Skooli  review

Skooli Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Pros of Skooli

1. Flexible Class Scheduling for Teacher 2. Competitive Pay Structure: A Comparison 3. Skooli's Virtual Classroom Experience 4. Unlimited Teaching Hours: A Teacher's Freedom


Cons of Skooli

1. Managing Unpredictable Teacher Workload 2. Payment in CAD: Financial Aspect for Teacher 3. Addressing Coordination Issues at Skooli 4. Handling Classroom Dynamics: Dealing with Rude Student


Is Skooli worth it?

– Skooli offers a comprehensive online learning experience with:Engaging audio and visuals to keep students attentive. A savable whiteboard enabling teachers to illustrate concepts effectively. Chat functionality for instant student-teacher communication. Session recordings for convenient review and revision.



Skooli offers expert, verified tutors with at least a bachelor's degree and teaching experience. Students can pay tutors either by the time spent or through pre-purchased learning plans.


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