How to deal with having no Friends at University?

The student seems to be very excited while going to a university as it will be an experience that will change their life as they build their career and also where they will meet their new friends. However, there are some students who feel shy and scared while entering a new environment. a new city and with new people. There are some students who are introverted and are not able to make new friends easily. So it is important for you to know how you can deal with having no friends.

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are the things that you will need to understand how to deal with having no friend-
1. Identify What Is Stopping from Making Friends
2. Be yourself
3. Ask yourself How you Made Friends In The Past
4. Speak to the flatmates
5. Speak to the coursemates
6. Get involved in volunteering

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand how to deal with having no friends.

How to deal with having no Friends at University?

How to Deal with Having No Friends at University?

According to the different opinions based on making new friends, some say it depends on the personality of the person. The following are some tips for the students who are not able to make new friends in the university:

1. Identify What Is Stopping from Making Friends

instead of finding the solution to the problem we should find what is the problem which is making it hard for the student to make new friends. There are so many reasons behind this like the student is not given the time to find the people to make friends with, if the student is not open to new people they meet.

The student firstly should understand the importance of having friends in their life and how having a friend will impact their life. Some students will feel like no one will be like them and will hesitate to make new friends. The student should know that everyone is in the same situation and don’t feel like this. Many times your professor also talk behind your back and it can also be one of the reasons for not having new friends.

2. Be yourself

The student should meet the people by being themself only and should pretend to be that which they are not. In the university, the student comes from different cultural backgrounds and there may be some student which does like each other culturally or which dont like so you should not pretend that you like their company.

How to deal with having no Friends at University?

A university is a place where the student will identify what they like, what things they dislike, their strengths, and their weaknesses. they will also be able to see their hidden talent. By meeting new people the student will come to know what type of people they like. Try to ask various questions to the roommates to make them your friends.

3. Ask yourself How you Made Friends In The Past

If the student is not able to make new friends in the university they should think about their present friends and how they became friends with them. The friends they have in the past were not the ones with whom they were born a friend. There may be some situations after which you have become friends like being in the same class, meeting every day, etc, and then deciding to talk with them.

There may be a situation where you have made friends with a mutual friend and then begin to talk with each other. As you find similarities of interest in each other. So you should remember that you have done it in the past and you can do it in the future also.

4. Speak to the flatmates

How to deal with having no Friends at University?

The student should speak to their flatmates instead of continuously being in their room coming out of the room only to use the kitchen and then going back not sitting with their flatmates. They should not spend their whole time and energy with their old friends speaking with them, they should make space to make new friends. As no one is asking you to forget your old friends but you should know that it’s a new life. You should try to accept new people in your life by spending more time with them, such as in the kitchen in the common room. Try to ask them different questions and get to know them better.

5. Speak to the coursemates

There are a lot of friends groups which are made at University by whom they are studying in the same course. To have a friend within the same course is a good option as everyone needs help from each other for doing the work and for getting the best motivation and engagement. As there may be some time when you are not able to go to attend the lecture but your course mate is there to help you with that lecture.

How to deal with having no Friends at University?

6. Get involved in volunteering

As there may be many schemes that the university is doing in partnership with the local School and you have been asked to volunteer in the local Charity shop. And when the student finds this opportunity you should join volunteering and you should ask your flatmate or course made that if they like to join it or not. If they say no you should make sure that you go with an open mind and heart and help the people who need the help and serve with the capacity you can do for them.


The University has various ranges of society which can be the best way for the student to meet new people. The student can also join a Facebook group of the university where they can talk with new people easier by online method. Which will help them communicate when they meet with each other. This will also help them to remove their fear of talking with new people.


Is it okay to have no friends? 

Yes maybe for some students like their own company the best for them it is perfectly fine to be in total isolated form.

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