course you are applying to. 
  • Every university and department has different interview timings. 

However, you must read till the end to understand when university interviews take place.

When do University Interviews take place in?

When do University Interviews take place in?

The timing of interviews can vary significantly because different departments and universities have different processes. Early November often marks the beginning of the interview season, which lasts through the start of the academic year. They could occur at any moment between October and April. The October ones are often reserved for those who submitted their applications very early.

You are more likely to be interviewed sooner if you apply for a university course early. The best thing you can do is to browse the university’s website’s admissions section for any information unique to their interview. If you are applying through the common app you will get all the necessary information there.

When do universities confirm your place?

Your A-level results will be sent to the universities you apply to before the result day. Typically, the result day falls on the second Thursday in August. This means that the decision about your application will be made a few days before the second Thursday in August. Additionally, it indicates that you will receive your grades a few days after your university. Thus you will be getting the results of your A-levels after when the university has made its choice. Once they give you the offer, you should make sure that you are doing your best for clearing the interview.

When do University Interviews take place in?

How much time does it take for the university to accept your application after the interview?

Universities still require time to analyze and evaluate the various applications after the interview process. Due to this, most colleges won’t have decided on their choices until the end of March. Some universities can take even longer and not respond to you until May. Therefore you must not worry if you have not received any response now. The popularity of the course and the differences between various university admission teams are the main causes of variation. The wait time for you will generally be lengthier at universities if it has smaller admissions staff.

How Long Does it Take For Universities to Make Offers?

A few days before results day, the majority of universities will have received your marks. Therefore they should be able to confirm your application. Although it can take days or months until you hear back from a university regarding your application, whether it’s an offer or a rejection. The length of time will vary depending on when and how you applied and how the university course made offers. There are three different types of applications that you send to the university. Based on it, you will get an offer from the university. Look at the next section to know more about the different types of applications.

When do University Interviews take place in?

Types of applications

Following are the 3 different types of applications that you send to the universities-

Early decision application

If you have sent it to the university and they accept your application, you have to get into this university. You would not have a second choice even if it is not your first choice. As it is legally binding, you should only send it to a single University. The deadline for early decision application is in November and you will be getting the results in December.

Early action application

With the help of this type of application, you can apply earlier than the regular application. The benefit of such a type of application is that you will be getting the offers from the university much sooner than the ordinary one. The deadline for this type of application is by the middle of November and you will get the result by February.

Regular application

This is the most common type of application. It works in a normal manner. The deadline for this type of application will depend on the university you are applying to. Generally, it is around January or February and results are announced by April. 

When do University Interviews take place in?

Does everyone who applies to university get an interview?

Not everyone who applied to University will get an interview invitation. In some cases, you might not need to have any interviews for specific courses. Courses like medicine will need you to attend an interview at the university. However, it will only happen if you are shortlisted for the course at the specific university. Therefore if you will get to interview or not will depend upon this selection or the direction of the application. 

Can you fail a university interview?

Just like job interviews, there are chances that you may fail at the university interview. Therefore you must make sure that you are well-prepared for your University interview. Starting with you must be well dressed before going to the interview.
As it will create the first impression on the admission council.
You must make sure that you are doing eye contact every time you talk to the interviewer. Also, do small research related to your subject as it will create a good impression on the interviewer. Furthermore do not forget to read your personal statement and wear a proper uniform. There are chances that your interviewer may ask you questions based on your personal statement.


Whether you will get accepted or rejected at the university is the biggest tension of your life. When you get accepted to the university you will be asked to attend the interview. Generally, your A-Level results are received by the University prior to your result day. This means that whether you are accepted or rejected is decided to tell you on the result day. Application has been accepted by the University you will have to sit in the interview. The timings for the interview vary depending upon the departments and Universities’ processes. However, it usually occurs between October to April.

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