UMKC Medical School – Acceptance rates, GPAs, Admission requirements, etc. 

UMKC Medical School – Acceptance rates, GPAs, Admission requirements, etc. 

Kansas City in Missouri has some good medical colleges, but one of its most renowned medical schools is The UMKC Medical School. The University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine or often termed the UMKC Medical School, is located in Kansas City, Missouri State which is located in the midwestern edge region of the United States of America. If you are inquisitive about acquiring details about the UMKC Medical School you are in the correct place. Here you will learn all the important details like acceptance rates, GPAs, admission requirements, some facts about Kansas City, and much more. 

Quick Takeaways

  • If you want to enter the university, you need to keep your GPA above 3.0-40. 
  • It is because the acceptance rate of this school is too low i.e. 6% for in-state students and 3% for out-state students making it very difficult to enter.

Though we will be discussing these schools in detail, let us know some enthralling facts about UMKC medical school.

UMKC Medical School – Acceptance rates, GPAs, Admission requirements, etc. 

Some factual details about the Kansas City, Missouri

Before diving into the main topic, let us know some factual details about Kansas City for the benefit of the students and the reasons they can choose this city for studying. 

1. Pleasant weather all around the year

Kansas City has pleasant weather all around the year. You can enjoy all the seasons here starting with a pleasing cold winter, hot and dry summer, a good pour, and beautiful spring and autumn. A peculiarity about the weather here is that the days in winter are quite mild with chilly nights and the days are hot and dry in summer with mild night temperatures. 

2. Affordable living expenses

From the point of view of students who want to migrate or try living on their own, Kansas City is quite affordable with a lower cost of living or affordable living expenses. It is a fast-paced growing city, with plenty of job opportunities, good educational facilities, affordable housing costs, magnificent art history, and delicious food. 

3. Multi-cultural communities

With multicultural communities that include American, African, Sudanese, Irish, and many other countries, Kansas City welcomes all international students regardless of any bias. The people here are encouraging, welcoming, and positive towards migrants making it a multicultural city with a peaceful atmosphere. 

UMKC Medical School – Acceptance rates, GPAs, Admission requirements, etc. 

About the UMKC Medical School

It is very difficult to enter medical school if you are having 3.4 GPA in different regions like Oregon, etc. However, UMKC is the one which will allow you to enter with a 3.4 GPA. The Kansas City Medical School is a part of the University of Missouri and was started with the goal of ultimate health benefits for the people of the city.

  • The most fascinating fact about this school is that it accepts high school students directly after their school completion and allows them to study for their unique Baccalaureate and doctor of medicine program. This program takes six years to complete and provides students with a medical degree. 
  • The uniquely designed curriculum is one of the most attractive features of this school, which allows students to experience practical hands-on training, clinical experiences, and research about innovation in the field of medical sciences.
  • If you really want to get into the university, you must try to send a letter of intent which will help you get into the medical school.
  • Another attraction of this school is that it does not encourage competitive fierceness that can demotivate or discourage students. Competitiveness can distract students from the main goal of learning and only focus on grades. That is not the case with this school. 
  • Students are encouraged and provided the opportunity of interacting with patients right from the beginning of their course. 
  • The UMKC Medical School has partnered up with other leading hospitals in the city to provide students, residents, fellows, and even faculty members to gain exceptional learning experiences by paying visits and practicing at various hospitals and their clinical departments for many clinical researches
UMKC Medical School – Acceptance rates, GPAs, Admission requirements, etc. 
Education ProgramsA uniquely designed six years-long program that is a combination of Baccalaureate and doctor of medicine programs, MD programs, baccalaureate degrees, Master’s degree programs, and Ph.D. programs. 
Course completion DurationDepends on the course type.
Location of the CollegeKansas City, Missouri
Course Language English
GPA (for both weighted and unweighted)3.0-4.0
MCAT Score495
AMCAS acceptanceAccepted 
Acceptance Rate6% for in-state students, 3% for out-state students (based on assumptions)
Application Fees$50
Tuition FeesApproximately around $34,000 for (in-state) and around $67,000 for (out-state)


How much does UMKC Medical School cost?

It costs approximately around $34,000 for (in-state admissions) and around $67,000 for (out-state admissions).

How competitive is the UMKC Medical School?

Based on rough assumptions and some articles, around 1000 students get a chance to complete the application; from which only 300-350 students get to go for an interview; of which only 100-105 students are accepted for continuing the program or are selected for the program, of which (60-65 students are locals or from Missouri and the rest are out-state students.)

Is UMKC Medical School hard to get into?

The acceptance rate of the UMKC Medical School is low, but a good application, with a good GPA, good MCAT score, etc. can you help you to get in.

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