What is a Student ID and How do you get it?

What is a Student ID and How do you get it?

There are lots of students in a university or college, and therefore it is difficult for the organization to remember which students are studying in their institution. Therefore they provide you with a student identity card which helps them to identify the students of their institution. But what exactly is a student ID and how you will get it?

Quick Takeaways

  • A student identity card is one that is given by the educational institution. 
  • It involves various details like your name, institution’s name, age, blood group, etc. 
  • You will need to complete the enrollment, give the required details, apply for the student id, and receive it. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important information related to the student’s identity

What is a Student ID and How do you get it?

What is a student’s identity?

A student ID card is an identity card that often contains personal identity data including name, date of birth, blood group, and photo. It is a seven-digit long number given to each student of a particular institution.

Along with the card’s expiration date, it also includes the name and logo of the academic institution where you are enrolled. Your student status can be verified using your student ID card. Universities can keep an eye on their students by using student IDs to verify their enrollment. Students can access a variety of services and amenities on the university campus with their student ID. When taking a test, it is also utilized as a means of identification.

How to get the student identity card?

If you are a regular student in the school, college, university, etc, you will get a free student id from there. You may also need your student id card for your student finance. However, if you are taking distance courses you can always ask for your student identity. Follow the below steps to get your student id-

1. Complete the enrollment

The first step is to do your online enrollment for the course. When you enroll in the new university, college, or school you will get an email id and password. You will need to use it when you want to contact the school or the teacher. Sometimes your professor may not reply to the emails but it’s ok.

2. Confirm the address

After completing the enrollment you will need to prove the address you have given. The address must be of the UK itself.

3. Submit the photo identification document

The next step is to give you a document that will help to verify your photo. Use either your driving license or passport to prove your photo identity. 

4. Apply for the student identity card

Once you receive the email id and prove your photo identification, apply for the student id card. You will have to fill out the form you will receive on your email id.

5. Receive the identity card

Once you have submitted the application form, you will be receiving the application form via post. When you will send the application, you will receive the expected date of the identity card.

Who is eligible for student ID?

If you are above 16, you are eligible to apply for a student ID card at your educational organization. However, the minimum age requirement might vary in some institutions. It also depends upon what type of student you are and also what are the policies of the school. In some cases, if you are a full-time student at school, college, or university studying for a minimum of 15 hours per week for 3 months, aged 12 or over, you can apply for a student card. In other cases, you may get the student id card if you are a part-time student as well.

Can you get a student discount with the help of a student id card?

Your student id card will give you several benefits outside of your school campus. You can get several discounts on various shops online and offline. If you are traveling to your schools or colleges by the local trains then also you will be getting discounts on the tickets. However, you must get in contact with the local rail services to know what discounts you can get on it.

What is a student id card used for? 

Apart from proving you are a student at a certain university, student ID cards have other uses. Additionally, it is not restricted to personal identification or photo identification. You can gain access to a variety of services with a student ID card, including food concessions and book loans from the school library.

You can use it as a transportation discount as well. Furthermore, you will require it to access the buildings and facilities at your educational institution and use the printing services.

What age can you get a student discount card?

Your student id card can be used for getting student discounts. As a student, you get your student id card when you are 16 years old. This means that you can get a student discount when you are 16 years old. For getting it you must have a valid student id card.

What happens if you lose your identity card?

Particularly for certain students who enter their housing complex with their student ID card, it may be hard to lose their identity card.  It’s not a big deal if you lose your ID card because you can get a new one. For your accommodations, you would need to travel to the closest reception.
The next step is to inform the student team via email that you have misplaced or damaged your student ID card and want the new one. For a new card, you might have to pay a cost ranging from £5 to £15. After paying the cost, it will be issued to you in a few days.


The identity card that frequently includes personal identity information such as name, date of birth, blood type, and photo is a student ID card. It is a seven-digit number assigned to each student at a specific institution. You can get a student identity card if you are a full-time student of a particular institution.

However, if you are taking your course in online distance learning then you can apply online through the mail provided by the institution. Also, it will depend upon the institution you are studying. Some institutions may not provide student id cards to students who are studying part-time. If you lost your student id you will have to pay a cost to get a new one. 

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