Landi Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Nowadays, it is vital to speak English. In professional life, it has become important that you must speak English. Many platforms which are China-based let teachers educate students online and assist them to enhance their level of English. You may either make it a full-time job or do it on the side. A new company called Landi operates similarly.

Quick Takeaways

  • The pay rate that you get as a teacher on this platform, is quite good. However, there is a 40% deduction in it. 
  • You do not need to have an ESL Certification to become a tutor. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the Landi platform.

Landi Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

What is Landi English?

Since its launch in 2017,  Landi, a China-based online tutoring platform has gained popularity among online English teachers. Landi is just like zebra English, clubZ, kyna for kids, or ringle where you can learn English language. It is an online English learning education resource, especially for kids ages 5 to 10. The platform helps the kids to learn the language through peer study and specific English classes centered on areas like Math, Language Arts, and Science.

Its curriculum was created using an immersive teaching method and CLIL. The platform provides you with flexible work schedules, extremely competitive pay, and excellent support staff. The staff will help you to solve your queries related to the platform.

landi review – Is Landi worth it?

The biggest question that will come to your mind before applying to it would be if “Landi is a good place to work or not?” Well, many instructors have reported that Landi was a good place to work. Sadly, it appears that the company’s culture has changed. There have been cost-cutting measures that have resulted in lower compensation which has turned teachers into disappointments. Though it might be still a good option from the other platforms, you must remember that there are a lot of policy changes on this platform. 

Benefits of teaching on Landi

  • You do not need an ESL Certification to become a tutor.
  • The support team is very collaborative and helpful.
  • The pay rate that you will get is quite good just like neuABC.
  • You will start getting bookings once you get established.
Landi Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Drawbacks for teaching on Landi

  • Despite having a good rate, there is a deduction of 40% of the commission which is very high compared to other commission-taking platforms.
  • Most of the previous tutors have reported pay deductions and bonus deductions.
  • You need to take a class for 6 days every week. It may not be worth it for every person. 
  • There are no payment options for PayPal and Payoneer. 

Is Landi a legit platform?

Landi is a Legit platform that was created by Hangzhou Danyue Technology Co. Ltd. This company has two more ESL platforms under its name. There are more than 20,000 students on this platform, which shows the reliability of the platform. This platform is in partnership with a very popular publisher i.e Oxford University Press. The publishing company itself is a big name to show how safe and legit the platform is just like bansho.

How much can you earn at Landi?

The current pay rate that Landi is offering to its employees is $10- $18. The pay rate that you will get will depend upon how you take up the class and what is your previous experience. Although the current pay rate that Landi is offering is less than the original pay rate that they offered i.e $18-$25. Not only this, but if you are unable to teach 2 students at a single time, you will only get the 60% of the pay rate. You also get $1 for full attendance per class, once you complete 100 classes. 

Landi Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

You can also earn bonus money by referring it to others. When your referral completes his/her prohibited period, you will earn a bonus for each referral. Your first referral will give you $30, from 2nd-5th you will get $80 and at last after the 6th you will start getting $100. The payment is deposited via direct deposit. There will be a transfer deduction as well, which depends upon which type of bank you have. You will get your payment on the 10th and 15th of each month. But remember you need to earn $200 for the transaction. Or else it will shift next month.

Requirements for becoming a tutor on Landi

  • You must have at least a Bachelor’s degree just like Oikid.
  • There should be good communication skills and also a neutral accent.
  • Working laptop with an HD web camera and a working microphone.
  • You should have a high-speed internet connection with at least 3Mbps download speed.
Landi Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

How to become a tutor at Landi?

  • To start your journey as a Tutor at Landi you will have to follow the following steps-
  • You need to sign up on their official page to start your application process.
  • An application form will open on your screen. You need to add up all the important information that is asked on it. 
  • After it, you will receive your interview link through email. You will have to give an interview on a video call.
  • It will include an interview as well as your demo class. Interview questions may be based on your personal life or your teaching experience. 
  • In addition to it, you need to give a demo session. In which the team will analyze your teaching skills. 
  • Once cleared, you will need to take up training sessions for yourself. The training period lasts for 4 days. 
  • After completing the training program, you will need to set up your teaching profile. After completing the profile you can start taking your classroom. 


Linda is a China-based platform that is growing rapidly. Online English teachers are increasingly using the Chinese platform, Landi. It is an online educational tool designed specifically for children between the ages of 5 and 10. According to numerous professors, Landi was a good place to work. Unfortunately, it seems as though the culture of the company has changed. Teachers have been dissatisfied as a result of cost-cutting efforts that have led to lesser salaries. There may be teachers who still want to work for this platform. Though you must remember that there are a lot of policy changes on this platform. 

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