Top 10 low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree

Top 10 low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree

Are you aware of low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree? Do you also want to do an easy low-stress job but do not have a degree? If it is so then you must get happy. This is because many such jobs do not need a degree and will also pay you a good amount. Here, you would get familiar with these jobs and would also know what average annual salaries they get. 

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are the low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree-
1.  Choreographers
2. Massage Therapist
3. Travel Agent
4. Optician
5. Carpenters
6. Electrician
7. Photographers
8. Content Writer
9. Freelance Programmer Developer
10. Make-up artist

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of low-stress jobs that will pay you well.

Top 10 low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree

What are low-stress jobs?

A low-stress job is a job that allows you to work flexibly. You can pursue your other interests as well while working at your workplace. There are many easy jobs that you can get without having a degree. These jobs do not need any degree, but they need a lot of related technical skills. Along with these technical skills you must have soft skills to make you stand out in the competition. You may think that such jobs are difficult to find, but the truth is these jobs are easy to find. You just need to have the relevant skills.

List of low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree

I did some research and found some low-stress jobs that will also pay you well. Here is a list of jobs based on my research-

1. Choreographers

Choreographers develop innovative dance routines and direct their rehearsal performances. As a choreographer, you will be capable of directing and staging performances. You will first begin your career as a dancer and will rise to the rank slowly. If you want to become a choreographer and want to study further, you can enroll yourself in institutions that provide degrees in dance. But even without the degree, you can become a choreographer.

Average Annual Salary – $52,000

Top 10 low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree

2. Massage Therapist

A Massage Therapist is a person who helps their clients to relax their bodies by touching to body’s relaxing points. Many people need messages after their long days. You do not need any professional degree to become a massage therapist. You must be aware of various techniques of it. According to various research, it is expected that the job opportunities for massage therapists would increase by 32%. This means that around 23,300 new job openings will be there every year.

Average Annual Salary – $75,000

3. Travel Agent

Your responsibilities as a travel agent only include coordinating and marketing transportation services for consumers. You’ll also figure out where, when, and how your client will go. It is your responsibility to determine what method of transportation they will use and how much it will cost them. Other responsibilities may involve explaining and marketing tour packages to your clients.

Average Annual Salary – $75,000

4. Optician

Being an optician you will work with patients who need lenses. Take measurements of a client’s head and eyes to ensure that the contacts and glasses fit properly on them. You’ll also develop, analyze, fix, and adapt frames for clients based on their optical prescriptions and preferences. Being an optician, you’ll also assist clients with contact lens insertion or removal, and also guide them in frame selection.

Average Annual Salary – $41,380

5. Carpenters

Becoming a carpenter may not be your dream job. But to become a carpenter, some specific skills are required. This type of job is a high-paying job that includes less stress. As a carpenter, you will have to construct or repair the structure of the item.

Average Annual Salary – $49,520

Top 10 low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree

6. Electrician

To become an electrician, you should have proper training. To get an experience as an electrician, you first need to enroll in a technical school for at least six months to get the necessary skills in the field. Once you have gained the necessary skills, you will be able to work efficiently in this field.

Average Annual Salary – $56,900

7. Photographers

As a photographer, you have to work for yourself only. Your job is to take photographs of your clients. You will work with many clients according to your convenience. Be it a big company or a small businessman, everyone needs a photographer at one point. A company may need a photographer to click the photos of their product to put them online. A small businessman may need them for some shoots. Being a photographer you can decide which kind of photography you want to do and accordingly, you can take up projects for yourself. 

Average Annual Salary – $50,290

Top 10 low-stress Jobs that pay well without a Degree

8. Content Writer

Articles, blogs, eBooks, lectures, press releases, and other sorts of content are continually in demand for use on websites and social media pages. Creative writing and ghostwriting, as well as writing for a business website, are all examples of writing. You’ll need excellent writing skills to work as a freelance writer. You should also be able to finish articles and essays rapidly to produce high-quality work. You can also think of becoming a social medial manager as a second option for a content writer. There are also six-month duration associate degrees that will help you to become a good writer.

Average Annual Salary – $50,059

9. Freelance Programmer Developer

Programming is, without a doubt, the most in-demand job on the planet right now. The majority of today’s top businesses are online — business has gone digital to the point where it’s nearly difficult to locate a company that doesn’t have a website. It may be more convenient to recruit a freelancer rather than contact an expensive firm to create a website, particularly if it is a startup. If you want to work as a freelancer, you need to know how to design and code. You must know coding languages like Java, Dreamweaver, and others if you want to work in this field.

Average Annual Salary – $72,146

10. Make-up artist

Make-up artists often shortened to MUA, are beauty practitioners who offer makeup services to their clients for theatre, television, film, fashion, magazines, and all aspects of the modeling industry. Their primary duty is to enhance the inner beauty of their clients through makeup.

The daily task of a makeup artist is to apply layers of makeup to their clients to obtain the look and effect they want. They also demonstrate and explain the use of different beauty products. To become a makeup artist one should have skills like creativity, and knowledge about different makeup techniques and products, a good communication skill is also necessary, a makeup artist also needs to be original to be successful and must have the ability to be calm under pressure. 

Average Annual Salary – $99,90


Finding less-stress jobs that pay you well, especially when you don’t have a degree is a difficult task. But with the change in trend, finding such jobs has become an easy task. You must have relevant skills to get such jobs. This article provides you with information regarding such job roles that are easy to perform and also pay you well.

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