How to Reach Duolingo Diamond League in Just 15 Minutes a Day

How to Reach Duolingo Diamond League in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Duolingo is a game-based language learning platform where you can get a lot of games like matching the pairs, different leagues, etc. It is a great way of learning a new language especially if you want to learn a new language in an engaging manner. Although all the lessons and the units in the course are very interactive, one of the best ways to stay focused on learning the language is to take part in the Diamond Leagues. Duolingo diamond league is the best and the last league for your challenge. If you also want to know how to get to it quickly, here you w some of the ways by which you can easily enter the Diamond League.

Quick Takeaways

  • Diamond League is the tenth and final league for the Duolingo leagues. You will need to go through 10 leagues starting from Bronze to the Duolingo diamond league.
  • To get into Diamond Duolingo league, here are the ways by which you can easily get into the Duolingo Diamond League-

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any crucial facts related to the Duolingo diamond league.

What is Duolingo Diamond League?

When you are using Duolingo to learn a new language, you will see weekly competitions known as Duolingio leaderboards or Duolingo leagues. There are a total of 10 leagues in each of the languages and the Duolingo Diamond league is the tenth and final league for the course. The other nine leagues that occur in Duolingo are – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, and Obsidian.

You will start with a random league in which 30 users will take part and fight against each other. Depending upon how you will be finishing your league you will be moved to the next league. It will be based on which position you are in and the requirement for the next league. So if you are in the top 15, 10, or 5, you can go to the next league which will be based on which league you are at. It will be a similar process for each of the leagues and finally, you will be entering the diamond league.

Once you are in the Duolingo Diamond League, you can not go back to any league as it is the final league. As it is the final stage you must try to come at first position as you will not be going to the second one. However remember if you fall in the lowest three positions, you will be demoted from the diamond league. You may receive lot of awards on winning the league like Chests.

How to enter Duolingo Diamond League?

The only thing that is important in any league is the number of XP you have earned so far. Thus if you want to enter the high league, you will need to gain as much XP as you can. As there are a lot of users on Duolingo, it starts a new league every week and thus there will be a lot of other leagues going on. So even if you are in the top 10 positions, you must still work hard as there may be more than 2000 people who are fighting for this position. There are no fixed criteria on how can you win the challenge.

There are a lot of people who have won with less XP like 2000 and there are people who were having 6000 XP and still struggling to win. It all depends upon the language, its popularity, etc. Thus if you want to enter the league, you must try to collect your XP points.

How to Reach the Duolingo Diamond League?

Following are the tips to reach the Duolingo Diamond League in a short time-

1. Go back to your previous lessons

Your old lessons and units are the best way of increasing your XP points. Each of the old lessons and units can be refreshed by you 5 times. Whenever you will be repeating the lesson it will be a hard level than before and will give you some of the XP points. However, there will be hints that you can always take up. As old lessons are the ones which you have already gone through, it will be easy for you to complete them. After that, you will be getting a legendary level for each of the units which can be taken on Duolingo tree.

Once you get the legendary level, you will not be getting any of the hints for it. The only benefit of taking them is that you will get double XP as long as you maintain the legendary level. Thus taking up the legendary levels is a great way of earning more XP. 

2. Start in a later week

When you are using Duolingo, you must think of taking up the challenge the later week like from Wednesday. The only reason is that you will be in a league which will have more lazy in nature. On the other hand, if you will start on Monday, there will be users who will work really hard to stay in the league. They will be taking Duolingo so seriously that they may earn 10000 XP in a week.

As Duolingo keep on bringing new leagues each week, you will be kept with the users who joint lately. It will give you a chance to get high score than them, and thus it will increase your chances to get easily into the Duolingo Diamond League.

3. Fix your mistakes

When you make a mistake it makes you lose a heart. As the mistakes you make are silly you must try to correct them. When you go back on your mistakes and correct them you earn some of the XP points. For every 10 mistakes, you will be getting 20 XP. When you will correct your mistake you will not only be earning 20 XP but also will remember them which will improve your knowledge. You can always think of using the alternatives for Duolingo which can help you to learn more.

4. Duolingo stories

Duolingo stories are another feature on Duolingo which will help you to focus on your communication, and writing skills. Earlier it also helps you to boost speaking skills but with time, it now only helps to focus on reading and writing skills. Although the disadvantage of Duolingo stories is that you get too low an XP amount at starting. But gradually when you will go up, the level of Duolingo stories will become hard which will further give you more XP. For example, when you will reach level 14 you will be earning 28XP for a single story which is huge. If you are having any issues related to the feature, then you can always contact customer service.

5. Increase your Daily XP goal

There is no doubt that you must keep your Daily XP goal low when you are just starting with the language. It is because you do not have much hold on your language. But with time you will start gaining experience with the language you are learning. In such a situation it is important that you increase your daily XP goal. When you will break the XP goal, you will be able to earn more XP for yourself. You will be getting extra bonus of 24 XP when you break your XP goal.

Further, you will get the additional 40XP if you break a daily goal, if you set it too high. Do not set a goal which is not achievable. Make sure that you add up a goal that is achievable by you and that you do not miss it. If you are unable to meet it, you may start losing your streak score which you can always freeze with the help of streak freeze. Thus you must try to increase your Daily XP score so that you can earn more XP in less time.

6. Using XP boost

There is no doubt that using the XP boost will help you a lot to increase your XP points. XP boosts will work for 15 minutes which you can double your XP score. Thus make sure that you are taking up easy lessons when you have used the XP boosts. It will help you to earn the double XP points. It would be even better if you get a perfect lesson bonus as a perfect lesson gives you an additional 5XP which will help you to earn more XP in less time.


When you are learning a language on Duolingo you will be taking part in various weekly competitions which are known as Duolingo leagues. There are ten different types of leagues in which you will have to take part. Diamond League is the last league which is one of the toughest leagues as well. You must remember to earn more XP to win a league.

There are different ways by which you can earn more XP and win the league. Some of the ways by which you can easily get into the Duolingo diamond league are using XP boost, breaking up daily XP goals, taking up Duolingo stories, etc. You can also try to take up the league lately in order to get above the other users. 

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