How Difficult Is A-Level Sociology? (Answered!)

How Difficult Is A-Level Sociology? (Answered!)

After completing your GCSEs, you need to take A-level qualifications which help you to get the advanced knowledge of the content studied in GCSE. There are several subjects out of which you have to decide which subjects you will go for. A-level sociology is one such subject that you may take up. But like every other student, you may also think if A-level sociology is a hard subject or not. We are here to guide you if it is a hard or easy subject for studying at A-level.

Quick takeaways 

  • A-level sociology is the subject in which you will be studying society. 
  • The passing rate of A-level sociology is 97.2%, which depicts it is not a very tough subject to study. 
  • It has the potential of landing you a high-paying job. 
  • You can pair it with other A-levels like english, psychology, arts, etc to get into good universities.

However, we would recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important information. 

How Difficult Is A-Level Sociology? (Answered!)

What is A-level sociology?

A-level sociology is the subject in which you will be studying society. In this subject, you will be studying how society reacts to different people. You will be studying different sociological theories, different perspectives and methods of sociology. There are two years of your A-levels and the first year of the A-level generally has less and easy content. You will be studying these two A-levels in the years 12 and 13. Further, you can also take up these A-levels in a single year if you can handle the pressure. This subject allows you to develop critical thinking ability by helping you to think about society in a more critical and different manner. You will get an understanding of different conflicts, reasons and consequences. This subject is offered by different boards including AQA, OCR, WJEC and Edexcel. Following are the common areas which each board cover for A-level sociology-

  • Getting an understanding of social issues which are contemporary in nature
  • Understanding the methods of different sociological methods
  • Developing an understanding of social and political issues

Unlike Sociology, there was a subject known as General science that was removed from the list of A-levels due to a lot of easy content. It is because it was the least popular subject. However, there are people who consider this sociology to be the least popular subject but it is a reputable subject.

Is A-level Sociology a hard subject?

The passing rate of A-level sociology is 97.2%. This depicts that it is not a very tough subject when compared to others and can be a great choice for choosing the three A-levels. The content in this subject is easy to understand, and in most cases, students do not pay much attention to it. You will have to deal with a lot of examinations, coursework, etc for clearing this subject and therefore need a lot of revisions. Though most of the students do not find it hard, there are still some of the students who find it tough if they do not study well.

This is because there are a lot of critical thinking questions that need deep thinking skills. Thus if you don’t spend the required number of hours studying, you may find it tough for studying it. Even if you were not able to get it the first time, you can always resit for A-levels. If you are still finding it a difficult subject, you should try changing the subject before it is too late.

Is it easy to get an A in Level Sociology?

How Difficult Is A-Level Sociology? (Answered!)

As we discussed above A-level sociology is a much easier subject than compared to other subjects. This means that getting an A in A-level Sociology is not a difficult task to do. However, you must do the required work including independent study to get good grades in it. If you make all the possible efforts of remembering the facts and getting an understanding of different sociology, it becomes easy for you to get an A in A-level sociology. However, it can not be done if you do not apply to A-level before the deadline. Thus, you must take care of the deadline to apply to the A-level.

Is Sociology a good Level to take?

Sociology is definitely a good A-level to take up. It will help you to know about different social problems. You will also develop critical thinking ability which is very important when you go for higher studies. This subject will help you to understand different social and political issues faced at the current time. It will help you to open your mind by showing you different beliefs. 

Is sociology a well-respected A-Level?

It is one of the in-demand A-level humanity subjects that most universities are looking for. It helps to depict your critical thinking skills and also writing ability. Sociology graduates have higher employment than the other subjects. It is the subject that you must take if you are thinking of doing a degree in sociology. In fact, taking A-level sociology opens up a lot of career opportunities like teaching, medicine, research, etc. You can also think of getting into civil services and police. 

How Difficult Is A-Level Sociology? (Answered!)

What are different A-level combinations to take along with A-level sociology?

If you are thinking of getting into the university, you must think of the best A-level combinations for you. Thus following are the combinations of other two A-levels that you can think of taking up with A-level sociology-

1. Philosophy and Psychology

Philosophy, psychology, and sociology are all parts of the social science group. Thus taking these three subjects make a perfect combination as it covers similar topics. If you are thinking of doing a degree in one of these subjects, taking up this combination will be a great choice for you. Different universities also look at these levels because It leads to getting high-demand jobs.

2. Religious studies and Psychology

Having sociology along with these two levels will help you to improve your writing skills which are mostly looking by universities. To succeed in these A-levels you must have creative ability and academic skills which again helps to get a good job.

3. Photography and art

You may wonder how these three subjects are a perfect combination. If you are great at photography and art you can use it to inspire people about the social problems going on in the economy. 

How Difficult Is A-Level Sociology? (Answered!)

4. English and Philosophy

English philosophy and sociology are subjects that require a lot of writing skills. With the help of this combination, you can think of having a career in journalism. It is because all three subjects will help you to improve your writing skills and will also deepen your knowledge which is a must for a journalist. If you think you are unable to clear the A-levels you must try to change the subjects or try taking other qualifications.


A-level sociology is a subject that helps you to study society and different social and economical problems. This subject is offered by different boards including AQA, OCR, WJEC and Edexcel. The course content of the subject is quite easy and thus many students do not find the subjects hard. Also, it is one of the most respected subjects as it is considered by most universities. Also, it helps you to land high-paying jobs which again makes it a popular choice. 

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