neuABC review

neuABC Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is neuABC worth it?

Teaching on NeuABC: Worth it? Depends on your goals. Full-time business may not work due to limited teaching hours. Need TESOL or TEFL certs for tutoring. Slow and challenging selection process. North Americans, it's a good option with no earnings deduction.


Pros of neuABC

1. No Degree Requirement 2. Deduction-Free Good Pay Rate 3. No Penalty for Emergency Leave 4. Curriculum Customization Freedom 5. Supportive and Cooperative Team 6. Classes Available During Chinese New Year


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Cons of neuABC

1. Exclusive Hiring for North American 2. Lesson Preparation Time Similar to Verbling or Varsity 3. Limited Teaching Hours: 5.5 Hour 4. Degree Requirement and Need for TESOL/TEFL Certificate 5. Lengthy Application Process: Takes Month 6. Absence of Bonus or Appraisal Scheme



NeuABC: Collaborative platform linking North American students and tutors. Not ideal for full-time due to limited teaching hours. Requires TESOL or TEFL certs for tutoring; selection process can be slow. North American residents can explore without earnings deduction.


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