How to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl

How to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl?

A student who exemplifies good behaviour, grades and attendance is appointed as a head boy or a girl. As the school’s head boy or girl, a student is responsible for leading by example and serving as a leader in school activities. Thus you must find out ways for making your school better. Here we will explain 15 such ways by which you can improve your school as a head boy or head girl.

Quick Takeaways

  • Making medical societies for social help.
  • There are many students who come to school without having a proper breakfast. Thus you can try creating breakfast clubs.
  • If you have a good budget you can provide laptop facilities to the students who are in real need.
  • Look for fundraisers to get extra funds for the school.

Though we suggest you read till the end so that you do not miss any other important facts related to it. 

How to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl?

Top 15 Ways to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl

Following are the top 15 things that you can do to improve your school as a head boy or head girl-

1. Making medical societies

By creating medical societies you can help the different medical aspiring students to meet each other. Everyone is aware of how hard is it to enter medical school. Thus creating medical societies can help them to gain important knowledge from each other. If possible you can organize various basic courses for the students to learn.

2. Organizing a culture week

As a head boy, it is your responsibility to take care of each student studying at the university. Organizing a culture week will help each student learn about the culture of other countries. You can try to add up the menu of different countries in your canteen for this particular week. Another activity that you can do is host cultural programs related to one country. 

3. Try to make an exchange system

How to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl?

You can create exchange systems like an e-bay platform in which you can help the students to buy school essentials like textbooks, stationery, etc. You can make clubs where the old students sell their notes, free books, and textbooks at low rates. In this manner, they can make money. The newer students on the other hand can buy these things at lower rates.

4. Creating a breakfast club

Many students simply do not do breakfast before coming to school due to different reasons. Organizing a breakfast club will help them by not missing the morning meal. It is important as the morning meal is scientifically proven to help the students. Also creating a breakfast club shows that you also take care of the well-being of the students.

5. Create a mental health support club

Most students nowadays face different mental problems. They may feel depressed or have other mental health-related problems. Creating such clubs where different students can come and share their problems will help them to overcome them. Providing them with the proper set will help them to share their problems. 

Obviously, when they know that there is someone who will listen up to them, make them more comfortable and may also help them to come out of their problems. If possible try to reach out to some counsellors in order to meet such meetings.

How to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl?

6. Helping GCSE students

Another thing that you can do as a head boy or girl is by offering help to students appearing for GCSEs. GCSEs are a very important part of a student’s life and thus helping them will show how responsible you are towards another student. Try to get notes or books for their help.

7. Helping A-level students

Just like GCSEs, A-levels also plan a crucial part in the student’s life. They are the main criteria for getting selected for the University and increase your chances of getting selected for the job. Helping the students who are going for A-levels may also help you if you are an A-level aspirant. You can try to get the study material, textbooks, and previous exams for helping them.

8. Providing them with a laptop

As you progress through school, having a laptop or device becomes almost mandatory. Even if having a laptop at home is not required, being able to access the internet through some form of technology is important. It becomes even more important, especially for those studying and revising for exams. 

Perhaps you are in a situation to create a procedure for borrowing school laptops, though this will not be the case for every head boy or girl. If this is not probable, you can provide access to computer labs during school breaks and after lessons end. 

How to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl?

9. Introducing eco-friendly activities

Eco-friendly activities are what we need in our current lifestyle. Organizing various eco-friendly activities will help students to learn various ways by which they can help the environment. Obviously being human it is our responsibility to perform such activities. This not only shows your concern towards school and students but also nature.

10. Get in touch with fundraisers

To perform various activities like organizing breakfast clubs, you will need a lot of funds. Thus you should be in touch with as many fundraisers as you can. This will help you to get more and more funds for your school and with the help of it, you can organize more events in the school. 

11. Trying to pair students of year 6s with 7s

Consider forming close bonds between current Year 6s by creating a buddy system to assist in the adaptation process for the New Year 7s. This not only improves communication skills among the student body, but it also assuages any fears that current Year 6s may have about starting secondary school. It will help to make their transition much smoother and more comfortable.

12. Host special educational programs

How to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl?

There are many students who want to learn different skills rather than just learning traditional subjects. Try to know what are the other subjects that students want to learn about. Based on it you can host special educational programs.

13. Catering

This goes hand in hand with leading a healthy lifestyle. You can send out a survey about school catering and consider any feedback from the student body. Make sure that the meals are both healthy and nutritious.  Include more culturally diverse meals on the menu to help students learn about a variety of different food. Remember that the power you have with this may be limited as many schools receive catering from outside companies. Though this type of activity helps students to learn about various types of diverse food they can eat to be healthy.

14. Encouraging a healthier lifestyle

It is your responsibility to encourage students to live healthy lifestyles. You have been noticing that today most of the students are suffering from obesity and other such diseases. Setting up campaigns, webinars, events, etc can help them to focus on a healthy lifestyle. You can host fitness-based events and encourage each student to take participate in them.

15. Making homework help club

How to Improve Your School as Head Boy or Head Girl?

The homework help club will definitely help the students to complete their homework. Helping out during a homework club will help older students to solidify their subject knowledge and develop their teaching skills. It will also benefit younger students by giving them the opportunity to explore work outside of the classroom and communicate with their classmates. It can also serve as a safe space for students who may struggle in the classroom. It will be allowing them to grow mentally as well as academically.


A head boy or head girl is a student who demonstrates good behaviour, grades, and attendance. A student is responsible for leading by example and serving as a leader in school activities as the school’s head boy or girl. Thus this article will help you in learning the best ways by which you can improve your school.

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