Varsity Tutors Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Online teaching platforms are getting popular. They are the platforms where you can teach students online. You can either choose ESL platforms like lingoace and others like skimatalk. One such platform where you can teach students various subjects is Varsity Tutor platform.

Quick Takeaways

  • It is the platform in which you can teach students various subjects. 
  • You need to provide students with both in-person and online tuition which provides support to schooling college students. 
  • Many tutors believe that the platform offers low pay. 
  • If you are taking group sessions, then you may get high pay. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to Varsity tutor.

Varsity Tutors Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Varsity tutors review

Varsity Tutors were founded in 2007. The Varsity Tutors headquarters is in Mussoorie the tutor also has some International students and most of the users are 100000 from the USA and the instructors are 40000 from the USA. 

The Overall rating given to the Varsity Tutors is 3.7 out of 4 of which 70% of the reviews are from their recommended friends. There are some positive and negative reviews about varsity tutors. 


  • The Varsity tutors provide the teacher with a flexible schedule. 
  • The user usability of the system is easy for every teacher. 
  • The students who have joined the varsity tutors are very careful with their nature.


  • The Varsity Tutors have negative reviews about the low pay. 
  • The teachers are not paid for preparing time in creating their own curriculum. 
  • Technical glitches often occur in the company sometimes. 
  • The quality of Communications and the consistency of booking opportunities are also poor.
Full varsity tutors review - Is varsity tutors Worth it?

What are the pros and cons of varsity tutors? 

The following are some pros and cons for varsity tutors:


  • The candidate who applies for the job has a quick application process and a video interview process also. 
  • The teaching is done for a wide range of subjects just like coreenglish, Brainfuse platform or novakid.
  • The teachers are allowed to cancel their class within 24 hours before notice and they are also paid for the student cancellation of class. 
  • There is a twice-weekly payment schedule for the teachers. 
  • The teachers who conduct the group classes and also prepare for instant tutoring get the opportunity to have more salary than other teachers. 


  • The candidate must have legal notice for working in the USA
  • There is a difference between what the company charges the student and what it pays to the tutors. 
  • The booking rate depends upon the demand for the subject and the time of the class to be conducted. 
  • The classes can be long lasting up to 2 hours also.

How do varsity tutors work? 

The student who wants to learn online tutoring Varsity Tutors provides them with online tutoring and different wants to learn in-person tuition are also provided the student with this facility with the help of the franchises which are located across the USA and also provide classes and summer camps at workshops.

The online classes are provided from elementary undergraduate level and professional exams which provide them with 400 or more topics. The students are paired with the other groups of students by matching hundreds of criteria such as the learning style of the student, needs, and personality of the student.

What are the general requirements for working as varsity tutors? 

The following are the requirement if it candidate wants to work as a varsity tutor:

Full varsity tutors review - Is varsity tutors Worth it?
  • The candidate must be currently living in the USA and Canada is also accepted for those there is a different application process. 
  • The candidate should have teaching experience or tutoring experience. 
  • The candidate should complete a bachelor’s degree and should be an undergraduate in subjects such as math and science.
  • You must be able to deepen your voice on the mic so that you are audible properly to the students.

How does the varsity pay tutors? 

The salary of the tutors depends upon various factors such as:

  1. The difficulty level of the subject. 
  2. Demand for the subject. 
  3. The geographical region of the student. 

The tutors are given the pay of $15 to 30 per Hour and teachers teaching the private online classes are given pay of $15. Teachers who are conducting group classes, workshops, and summer camps get pay of around $20 to $30 an hour. 


Is varsity tutors Worth it?

Even though the Varsity Tutor pay is the lowest pay at $15, that is considered to be more than other teaching companies outside China. As there are many differences between what they charge students and what they pay the educators which creates a bad reputation.

What are the working hours of varsity tutors? 

The teachers working as Varsity Tutors are flexible to schedule their work. They can work for little time or they can choose as much work as they can do. The class is conducted 45,60 to 90 minutes long and there is a session of exam or test preparation which is also conducted for 2 hours. The class is scheduled with the help of an App which when they should is done for the teacher and notification is received by the teacher by way of email or text message. 


The teachers paid 15 to $30 per hour. The candidate who is from the US or Canada is being accepted for applying for a teacher as a Varsity Tutor. The teacher should have a diploma or a degree certificate. The student of both ages, adult or child is being taught by the Varsity Tutors. 

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