How important are GCSEs? (To Universities Employers and Colleges)?

How important are GCSEs? (To Universities, Employers, and Colleges)?

GCSEs stand for general certificate of secondary education. The certificate is a subject-based academic qualification. They are considered to be the first set of exams that a student takes in their life and are useful for their whole life.

Quick Takeaways

  • GCSEs will help you determine whether the college you are applying to is correct for you or not. 
  • They are also important as they will help you to determine which A-level you will be getting. 
  • You will also be able to apply for the right job for you. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the importance of GCSEs.

How important are GCSEs? (To Universities, Employers, and Colleges)?

How Important Are GCSEs?

The GCSEs are considered you only factor by which the college assesses you to see and determine if you are applying for the college is suitable for the course you want or not by watching the score grade of the GCSE. When the student gets to the university there the grades of GCSE do not care about much but there they focus on the student’s A-levels. Though you must still try to achieve average good grades in GCSEs.

If the university wants to see the GCSE grades of the student it is only to their work ethic, motivation for doing the work, etc. The same goes with employers they also notice the grade of the student of GCSE to see the student’s resilience during the learning period. However, you must make sure that you are not lying on your UCAS application.

How Important Are GCSEs When Applying For University? 

When the student reaches the stage of going to take admission to the university the GCSEs exam will be far behind for the student who takes a gap between their college and university life. Students when applying to the university there are a lot of applications and sometimes the students have the same A-level result. So they look to your GCSEs so that they can get help in knowing which person is better.

During the reviewing of the application, the admission organization also sees the student’s statement, CV, and grade; these all will be counted alongside with GCSEs score. If you have applied to a university that is the best among other universities. The university also wants a student who is the best among other students so it is important for the student to be different from others.

They may look for the GCSE score and the chosen GCSEs of the student which will help them get admission to the university easily. But if the student has applied to a university that is not the best then there is less chance that the administration will look for the student’s GCSEs score. Depending upon the university, they may also be lenient with your grades. However, if you were unable to get GCSE maths, you can retake them even in the university.

What GCSEs Do Universities Find The Most Impressive? 

If there is a lot of competition among the students as all the students who have applied are the best and most brilliant in the academic zone then they will look at your GCSE scores also. Thus it is important to get your GCSE results and you must have the old results with you. The following are the main subject and points the university look at in the GCSEs score:

  1. English
  2. Math
  3. Science

1. English GCSE result

They look for your good English speaking skills and good grades in English. They are proof that the student can handle the course further or not.

2. Math GCSE result

The result of the math shows the student is eligible to handle the number and the data also. The math subject is one the most important in every course at university so the student should have at least 6 scores in GCSE grade so that the student gets admission in the best university they have applied for.

3. Science GCSE result

The good result in science shows the student’s understanding of nature. the student will easily get admission to the science department further in the university.

What GCSEs Do Employers Find Most Impressive? 

The employers go through the student’s GCSEs to make sure to employ the person or not. Therefore you must think of getting at least an average or a good grade. The following are the best GCSEs a student can have to get employed:

Here also they mainly look at the subject such as:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science

1. English result

The employers see the student should have a good English language GCSE so that the person can handle and communicate with the customer easily and if they have a good score it will be easy for the student or person in writing up the reports and receipts of the company.

How important are GCSEs? (To Universities, Employers, and Colleges)?

2. Math result

Having a good result in math will create a lot of job opportunities for the student such as counting cash, making spreadsheets, and handling the finance sheets of the company as it is one of the best GCSEs.

3. Science result

The students having good results in science make clear that they have a better understanding of the natural world. It is needed by the company that works in environments. However, remember that GCSEs, are hard in nature and thus you must study hard for them.


In colleges, the GCSEs are much more important than the university as generally through the grade of GCSE the college administration gets clear about their knowledge and according to which the student gets admission and in the university looks for the student’s A-level result.


How important are GCSEs?

The GCSEs generally are the first step taken by the student for showing academic ability.

Do employers care about GCSEs?

The employers consider the GCSEs in making the selection of candidates. You must also remember that your employer will look at your A-levels.

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