What GCSEs Should I Take to Become a Lawyer

What GCSEs Should I Take to Become a Lawyer?

Thinking about a career in the law stream is a tough path. The degree covers all areas of life and thus every student wants to study at a famous university. There are many students who know about the goal but they don’t know how to achieve it. Due to it, they may not take their GCSEs too seriously. And result in losing their place in becoming a lawyer.

Quick Takeaways

  • You must take care that you are taking Law, Maths, English, and Science if you have decided to become a lawyer. 
  • Additionally, you can take up GCSE history and English literature will help to develop analytic skills.

You must also have minimum grades in GCSEs in math, English, and science.

Further, we have discussed the GCSEs that you need to become a lawyer in detail therefore you must read till the end.

What GCSEs Should I Take to Become a Lawyer?

What GCSEs Do You Need to Become a Lawyer?

GCSEs are not considered an important qualification for becoming a lawyer. But we can say that it does provide the student first step on the way to becoming a lawyer as they are never expiring qualifications. In the university, there is very little chance that the administration asks the student about the GCSE subjects needed to become a lawyer.

Just like for becoming a doctor, the subjects that the student should pass are math, English, and science with grades of a minimum of 5 for becoming a lawyer and taking up A-levels. You can also take GCSE maths or other subjects online to get the result much faster. As this is required for taking further related A-levels which is a basic requirement in all universities.

Choosing law to study forward is a very competitive field. So you should think about getting high grades in GCSEs. You can also take some subjects based on humanity such as geography or history.

What GCSEs Should I Take to Become a Lawyer?

The subjects which are taught during the A-level at sixty forms are useful to students who are thinking about pursuing law at university. But the university doesn’t have any specific requirements for A-level subjects. So the student should not worry about what subjects to take during law-related A-levels. For the sixth form, the student needs to have minimum grades in GCSEs in math, English, and science.

The student takes history at A-level to continue it at sixth form colleges, this will let the student develop the skills that the student can use in the career. But if the student has not taken history at the GCSE level they do not need to worry. If the student has good grades in English and science will accept them.

Which GCSEs Will Help the Student to Develop The Skills which are Needed To Become A Lawyer?

During the GCSE the student if they have subjects such as history and English literature will help to develop analytic skills. You will learn about how the decisions are based on the facts that are required.

What GCSEs Should I Take to Become a Lawyer?

In GCSE, students will get the practice of giving the answer for giving back up to the evidence, and practicing this will be useful for the students to use in their career in law. The student will be able to learn about how they can manage their time and use it. 

What GCSEs Do You Need to Study Law at University?

The GCSE is the qualification that every student does show in their application. As there will be some universities that see that the student does have passing grades of 5 in English, math, and science so that the student can have the seat in the university to study law.

As the grades in GCSE core subjects do vary from university to university so before applying to the university they should make sure to check the requirement of the university. The student should always try to get good grades in the GCSEs as they are considered a minimum requirement in the university.

We can say that the A-levels in the most important qualification during the application send to get onto a university of law course. Additionally, the GCSEs are also required with the minimum passing grades in core subjects as they represent the student having focused and working hard to get the best grades.

What GCSEs Should I Take to Become a Lawyer?


The student does require a GCSEs grade with the minimum passing marks in order to have admitted to the famous university of law. The student needs to have good grades in the subject of English, math, and science. And if they have a history during the GCSE it will help the student to build the skills which are required in the field of law.


What GCSE Grades Do You Need to Achieve to Become a Lawyer?

The student needs to have passing grades in GCSEs i.e 5 in which the subject of English, math, and science is needed to pass in order to become a lawyer.

Can You Become a Lawyer Without Particular GCSEs?

The GCSEs grades show the student’s dedication and hard work that is being checked by the admission officer of the university to select the brilliant student. The minimum passing grade required is 5 to get into the A-level and the university.

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