eTeacher group review

eTeacher Group Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is eTeacher group worth it?

eTeacher Group, a non-Chinese company, offers competitive pay and a penalty-free cancellation policy with no feedback requirement. Additionally, teacher referrals come with salary incentives.


Pros of eTeacher group

1. Competitive Compensation for Non-Chinese Company 2. Cancellation Policy: No Deductions, Class Rescheduling 3. No Post-Class Student Feedback Required 4. Generous Teacher Referral Incentive


Cons of eTeacher group


1. Selective Hiring Based on Company Need 2. Teacher Qualifications and Experience Requirement 3. Minimum Weekly Work Hour 4. New Teacher Training and Salary Arrangement 5. Dress Code: Collared Shirts for All Teacher


eTeacher Group requires teachers with experience in instructing children, teens, and adults. The pay ranges from $18 to $20, and TESL/TESOL certification is mandatory. The teaching includes both one-on-one and group classes.


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