How Many A-Levels Should You Take? (Answered!)

How Many A-Levels Should You Take? (Answered!)

A-levels are something that is considered for your university’s application and for applying for the job. Your A-levels are something that your employer will be looking at. Thus it is important to score well in it. However, for scoring better in your A-levels, you need to take the right number of A-levels. Thus we will discuss with you to know how many A-levels should you take and also help you to find some of the hardest and least taken A-levels.

Quick Takeaways

  • You will need to take 3 A-levels according to the government rules.
  • Some students may take up to 4 A-levels. However, you must only do it if you can handle the pressure of A-levels.
  • You must try taking up the most respectable A-levels like maths, further maths, science, economics, etc.

Further, we have discussed the number of A-levels that you must take up thus you must read till the end.

How Many A-Levels Should You Take? (Answered!)

How many A-Levels should you take?

Your A-levels are something that will be looked at if you want admission to a good university and also for getting a good job. Thus you must take the correct A-levels for yourself. At a minimum, you need to take up three A-levels (which is equal to T-level) for yourself. If you are thinking to take up more than that and get some extra benefit, then it might be of no use.

It is because you will not be getting any extra credits for taking up more A-levels. Thus if you are thinking of taking up more A-levels, then you should take up one difficult A-level out of three, and work hard for it. However, you can take up to five A-levels for yourself. 

Which A-levels are most respectable?

Some of the most respectable A-levels that you must consider taking up are mentioned below-

  • A-level English Literature
  • A-level Physics
  • A-level Chemistry
  • A-level Biology
  • A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics 
  • A-level Business Management
  • A-level Economics
  • A-level History
  • A-level English Language
  • A-level in Foreign language 

How should you choose your A-level?

When you are selecting your A-levels you must consider some of the general points like which A-level will help you to get into your desired university. Make sure to do proper research for the career you choose and which university you want to get into. Your A-levels are crucial role players in your career path and thus choosing the right one becomes important.

How Many A-Levels Should You Take? (Answered!)

Make sure to take the A-level of your interest. This means that you must not take the one which is out of your interest. Keep in mind that your A-level grades will be with you for the rest of your life and therefore do not take any unfamiliar A-level course. You may find it difficult to cope with the curriculum which may result in bad grades. However if you have chosen the wrong subject, you must know the time at which you can change the chosen A-level.

Which are the hardest A-levels?

You will need the A-levels to get into the university. Following are the top 5 hardest A-levels

1. Physics

Physics is a subject that includes a lot of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. You need to work on both and need to remember the most complex concepts in physics. Not everyone can remember these concepts.

How Many A-Levels Should You Take? (Answered!)

2. Further Math

Math is something that is not easy for everyone. There are a lot of formulas and concepts that you need to understand and remember. This becomes harder when you are taking up courses in advanced mathematics. Thus further math is not an easy subject and it is on the list of the hardest A-levels. In fact, it is also one of the hardest GCSEs that you will have to take.

3. Chemistry 

When you are studying A-level Chemistry, you will need to learn about various chemicals and chemical reactions. You will be learning about various elements in the periodic table and will also learn about organic chemistry.

4. Computer sciences

This is one of the courses that you must take if you are a tech person. It is because computer science is a subject that involves a lot of various concepts related to the computer and also it involves learning various languages like Python, HTML, Javascript, etc. It is one such subject that is not a good fit for everyone. 

5. Biology

Learning about various living organisms and mechanisms is not an easy task. In this course, you will need to learn about ecology, various animals, trees, etc. You will need to give yourself time to understand various processes and concepts of biology to succeed in it.

Following are the top five A-levels that are least popular among the students-

1. Physical Education

If you are interested in pursuing sports science, physical education is one of the greatest choices for you. Though most of the students do not look for this A-level. It is one of the courses that involve an extra-curriculum structure and that is why many students do not take it.

2. Religious Studies

This is one subject that is taken by very few students. It is because most of the students are not aware of it. Religious studies are subjects that are not taken because they have factual work included in them.

How Many A-Levels Should You Take? (Answered!)

3. Geography 

Geography is another less popular subject. It is one of the subjects that will not give you advanced skills but will give you knowledge related to geographical areas. Many students do not find it comfortable to study this subject.

4. Home sciences

It is one of the subjects that is taken by very few students. This is because this course will not help you to get one of the high-paying jobs. Another possible reason is that it is a very unpopular stream in science. One such A-level that was not much popular was General science and was eventually removed from the list.

5. Environmental studies

Environmental studies are one of the subjects that many students think is low paying. Though this is not true. It is one of the low-demand subjects as well. You can learn different important things like global warming or environmental concerns.


A-levels are the exams that you will need to take up. They help you to get into your favorite university and job. Therefore, you must know how much A-levels should take to enter into it. Generally, students take up 3 A-levels, but you can take up to 5 A-levels. This article also helps you to know the hardest and the least taken A-levels by various students.

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