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Does using Photomath Count as cheating?

Photomath app is used mainly by the student or teacher to solve question-based mathematical problems as soon as possible. It provides a good help in studies for the students as it helps to prepare the problem for math and help them to revise. Of course, it was built to get help in studying and was never created for cheating. But still many believe that using this platform is considered to be cheating. But is photomath cheating a debatable topic? Thus further we have discussed more about it.

Quick Takeaways

  • Photomath is an app that will help you to solve the questions given to you in the tests or in your homework.
  • When you use this app to solve your mathematical problem, it will give you 100% right answers for it.
  • To use this app you have to scan the question though the app.

If you are using it just to study and not for your online exams or online tests then definitely it is not considered to be cheating. But if you are using it to find answers to your exams, it is definitely cheating.

Further, we have discussed them in detail about photomath and thus you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important information related to it.

Does using Photomath Count as cheating?

Is Photomath cheating?

Photomath is just like Mathway. The use of Photomath is considered to be cheating only depending on the usage. How does the student use it i.e if you use the app to study to improve mathematics then it is not considered cheating. If you are searching for answers online or using the app to get an answer during the exam then it is considered to be cheating. However, there are many websites that you can use to cheat. 

The main focus of the app is to teach you how to solve similar questions as it provides you with practice problems just like Sparknotes. But some students are not interested in studying and solving the problem to get a pass on the exam and use this app to get the solution during the exam which is considered to be cheating as it is unfair to the other students who give their exam honestly.

How to cheat on Photomath?

Photomath is used by the student for completing their homework or the assignment and solving every problem is considered to be cheating. Thus you can consider it a cheating platform. The student uses the app by scanning the question and writing the solutions for completing the assignment, homework, and during the exam the student.

Does using Photomath Count as cheating?

So some schools are recommended to use proctor software like ProctureU which gives an alert if the student tries to cheat with the use of a Photomath app. The best purpose to use this app is as a study tool. But if the student uses this app as cheating during the examination the instructor will easily notice the student hence the student will not be allowed to give the exam further.

Are the answers on Photomath accurate?

Yes, Photomath gives an accurate answer unless the questions are scanned properly for getting the solutions. The students use the app if they have any confusion and can solve the problem. The solution that is answered after the scanning of the questions is solved step-wise, making every step clear to the student and approaching the answer. The basic need for developing the app was to get the student’s help in learning and solving math problems. This is one of the innovations in the world of virtual learning..

How to use Photomath


Does using Photomath Count as cheating?

For using the Photomath the user has to scan questions to get the solution. The app easily solves questions based on topics such as arithmetic to calculus. After the student has scanned the problem, a solution is presented step by step and also provided with the tricks to solve the questions.

The scanning of the questions is done by the use of a camera calculator that gets the focus on the question while scanning and presenting the right solution. Also, the frame for scanning the problem is a rectangular fit. Photomath can scan the handwritten question but the handwriting has to be neat and clean. They can scan the area by pinching and dragging the rectangle frame present while scanning the questions.

Can You Be Caught Using Photomath?

If the student uses the app as a cheating tool using it on the mobile during the exam there is a high chance of getting caught. If you are giving an online exam then your institution may have already installed procured apps that can easily catch you if you change your position. Therefore you can easily be caught if you are using that app.


It depends on the student and how uses the app. If they use it during the exam it is considered cheating while if the student uses the app for learning purposes, it makes the understanding of solving the questions and practicing the questions. The intention of the app developer was not in a negative way. They wanted the student to solve any problem by helping them to provide step-by-step solutions.

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