Homework Cheat Websites (With Exam cheating Apps)

Homework Cheat Websites (With Exam cheating Apps)

Every student wants to get a good score on the exam and by doing homework also does everything possible for securing the marks. Even if they are ready to cheat in the exam and there have been many apps and websites that help students cheat the exam. The student can easily download it from the play store and have access to use it during the examination or during homework. You may also want to know about the top cheating websites available for the user to cheat in the exam or during homework.

Quick Takeaways

  • Some of the top cheating websites are-
1. Answer.com
2. Course hero homework answer
3. Chegg
4. Domycoding

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of these websites.

Homework Cheat Websites (With Exam cheating Apps)

 Top Homework cheat websites:

There are many websites that students use to complete homework or cheat in online classes. These websites help the students to find the solution to the question easily. the following are some top websites used by students to cheat for doing homework or for online classes:

1. Course hero homework answer:

The course hero homework answer has existed since 2006 and has been the most popular website. The students searching on the website are provided with study notes, homework answers, and course notes also. The website is used by most of the students as it is easy to use and it provides the students direct answers to them but the other website provides the course notes which makes the website mostly used by the students.

2. Answer.com for solution:

Also known as answer.com LLC  or answer corporation it provides the student with the solution for quick research of any topic and also provides more content. The student can search for the answer and the solution is provided with a quick search. answer.com generally gets over 2 million views every day.

3. yahoo! Answers for the homework solution:

This website is used to ask the question and from the other side of the member, an answer is received by the user. The topics included on the website are that the student can ask for answers to our computer & internet, business & finance, mathematical solutions, science,kids&teen, news, health, home & garden, and many more.

Homework Cheat Websites (With Exam cheating Apps)

After the student asks the question from yahoo the answer is answered, then edited, and the site is organized so that the user is satisfied with the answer. This is handled by the user performing behind the website. The site mainly aims to answer in an organized way so that the work is searched and appreciated by the student who is used to the website and visits the website again.

4. Chegg homework site:

Homework Cheat Websites (With Exam cheating Apps)

 For searching for an answer or the solutions that are asked by the user, Chegg used to have a subscription of 999 $ per month is the cost for using the Chegg homework website and it enables the student to search numerous topics with relevant content the solutions. The website is preferred as it is easy to use and provides high-quality information related to the searches. The website provides solutions and videos related to the topic. the user can easily use it without any confusion as everything is well organized on the website.

5. Domycodding.com

 The website is generally used for searching topics such as science, technology, engineering, and math. The site is commonly used by students who are doing IT and never want to fail the exam so they use this website to search for the answer. The website has arranged a person who is used for explaining to the student the level of training. However, if you try to use this platform when you are having a proctored exam with the help of Respondus software, it will notify to your teachers.

Top exam cheating Apps:

Cheating through installing the app on mobile phones is easy to use for the student while giving the exam or doing homework. However, following some apps used to cheat during online exams or in completing homework.

1. Quizlet app:

The Quizlet app creates a flashcard that is used to store or memorize and share with the other user also information, notes, list, and terms. The app can be used for public or private services. Quizlet also allows seeing with the help of the flashcards the notes that their classmates have created and shared. It is easy to use by the user.

Homework Cheat Websites (With Exam cheating Apps)

This app is top-rated due to the flashcards feature that allows the user to search for notes from other flashcards of the students. The search panel provides the exact flashcards that are used to study the notes during exam time.

2. Socratic app:

The Socratic app is used for searching the answer that is related to online quizzes. The user can also share their notes and homework to help their classmates. The student uses an app for passing the exams with the help of the use of the Socratic exam. The apps contain study notes with videos related to them and take an online test for the student. The student can easily install the app on Android phones and ios and use it to give online quizzes. 

3. Wolfram alpha app:

This app doesn’t need any internet for running. You can use wolfram alpha in offline mode easily. You can also use this app in the examination centre easily as it doesn’t need any internet connection. The student has to search the question on the search panel and the answer will be seen on the app which the student can use to write the answer for the exam or do the homework. The topic covered in these apps is based on currencies, units, numbers, and many more.

Homework Cheat Websites (With Exam cheating Apps)

4. Brainly app:

Brainly app can be used for free and provides 20 million users and also over 400 million questions. It can be used easily on a mobile device and provides a variety of 30 languages. It can be used to share the class notes of the students. and to find the solutions to the academic questions. Brainly can be considered one of the cheating devices that students can use when they are taking exams.


Due to the advanced technology students are using cheating websites and apps for doing homework and for giving online exams. but this has made the students lazy as by using this app students pass the exam which is good to get a pass without letting the professor know it.

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