How to get into a UK Medical School Easily

How to get into a UK Medical School Easily?

Becoming a doctor is not an easy task. You have to complete the undergraduate program and after it, you will also need to go to medical school. Medical schools are typically for those who are looking for the medical profession.

Quick Takeaways

  • To apply to medical schools you may write an application after shortlisting the medical schools you want to get into. 
  • The application is everything that can prove the student’s ability, brain, and drive that is required for the health service.

However, you must read till the end so that you can get a better understanding of how can you get into the UK medical school easily.

How to get into a UK Medical School Easily?

How do get into a UK Medical School Easily?

There are different medical schools based on different professions like esthetician schools, PA schools, etc. Following are some steps that can maximize the student’s chance to get into a UK medical school easily.

  • Draw up a shortlist of top medical schools. 
  • Volunteer or intern at a local Hospital. 
  • Aim for an AAB in A level. 
  • Med schools won’t accept late applications. 
  • Don’t be too modest. 
  • Get your favourite teacher to write the reference. 
  •  Prepare yourself to fly to the UK for an interview.

1. Draw up a shortlist of top medical schools

You should draw a list of the top medical schools before applying depending upon the area like Philadelphia, Ohio, Washington, Virginia, Hawaii, etc. You should also visit the school before taking admission to see how the campus and the City look around as you may have to spend 5 years there and it will be difficult.

For the student to live in a place if the student doesn’t like it. If the student is not able to visit the place then the students can go to the official website to look at the student reviews and what they have reviewed about the University. Make sure you are adding multiple schools to your list so that you can apply to it. You can think of getting into the Special Master’s Programs which will help you to get into the university easily.

How to get into a UK Medical School Easily?

2. Volunteer or intern at a local Hospital

The student should take some experience in the hospital as this will be advantageous for the student. As getting experience in assisting doctors will be grateful and valuable. You will need to have a specific number of hours that will help you to enter in the schools easily. It will also help you to afford your medical school fees. If the tuition fee is a big problem for you to get into the right medical school, you must try to get different ways by which you can make money in the school.

How to get into a UK Medical School Easily?

3. Aim for an AAB in A levels

The applications of the student should be different so that it meets every listed entry requirement. If the student is applying for a bachelor of medicine and surgery then the student needs to have a required AAB in A levels. The minimum score needed by the student is 7.0.

4. Med School won’t accept late applications

Students should apply for the university and application service by the month of October. You can take the help of a common app to apply to different medical schools. As if the student missed the date of the application filling then they will make you wait until the next year. This is extremely important if you are thinking of going to medical school in Oregon. This is because there are only 2 medical schools over there and thus the competition level is too high.

Therefore you must try to write the medical school diversity essay and complete the application process on time. You will need to send the VITA application, or med school diversity essay which will make it easy for you to enter the medical school.

How to get into a UK Medical School Easily?

5. Don’t be too modest

The student should have the quality to become a doctor. The university looks for a student who has direct hand on experience in helping the ill, disabled, and disadvantaged people. Your work and experience should also show a healthy work and life balance.

Every student who wants a career in medicine demands working as part of a team so the student should give an example of teamwork also. Working as a team does not mean being a leader of the team but it means that you should explain how you played a role in a team when you were a junior.

6. Get the teacher to write a letter of reference

A letter of reference is needed to support your application. The student needs a teacher from the school or the college from which they have studied to support that character reference. You can also take help from them to write a letter of intent for the medical college.

7. Prepare yourself to fly to the UK for an interview

Some universities may take interviews by online method but there are some universities that take the interview of the student by inviting you to the UK so the student has a great chance to see the College or the universities environment. You will also need to have a specific interview outfit that you can wear during the medical school interview.


The student can get into the UK medical school if they have good merit then they apply to a few colleges or universities but if the student doesn’t have good merit then they need to apply to around 20 to 25 schools so that they don’t miss the chance of getting admission. Always try to apply to the university on time as if they miss the last date the university will make the student wait for a year. Your application should Express your ability and the Desire you’ve to become a doctor.


What is the easiest Medical School to get into? 

The Easiest Medical schools to get into are such as the LSU Health Science Center, the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, California University Brody School of Medicine, UMKC, etc. 

Which medical school has the highest acceptance rate in the UK? 

The best schools having the highest acceptance are the London School of Hygiene and tropical medicine, the University of Manchester has a 56.1% acceptance rate, the University of Glasgow has a 70% acceptance rate, etc. However, you must make sure to check the application process of the school you are getting into.

What are the chances of getting into medicine in the UK? 

The acceptance rate of getting into medicine UK is around 31.6% as the student needs to have very good qualifications and work experience. However, if you are going to medical school you must look for ways to get paid in the medical school so that you can meet the tuition fees.

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