Top 10 easiest PA schools to get into

Top 10 easiest PA schools to get into

If you want to enter the PA schools you may need to take different educational courses in your field. Getting into PA schools with a major in assisting in healthcare, is one of the leading professions in the U.S. This is also the highest-paying profession. PA schools are the easiest schools to secure admission to. But you may find it hard to get admission as there is high competition. According to the Physical Education Assistant, in 2016-17 only 31% of the applications were accepted by PA colleges. Here we will help you to find out the list of online PA schools that are easy to get into.

Quick Takeaways

  • PA school is the one where you will learn about how to assist doctors.
  • The following are some of the PA schools-
1. Barry University
2. University of Utah
3. A.T. Still University of Health Science PA School
4. Thomas Jefferson University PA School
5. The University of New England PA School

However, we recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial information regarding these schools.

Top 10 easiest PA schools to get into

What Is A PA School?

Physical Assistants are those who assist or work under doctors. PA schools are those institutes where physician assistants are directed to treat various diseases and create treatment plans for patients. Physical assistant education in these schools is generally completed faster than the medical degrees that are completed in medical schools. It is important to note that PA schools are different from Nursing Schools.

Difference Between PA and Nursing Schools

Physical assistants focus on the direct treatment of the disease whereas nurses take care of the well-being and recovery of the patients. The work of the PA is similar to that of the doctor and not of the nurses. PA schools generally focus on disease-related medicines while nursing schools generally focus on patient-related medicines.

PA Schools Where You Can Easily Get Into

There are a lot of medical schools, for different regions like Ohio, Philadelphia, Virginia, Hawaii, etc. Thus here is a list of the easiest PA schools to get into-

1. Barry University 

Barry University was founded in 1940 in Miami Shore, Florida. The Physician Assistant program at Barry University will teach you about the fundamental ideas and theories of the healthcare profession like becoming esthetician or veterinarian. The curriculum will teach you how to put collaborative practice into execution. The program curriculum is designed to educate PAs that can support a wide range of patients using technology-rich environments and clinical experiences.

Top 10 easiest PA schools to get into
  • Graduation Rate: 60%
  • Acceptance Rate:65%
  • Requirements:
    • GPA – 3
    • ACT Score – 56
    • SAT Score – 930

2. Marquette University Physician Assistant School

Marquette University Physician Assistant School is in Milwaukee, WI, United States. Numerous courses are available from which you can choose at this university. However, it should be noticed that this university has a holistic view of people. Also, you need to give a personal interview as a part of the application. You also need to have 200hrs of general practice in health care.

  • Graduation Rate: 96.4%
  • Acceptance Rate:5%
  • Requirements: GPA-3

3. Thomas Jefferson University PA School

Just like easy medical schools, it is another easy PA school to get admission to. This university has a Master’s Science Program in Physical Assistant Studies. The program is created in such a manner that students can turn into successful doctors. It will also help to transfer your knowledge and abilities into medical practice. 

Top 10 easiest PA schools to get into
  • Graduation Rate: 70%
  • Acceptance Rate:24%
  • Requirements
    • GPA-3
    • ACT Score- 20-27
    • SAT Score-1090-1270

4. Loma Linda University Physician Assistant School

This is a private university that is located in Loma Linda, CA. It works in partnership with accessible hospitals. This helps the students in getting experience through the program. To get admission to this University, you need to have 2000 hrs experience with patient health care. Also, you need to have 3 letters of recommendation. The length of this course is about 2 years. First-year deals with comprehensive knowledge whereas the second-year deals with supervised clinical practice. 

  • Graduation Rate: 95%
  • Acceptance Rate:1.6%
  • Requirements: GPA-3
Top 10 easiest PA schools to get into

5. The George Washington University Physician Assitant School

George Washington University is located in Washington D.C. It offers one of the best PA programs all over the US. It offers classes in various fields like Psychology, Nursing, Medical Studies, etc. It also offers Bachelors Of Science in Physical Assistant(BSPA). This course is designed in such a manner that, will help you to develop clinical skills that will be needed in the medical field. If you want to enrol in the Master’s Degree, you need to have 1000 hrs of direct practice and 2 recommendation letters.

  • Graduation Rate: 81%
  • Acceptance Rate:43%
  • Requirements
    • GPA-3
    • ACT Score- 30-33
    • SAT Score-1260

6. University Of Utah

The University of Utah is one of the oldest universities founded in 1850 and located in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to the U.S. News and World Report, this university is the 4th best university to get PA admission in the U.S. To get into this university, you need to have a minimum of 1500 hrs of direct practice and at least 3 recommendation letters. 

Top 10 easiest PA schools to get into
  • Graduation Rate: 66%
  • Acceptance Rate:79%
  • Requirements
    • GPA-2.7
    • ACT Score- 22-29
    • SAT Score-1030-1350

7. Western University Of Health Sciences Physician Assistant Schools

It is a small healthcare-focused institute, that helps to teach healthcare practices to the students. To get into this the PA program of this school, you need to have prerequisite courses in Psychology, Human Anatomy and Human Psychology, Microbiology, Humanities, etc. You need to complete your prerequisite course with at least a C grade.

  • Graduation Rate: 94%
  • Acceptance Rate:14%
  • Requirements: GPA-3

8. A.T. Still University Of Health Science PA School

It was founded in 1892 by Andrew Taylor Still, DO. You can pursue, your master’s degree in the Physical Assistant Program at this university. Only certified Physical Assistants are eligible for this program. Its coursework includes clinical knowledge and gives practice in clinical physician assistance. It is a 26-month program. 

Top 10 easiest PA schools to get into
  • Graduation Rate: 96%
  • Requirements: GPA-3

9. Rosalind Franklin University PA School

It is a private university which is located in North Chicago, Illinois. This university offers multiple courses in medical science like Molecular Biology, Clinical Nutrition, Microbiology, etc. But to get into this school, you need to give 2 recommendation letters and you will also need to have a GRE score. You should have prerequisite courses in Psychology, Human Anatomy, Microbiology, etc with a minimum C grade.

  • Graduation Rate: 81%
  • Acceptance Rate:39.2%
  • Requirements: GPA-2.75

10. University Of New England PA School

The university offers a Master Of Science, Physical Assistant Program, which can be completed in 2 yrs. The main aim of the program is to develop a team of people who can do the treatment for the people. It has pathophysiology as a subject of the course. It will give you a better understanding of disease processes. You must have experience 500 hr of direct patent care and must have 3 recommendation letters.

  • Graduation Rate: 66%
  • Acceptance Rate:92%
  • Requirements
    • GPA-3
    • ACT Score- 21-26
    • SAT Score-1127 


Personal Assistance in healthcare is one of the highest-paying professions in the U.S. Most PA schools need a minimum of 200 hours of direct clinical experience. Therefore, having clinical experience works as an advantage in getting admission to it. To get into PA schools, you need to have at least a GPA score of 3. 

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