Betakid review

BedaKid/BetaKid Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is BedaKid/BetaKid worth it?

Betakid boasts a high booking rate compared to competitors, but teacher pay is relatively low unless they possess a degree and substantial teaching experience. The platform offers one-on-one student classes without certification requirements, but teachers must commit to a long-term schedule of at least 10 hours per week or face penalties.


Pros of BedaKid/BetaKid

1. High Booking Rate and Full-Time Commitment 2. Quality Teaching Materials Similar to Schola and Skooli 3. Strong Teacher Support from Trainer


Cons of BedaKid/Betakid

1. Pay Discrepancies Based on Teacher Nationality 2. Occasional Payment Delay 3. Minimum 10+ Hour Weekly Commitment 4. Penalties for Class Delays, Changes, or Cancellation



Teachers must possess teaching experience, a degree or diploma, and a TEFL certificate for one-on-one children's classes. Both native and non-native speakers are accepted, with hourly pay ranging from $8 to $20. A minimum of 10 hours of work per week is required.


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