After year 11

What to do after Year 11?

To do after year 11 part 1

1. Go traveling  2. Focus on a particular sports  3. Learning new skills  4. Gain the experience  5. Volunteer work


To do after year 11 part 2

6. Preparing for future studies  7. Studying at the future educational institution  9. Take up A-levels  8. Prepare for retaking the exam 9. Take up A-levels  10. Go for vocational qualifications


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To do after year 11 part 3

11. Apprenticeship  12. Start a part-time  13. Take your driving theoretical test  14. Get an IB Diploma  15. Relax yourself



Post-year 11 offers ample free time. Diverse opportunities await for self-improvement and enjoyment. Explore numerous ideas in this article for utilizing your free time effectively.


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