Is Course Hero legit? - Is using Course Hero cheating?

Is Course Hero legit? (& Is using Course Hero cheating?)

Today there are a lot of education online websites that are helping students by providing various services. They may provide different courses, study notes, online textbooks, etc. Course Hero is one such platform that helps you to get class notes, textbook solutions, etc. But whenever you are using it, you will think is course hero legit or not. Thus further we will help you to know about it.

Quick Takeaways

  • Coursehero provides them with a lot of services like solutions for various homework questions, class notes, textbook solutions, etc. 
  • Course Hero is a legal platform and does not motivate the student to cheat on the exam. 
  • However, if you are using it to copy the answer in the exams or also after the prohibition of the use of such platforms, it is known as cheating.

Let us learn more about if the course hero is considered to be cheating by reading till the end.

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is just like other online educational platforms which help students in various ways. The Edtech platform provides them with a lot of services like solutions for various homework questions, class notes, textbook solutions, etc. It is like a group of students where the students can share their notes and get solutions for problems related to their subject.

Along with this you also get several practice guides, study materials, infographics, etc. To get the answer to your questions, you can either buy the subscription or can upload your study material to get unlocked for you. By using these unlocks, you can open the answers you want. 

Is Course Hero legit?

Yes, it is legal to take help from a course hero. It is a legal learning platform, where you can get your subject-related study material. It also employs online tutors to give answers to the problems submitted by the students. Course hero only provides information with the motive of helping students to understand their subject. There is nothing wrong with using Course Hero for understanding your subject.

Is using course hero considered cheating?

Course Hero is a legal platform and does not motivate students to cheat just like Sparknotes. It only allows the users to take guidance related to your subject from it. However, the answer to the question revolves around the way you are using it. There are many students who copy the answers from the platform. Now, obviously, in such a situation using Course Hero will be considered cheating.

Also, your college or university may have banned the use of such websites. Using Course Hero even after that will again be cheating. Thus you can say that Course Hero is not cheating until you are using it unethically.  

How does Course Hero work?

Course Hero is a platform on which you can get a lot of study material like notes, solutions, etc. There are a lot of free solutions that you can access without purchasing any subscription. Although you will find a lot of solutions that will need some credits to open. To get those credits you will have to buy the subscription plans.

There are three types of subscriptions – Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual. The subscription price is less if you buy a long-duration subscription. You can also get some free credits by uploading your original notes. When you upload 10 original notes on the platform, then you get 5 unlocks for it. Also, when you purchase the subscription then, you will get 24/7 customer support and can ask questions by uploading your queries.  

Are the answers on this platform reliable?

Most of the answers uploaded on this platform are right and reliable. But to answer this question we first need to know who is giving the answers to the questions posted on the platform. There are a lot of teachers and students who upload their notes on this platform. Furthermore, so many students upload their study notes to get free unlocks. So the reliability depends upon who has actually given the answer to the question.  

Can teachers tell if you have to use Course Hero?

When you simply copy and paste the content it comes under plagiarism. Therefore you should try to copy-paste without plagiarism,. There are a lot of tools that help teachers to know whether there is plagiarism or not. Now when you are simply copying the answers from the course hero it will show plagiarism in it. Also, almost every plagiarism detector like grammarly also shows the sources from where it has been copied. Your teacher will easily know from where you have copied it. Therefore you must not copy from it and just use it to get knowledge of the subject. 

How to safely use Course Hero?

Course Hero is a platform that provides you with study material like notes, infographics, solutions, etc. It is not created for cheating purposes. However, there are some students who use it for cheating and get caught by the teachers. To get saved from it, you must try to paraphrase it before adding it as your answer. This means that you must at least try to change the wording of the answer you get on Course Hero which will not be detected by any plagiarism detector like Turnitin.

Try to give different examples. Don’t copy the exact similar example. Also when you are done writing your answer try to use some free plagiarism detectors. They will help you to know if there is plagiarism in the answers or not.


Is using course hero safe?

As already mentioned Course Hero is a legal platform that helps students to help. There are a lot of students and tutors who are using this platform. Therefore, there is no way of getting fraud while using course hero. Moreover, Course Hero is in accordance with the Honor Code of federal law. This means that Course Hero regulates according to government regulations.


Course Hero is an online platform that helps students by providing them with solutions to various questions updated on their platform. It is a legal platform as it is in accordance with the Honor Code of the federal government. This means that using Course Hero is not considered cheating. However, if you are using it in the wrong way then definitely, it will come under cheating. 

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