How to write a good letter of Intent for Medical School?

How to write a good letter of Intent for Medical School?

Getting into medical school is a dream for many students. As a student, you may have applied to different medical schools but have a specific school where you desperately want to go. You may also have to get acceptance letters from many colleges but you might want to wait for that particular school. In such a situation you might want to tell the admission committee of that school to consider your application. Also, you may be asked to give a VITA med school interview.

Quick Takeaways

  • A letter of intent gives you that chance to bring the attention of their admission committee to your application. 
  • You must make sure that you have written it in a clear manner and there should be a proper tone in it. 

However, you must read till the end so that you could get a better understanding of what is a letter of intent and how to write it perfectly.

How to write a good letter of Intent for Medical School?

What is a good letter of intent for medical school?

Sometimes what happens is you do not get a letter of acceptance from the school where you have interviewed and will need to wear the right dress code for it. A letter of intent for medical school is a letter that you send to the school in which you are the most interested to go if there is no confirmation letter of your admission. Whether you are living in Ohio, Virginia, Oregon, or Washington, you must try to send this letter to the school you want to get into.

In this letter, you have to write about your clear desire of getting admission to that school, they are based on different professions like Pediatrics, Pre-vet schools, PA, etc. You can send this letter to only one school. Try to discuss why it is important for you to get admission to that specific school. Also, you can mention what you can add to that university. So after completing the application process for medical school, you can also send the letter for medical school and write the medical school diversity essay.

Letter of Intent vs Letter of Interest 

You can do it by either using a letter of intent or a letter of interest. Although medical schools are hard to get into, but even if you are applying to easy medical schools in the UK, you can think of applying to the med school. Although, because of similar content, both are considered to be the same. However, you should be aware of how they are different from each other.

A letter of intent is used to show how desperately you want to get enrolled in that particular school. It helps the admission head to know about the students who are more likely to accept their invitations. Whereas, a letter of Interest is written when you want to show how much it is important for you to get enrolled in a specific program. The main thing that it helps to do is to remember you as a fresh candidate in the heads of the admission committee. As you are applying to different medical schools you must try sending them to the only school which you really want to go to. If you think getting into medical school is hard and need high amount of tuition fees, you must know different ways to afford medical school and get paid in the medical school.

How to write a good letter of Intent for Medical School?

How to write a good letter of Intent for Medical School?

Just like a supplemental application, a letter of Intent for medical schools can be a way of getting into medical schools easily and can be sent to the easy medical school. To write a letter of intent you will need to follow up the following steps-

Clear statement

The first thing you should take care of is that you are sending this letter to your school. Therefore you must make sure to state a clear statement while sending it to your desired school. Write about why you are so willing to go to that school. What attracted you the most to that school? And all the other relevant information. Suppose you have taken Special Master’s Programs, be clear about what is it and how it benefits you.

Having a proper tone

Many students confused it with short emails. You should know that you are not writing an email but a letter. You should try to add the maximum but relevant details in your letter. Remember the main aim is to increase your chances of getting admission to that university. Therefore write about the things that you think are important. Do not forget to keep the tone of your letter polite and respectful. 

Additional Information

The most important factor that will affect the impact of your letter on the admission committee is the type of information you are including. As mentioned above you must explain why you want to be a part of the respective institution and why you want to get admission to it.

But along with that, you must involve your academic achievements, and also if you have any research project, share it with them. Adding up the details of any volunteering project will add up to the chances of getting into that school. If you are in Kansas City and trying to get into medical school, you can think of becoming UMKC University.

Length of the letter

Although as discussed earlier you should write up all the relevant information, try to keep the body of the letter within four paragraphs. It must include the opening as well as the closing paragraph. If you feel like more important information needs to be added then you can add one more paragraph.

How to write a good letter of Intent for Medical School?

Taking care of the format

While writing a letter, one thing that can go against you is the way you write your application. You should take care of the format of writing the letter. You must add a salutation to your letter and also end up with thank you para. Also, don’t forget to sign properly at the end of your letter. If you are still not able to decide if you want to enter the school or not, you must try to start school at the age of 28.


This might be your last chance of showing the school how seriously you want to get enrolled in the particular school. You may not let it go just because of some silly grammar or spelling errors. Therefore, go through the full letter again before sending it to the school.


If you don’t receive a letter confirming your admission, you should send a letter of intent to the medical school in which you are most interested. However, you can send this letter to only one school which is at the top of your list. It is not just a letter but your last chance for getting considered for admission to that school. Try to include most of the relevant details regarding your application in it. 

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