OiKid review

OiKid Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is OiKid worth it?

NiceKid welcomes candidates without any diploma or degree requirements. Teachers receive a pay range of $9-13 per hour, and the company accepts both native and non-native speakers. The minimum weekly commitment is 8 hours over 4 days, while the maximum is 12 hours over 6 days.


Pros of OiKid

1. Inclusive Opportunities: Apply with Regular Speaking Skill 2. Certification-Free Enrollment: No Teaching Certificates Needed 3. Comprehensive Support: Study Materials and Lesson Plans for Teachers and Student 4. User-Friendly Application: Simple Process for Teachers and Student 5. Enhancing Skills: Paid Training to Empower Teachers for Optimal Student Support


Cons of OiKid

1. Incentive Absence: No Additional Rewards for Teacher 2. Transaction Costs: Extra Charges for Teacher Bank Transfer 3. Parental Control: Class Scheduling and Cancellations Managed by Parent 4. Pay Discrepancy: Lower Salaries for Native Speakers Compared to Non-Native



Oi Kid is an excellent platform for non-native speakers with a regular accent and a bachelor's degree seeking teaching experience. While the starting pay isn't high, it surpasses other companies for non-native teachers. The straightforward application process and paid training enhance the experience. No experience certificate is required. However, drawbacks include the absence of incentives and bank transfer fees for each transaction.


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