Egg school review

Egg School Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is egg school worth it?

Egg School pays top rates for teachers, comparable to Classover and 31abc, and has a fair cancellation policy. A degree or diploma is required to join. They offer one-on-one classes, and there's no minimum weekly work requirement.


Pros of egg school

– Competitive Pay for Teacher – Balanced Teacher Hiring and Classroom Environment – Streamlined Three-Step Application Proce – Flexible Class Cancellation Policy – Comprehensive Lesson Materials for Teaching


Cons of egg school


– Non-Payment for Student-Canceled Classe – Application Review Timeframe – Student Feedback Requirement


The newly established Egg School doesn't compensate for student cancellations, resulting in a 50% booking rate drop. Teacher pay ranges from €16 to €18, and applicants must be native English speakers with both a degree and diploma. No minimum working hours are specified.


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