Eigox review

Eigox Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is Eigox worth it?

Candidates seeking part-time work, considering supplementary employment, and interested in teaching Japanese students may face difficulty in securing high-paying jobs due to their lack of qualifications and experience. However, Eigox offers a viable option with no qualification requirements, making it a worthwhile choice for such candidates.


Pros of Eigox

1. Inclusive Applicant Pool: Accepting Native and Non-Native Speaker 2. No Qualification Certificates Needed 3. Diverse Student Demographics: Teaching All Ages, Similar to Verbling 4. Simplified Application and Interview Procedure 5. User-Friendly Skype Platform for Candidate


Requirements for Eigox?

– Proficient English Speaker with Strong Accent and Pronunciation – Effective Communication Skill – Patient, Friendly, and Encouraging Teaching Approach – Responsible, Punctual, and Committed to Teaching – Requirements: Computer with High-Speed Internet, Webcam, Headset – Skype Software Installation



The teachers are paid around $3 to 22 and the company accepts both native and non-native speakers for teaching English. The teacher doesn't need to have a degree or diploma certificate. There are both kinds of students, adult and child students. The minimum hour of work required to do it is 10 hours. 


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