VIPKid review

VIPKid Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is VIPKid worth it?

VIPKid is a worthwhile option, especially for native English speakers from the US and Canada. It offers flexible teaching schedules, making it suitable for a side hustle. The platform provides all necessary materials, ensuring ease of use. However, be mindful of potential penalties for non-compliance with regulations.


Hiring process for VIPKid

1. Fill out the form  2. Interview stage  3. Mock class  4. Certification  5. Take the TESOL training  6. Start teaching 


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VIPKid Global connects US and Canadian teachers with students for English lessons. Ideal for native English speakers in these regions, it offers flexible scheduling, making it suitable as a side job. While user-friendly, note that the selection process can be challenging with multiple stages for approval.


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