31abc review

31abc, a Chinese online ESL company, was incorporated in 2016 with its head office in Shanghai. It provides guidance on reviews, advantages, disadvantages, and salary-related information.

Pros and cons

1. 31ABC provides study material to the teacher for teaching students but it provides a low salary rate as compared to other ESL companies like Dazao present in the market.


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Pros and cons

2. The company has a policy of having a stable teaching schedule for around 1 to 2 years but that company demands high qualifications and experience in order to enroll.



The salary at 31 ABC ranges from $6 to $20 per hour. Teachers are paid around $12 per hour for conducting two 30-minute classes, earning $6 per class. Through the company's 5-tier system, teachers can increase their salary up to $10 per class or $20 per hour.


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