Which A-Levels Are Best for a Law Degree

Which A-Levels Are Best for a Law Degree?

Lawyers are professionals who help their clients with any legal issues. As a lawyer, you will work with your clients, examine their cases and help them to get over them. This is a perfect profession for you if you have the skills to keep up your point strongly. As you will be speaking on behalf of your client, you will need to have a strong personality and must know all the facts and figures of the case. To become one of them, you must attend law school and should have the right A-levels.

Quick Takeaways

  • Law schools are for those who want to get their master’s degree in law.
  • Getting into law school is not as easy as you may think. Schools prefer students who are more likely to have higher GPAs.
  • The A-levels that you will need to enter the law school are English, Law, History, Geography, criminology, and Foreign language.

Further, we have discussed what exactly are law schools and therefore, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important information related to them.

Which A-Levels Are Best for a Law Degree?

What are law schools?

As the name suggests these schools are for those who want to get their master’s degree in law. In most of the Law schools, the first year shares the common curriculum, though, with higher years of your law school, you will start getting knowledge related to the stream you choose. It means you will start getting prepared for what you have chosen from several branches of law. You can always use the common app to apply to different law schools.

What A-level do you need to get into law school? – What A Levels do I need for law?

There is no specific requirement to get into law school. Generally, there are no specific subjects of A level that you need to take to enter law school. The most common A-level subjects that are taken by most students to get into law school are A-level Law and English which can also help you in becoming an accountant.

You can also take subjects like History, Geography, criminology, and Foreign language subjects as they add an advantage for getting into law school. However, choosing a language degree will help you in getting a lot of other advantages. Some students are not really sure about what they want to do. Thus they take up subjects like Math and Science, to have a flexible range of careers. Though A-level in English as well as in law is one of the most demanded subjects to get into law schools. However, you must know the time at which you can change the A-level subject. So that you can change them if you do not get the right GCSE grades.

Which A-Levels Are Best for a Law Degree?

How do get into a Law school?

To get into a Law school, you will have to follow these steps-

Do a proper research

Your career represents how you will be living your life in the future. Thus it is important to be happy in which career you have chosen. Doing proper research on the duties you will be performing after graduating from law school will help you to know what you will be doing. It is vital as there are different types of lawyers and it will help you to know which one you want to become. 

Completing the undergraduate program

Unlike other graduating schools, law schools do not require any specific courses. You can complete your undergraduate degree in any discipline. Though the only requirement is to pass the degree with a higher grade point. This is one of the most important aspects as law schools specifically focus on it. 

Law School Admission Test(LSAT)

Just like MCAT is important for entering medical schools, LSAT is necessary for Law Schools. Take this step very seriously and try to achieve a higher score on the LSAT. Having a high LSAT score will put an advantage to your law school application as it tests your knowledge related to the subjects in Law school. You can take up the help of various online courses to get a high score on the LSAT.

Getting the transcripts

You will need to get the important documents like a transcript for getting into law school. Getting the transcription may take up several days. Therefore, you must apply to your college as early as possible. You need to send the photocopy of your transcription to each school you want. It can take up to $10-$20 for sending up copies to the school. 

Which A-Levels Are Best for a Law Degree?

Writing a personal statement

You will need to write a personal statement while applying to law school. This is your chance to show them what your personality is. You can write about your career goals, achievements, and whatever you think is correct for adding to it.

Collecting the letter of recommendation

You will also need a letter of recommendation to get into a law school. Although a minimum of 1 letter of recommendation is required in most law schools, you will need to get more than 1 letter. You can ask the professors who teach you in your undergraduate degree to write a letter for you. 

Apply to different law schools

Once done, you can now apply to different law schools to which you want to get admission. Choose the law school considering all the important factors including the subjects, tuition fee, location of the school, etc.

Which A-Levels Are Best for a Law Degree?

Can you get into a law school with a 3.0 GPA?

To get into a good Law school 3.0 GPA may be below a good GPA. On average the best schools consider students with a GPA of 3.6. If we talk about any law school the minimum requirement for a GPA is 2.5. However, it might have fewer chances to get into law school with it. Therefore if you have a low GPA, it becomes crucial for you to score high on the LSAT.

Is it hard to get into Law schools?

Getting into law school is not as easy as you may think. Schools prefer students who are more likely to have higher GPAs along with having a high scores on the LSAT. According to various studies, the acceptance rate of many high-rated top universities is only 7%.
Thus, it shows how hard it is to get into law school. You must try to get a high GPA and LSAT score if you want to get admission in the Law school.

Are Law schools tougher than Medical schools?

In medical schools, you will be learning about some of the concepts that need to be memorized and need a great understanding of this field. Whereas, in law school, you will be focused on subjects that require a lot of reading and writing.
This means that choosing which one is tougher depends upon you. Both the schools have tough subjects and both of them need high effort and hard work. Thus, choosing which one is easy will depend upon you.


To become a lawyer it is mandatory to get into a law school. Though it is hard to get into a law school, it is extremely important to maintain a good GPA score along with the LSAT score. To get into these schools, there are no mandatory A-level subjects that you need to have. Although you must try to take up A-level English and law to get into it.

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