How to write a Research Paper without plagiarizing?

How to write a Research Paper without plagiarizing?

Writing a research paper involves various things that you need to take care of and plagiarism is one of them. Plagiarism means copying the content from others and mentioning it under your name. If you have plagiarised content in the research paper it may lead to some strict punishments. There are various ways to reduce it.

Quick Takeaways

  • Plagiarism means copying the content or ideas of others and mentioning it under your name.
  • Following are the easy to avoid plagiarism-
1. Planning how to write
2. Avoid copy-pasting
3. Using plagiarism detectors
4. Take time
5. Paraphrasing
6. Self Plagiarism
7. Proper citing
8. Quotations
9. Changing the style of writing numbers
10. Recheck the citations

However, you must read till the end so that you get the ways to copy without getting plagiarism.

How to write a Research Paper without plagiarizing?

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism means copying the content or ideas of others and mentioning it under your name. Using the ideas of others for your paper without mentioning the name of the author results in plagiarism. Plagiarism is also considered cheating, as you are not using your own content in fact you are just copying it. This also results in the loss of your credibility and results in serious punishments like a rejection of your research paper or a low grade for your paper.

How much percentage of plagiarism is ok?

If you ask your teacher about this, the straight answer you will get is ZERO. This is because your professors would love to see your original content and do not want you to use any of the already published content. But to be honest there is some amount of plagiarism that your professors can allow.

Although they say that zero plagiarism should be there so that you do not get lenient about it and do your best as much as you can. The only plagiarism coming on your headings, factors, and titles of the research papers that you have considered is allowed. This means that a maximum of 10-12% of plagiarism is considered. Though while writing, takes care of writing speed so that you can finish the work in the given time. Even when you are writing a comic-research paper, you must have 0 plagiarism in it.

How to write a Research Paper without plagiarizing?

How to avoid plagiarism? – How to write a Research Paper without plagiarizing?

Whether you are writing a research paper or a comic research paper, there should be no plagiarism in it. As there are a lot of paragraphs in the research paper, you need to take care that you are not adding any kind of plagiarism to it. There are several ways by which you can get rid of plagiarised content. A few of them are –

1. Planning how to write

You must plan what you are going to write in it. You should know what to and how to write. You should have an outline where you have listed every resource of the content where you need to mention it. 

2. Avoid copy-pasting

The easiest way of getting rid of incremental plagiarism is simply by avoiding copy-pasting. Copying the content from other sources will simply result in getting plagiarism. Do not ever copy the content from others. Just take help from other sources and write it in your own way.

3. Using plagiarism detectors

Numerous paid and free tools help to check plagiarism. You must use them before submitting your paper. If you are using free tools try to check from at least 2-3 free tools. It is because sometimes, what may not be detected by one tool, is detected by the other tool. The most common tools are Safeassign or Turnitin which are used to check the copied content.

How to write a Research Paper without plagiarizing?

4. Take time

Don’t be in a hurry while writing your research paper. Try to take time, and write it patiently. When you are writing in a hurry, there are chances of probably forgetting to add citations to your paper. This may result in getting plagiarism. Do proper research. Make sure to take help from the platform to get the required information.

5. Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing means changing the wording of the lines by keeping the meaning the same. Although paraphrasing each and every line that you will add to your research paper is considered unethical way, you must do it after the check for plagiarism in your content. If you detect any plagiarism in your research paper, then you use paraphrase the plagiarised content. It is the best way as most plagiarism detectors like Turnitin will not be able to detect plagiarism.

6. Self Plagiarism

If you have previously used any of the previously published work related to the same topic, then you can not use that content again in your present work. You need to cite the name of your paper in it.

7. Proper citing

When you are writing a research paper the best way to support your point is by giving evidence. And for that, you have to use the conclusions given by various scholars. While using them in your research paper, make sure to give proper citations. 

8. Quotations

When you are not able to change the wording of some type of important content, then you must write it in proper quotes along with proper citations. Although it is one of the best ways to get safe from plagiarism, you must not overdo it. Also, you should not add content in quotations that are not related to your topic. 

How to write a Research Paper without plagiarizing?

9. Changing the style of writing numbers

Now if you are writing something which needs numbers included in it, then you should change the style of writing numbers. Suppose if the number is written as sixty-two, write it as 62 and vice versa. This also helps to save you from getting plagiarism. 

10. Recheck the citations

Adding the right citation is very important. You must make sure to add the correct citation to your content. If you have added wrong citations then there is How to write a Research Paper without plagiarizing?high chance of getting plagiarism in your content.


Having plagiarism in your research paper will result in a loss of credibility and serious punishments. You must keep plagiarism away from your paper. There are various ways of avoiding it, but the best way is by avoiding copy-pasting. You should be genuine and authentic. Also, adding proper references from where you have taken the content is very important. Take your time while writing it as it will help in reducing the chances of forgetting to add proper citations.

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