Bansho review

Bansho Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Is Bansho worth it?

Bansho: Non-China ESL platform, similar to TeachCast, for teaching pre-K to 4th grade. Good pay rate, no penalties, and unique feedback pay for parents not found on other platforms.


Pros of Bansho

1. Competitive Pay Rate 2. Compensation for Parent Feedback 3. Long-Term Student Assignment 4. No Penalties for Class Cancellations; Rescheduling Allowed


Cons of Bansho

– Exclusive to North American Instructor – Part-Time Contractual Position – Commitment to Regular Teaching Schedule Required



Bansho: Non-Chinese platform linking North American tutors with students. Good pay, duration-dependent. No deductions for emergency leaves. Part-time contractual job, not ideal for full-time.


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