eHello review

eHello (eHailuo) Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is eHello worth it?

The company's late payments and poor treatment of teachers deter potential candidates. Here, we'll outline the platform's pros and cons to help you decide if it suits your needs.


Pros of eHello

– Teacher Requirements: Native and Non-Native English Speakers with Neutral Accent – Qualifications: No Degree Certification Required, Teaching Experience Necessary – Free TEFL Certificate Opportunity – Flexibility in Teaching: Adult vs. Child Students, One-on-One vs. Group Classe


Cons of Clasing ELTS 


1. Company Closure and Unpaid Teacher Salarie 2. Low Teacher Compensation 3. Unpaid Demo Classes in Interview Session 4. Challenges of Lengthy 50-Minute Classe 5. Minimum Weekly Work Requirement: 20 Hour 6. Grammar Errors in Company's Teaching Material


The company accepts teachers with neutral English fluency, regardless of native or non-native status, and doesn't require diplomas or degrees. They offer classes for both adults and children, allowing teachers to choose between one-on-one or group sessions, with a minimum weekly requirement of 20 hours.


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