How many GCSEs do you need for University?

How many GCSEs do you need for University?

When a student sends the application to the university, they mostly get confused about the qualification the student should have in the application to get an extra point. There are a lot of factors you will need to look at and GCSEs are one of them.

The number of GCSEs that you need to have will depend upon the university and the subject you want to enter. You will also need to look at the grade needed by the university. Further, we have discussed the number of GCSEs required for entering the university.

How Many GCSEs Do You Need For University?

The number of GCSEs a student needs for the university application depends upon what subject the GCSE is off and in which university they are going to study. But the student should make sure that they have a grade of 4 out of 5 or above in the core subjects of GCSE such as math, English language, and Science which gives them GCSE of 1, 2 and 3.

The student can try to get as many as GCSE but should have the highest grade in order to have a strong application for any university to which they want admission. You should make sure that they don’t fail any GCSE course as it will reflect the student’s academic work and having more GCSEs will create more options for you.

If you are not able to get good grades in GCSE even after doing hard work you should not lose hope. This is because mainly the university will look for science, maths, and English, and thus you should try to get good grades in them. However, when you are applying for the university you must know the average good score for GCSE.

Is there a Need for Specific GCSEs to Study at University?

To get into a university that you want to study, you must have good grades in the subject of math and English language in GCSE qualification. You at least need a grade of 4 or above. Some universities also ask the student to have a grade of 4 or above in science.

So the student firstly should do all the research about the requirements of the university to which they want to get admission. The universities only look into the scoring subject as these are going to continue in a level course.

Can a Student get into the University without having a GCSE qualification? 

If the student is not able to get passing grades in GCSE math and English language they will have to struggle in getting admission into the University. If the student has not got a passing grade in GCSE they can retake the subjects in the sixth form which provides the student an opportunity to retake this in 2 years after the student has given the GCSE.

If a student wants to get admission to the best university, they should make sure that they have as many GCSEs as they can with the highest grade so that their application should be chosen among the highest achieving applications. If the student does not have GCSE in math and English language (hardest GCSEs) subjects then it will be hard for the student to make progress on a University course. Additionally do not try to fake your grades on your UCAS application.

What should students do if they don’t have enough GCSE to get into the University? 

When the student does not have enough GCSE to get into the University then they can complete a Foundation year course at a University by which they shouldn’t directly progress on to a full degree course as the qualification will demonstrate that the student has the basics skill of getting the degree in the subject they have chosen. Further, you can also get high-paying jobs without having GCSEs. Thus you must not take much tension for getting a good job if you are not having the right job.

Is there any university that does not require GCSE qualification? 

As GCSEs are never expiring, every university requires a GCSE qualification. There is no such university that does not require enabling the student with a good route into university courses which shows the student’s progress on to the degree courses. If you are not able to match the GCSE requirement, you must do the foundation year.


To get into the University of the Student Desire the day needs to have a GCSE in English Math and possibly science with passing grades of at least 4 or above. The student having as many GCSEs will create more options to get selected among various achieving applications the student. 


What GCSE do Universities like? 

The universities are mostly interested in the GCSEs of English and math and sometimes science too. 

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