Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023

Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023

Today learning a second language is becoming more important than anything else. This is because the biggest benefit of learning a second language is to get a good job. As every business organization wants to grow their business in business, having employees with a second language helps them to communicate with other native speakers. Thus if you are interested in learning Spanish as a second language we will help you to know such easiest way to learn Spanish, which will help you to become a pro from a beginner.

Quick Takeaways

Below are the easiest ways that will help you to learn Spanish-

Being consistent
Using Spanish every day
Get surrounded by Spanish
Teaching others what you have learned
Choose online platform
Use language exchanges
Keep a journal
Practice listening
Using flashcard apps
Make learning fun
Getting a language partner
Making your own vocabulary list
Shadowing in Spanish
Go for some of Spanish speaking hacks

However, you must read till the end so that you can understand the easiest ways to learn Spanish in detail and do not miss any important information related to it.

Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023

What are the easiest ways to learn Spanish?

Following are some of the ways that will help you to become a pro from a beginner in Spanish-

1. Being consistent

When you are starting to learn a new language like Japanese or Spanish you must stay consistent with it. 

  • Being consistent means that you do not miss practising the language even a single day. You must be able to create a habit of going through the language every day.
  • When you create a habit of doing a task, it will make it easy for you to complete the task. It means that if you are keeping a specific day like Saturday or Sunday, for studying the Spanish language, it will become hard to grasp hold of it. 
  • In short, we can say that you must try to write everything in Spanish as possible as you can.

2. Using Spanish every day

As discussed above, the easiest way to learn Spanish is to use it in your everyday life. 

  • Try to change the settings of your mobile or laptop to the Spanish language. However, before doing it make sure that you know the basics of the language.
  • Further, try to use the words that you have learned with your family or friends. You can also try to think in Spanish as it will help you to develop your Spanish skills. 
Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023
  • Also, you can write all the groceries or other things that you are going to buy in the Spanish language. 
  • It will again help you to stay in touch with the language.

3. Get surrounded by Spanish

As the above two show how important is to use the language in your daily life, you must try to get surrounded by the Spanish language all over. 

  • If you are out of your country and are in Spain, then stay with the native hosts. Try to communicate with them and listen to them. 
  • Take their help wherever you think you are doing wrong. 
  • On the other hand, if you are at your home only, you can always think to have a live video call with the native speakers.
Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023
  • Further, you can also try using Spanish immerse programs in which you get some videos with subtitles in Spanish. 
  • You will be using them to understand what is going on in the video. When you have a free time you must practice your Spanish language
  • You can either use different apps or try to speak with yourself facing a mirror.

4. Teaching others what you have learned

There are chances that your family member or your friend wants to learn the Spanish language. 

  • Try teaching them what you have learned so far. It will not only help them to learn a new language but you will also be able to remember the words easily. 
  • Further, when you are teaching them, you must try to communicate with them in Spanish language. 
  • By practising it, you will be able to develop your communication skills.

5. Choose an online platform

With digital education, there, are a lot of online or ed-tech platforms that are specially designed for teaching languages to students. 

Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023
  • Some of them are based on live teaching systems and others are game-based platforms like Duolingo. 
  • Therefore, you must decide which platform will best suit you. If you can get out the time according to the class, then you must choose the live teaching platform.
  • However, if you can’t get much time due to personal reasons, you must try to use other platforms.

6. Use language exchanges

Language exchanges are another best way of getting your hand at the Spanish language.

  • You can use the Internet to speak to someone sitting in Spain. Using these programs will help you and might the other person in developing communication skills. 
  • You can ask them to communicate with you in Spanish and in return you can teach them your native language. 
  • Further, it not only helps you to develop your communication skills but also helps you to make new friends from other countries in the nation. 
  • To get live on these platforms you have to look for one such platform and send the application to them. 
  • However, it is important to remember that you may get rejected from the platform if your primary reason is not language exchange. 
  • Thus you must not right any sensitive reason like making new friends in the application. 
Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023

7. Keep a journal

Having a journal can help you a lot in developing your writing skills in Spanish.

  • Start with writing on easy topics like describing yourself. You can also write the words that you have learned on a day if you are really not in the mood to write a long text. 
  • When you created a habit of writing in a Journal for at least a week, try to increase the text content. 
  • Try to give 5-10 minutes for writing the text in the journal, it will help you to have flow in writing and will also help you to explore new ideas. 
  • You can also write the Spanish content on one page and the translation on the opposite page. 
  • Also, if any day you do not find yourself in the mood of writing something, you can also read the content that you have written in Spanish and its translation also.

8. Practice listening

Again one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish is when you practice listening. It is most simple way as you do not need to do anything.

  • You can listen to any podcast including Duolingo podcasts or watch any show but I’m Spanish. It will help you to know how people communicate in the Spanish language. 
  • You can find these Further you can go for hearing the shows on Spanish channels or the radio station. 
Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023
  • You can also listen to various Spanish songs that will help you to develop your Spanish skills. 
  • Maybe you will not be able to understand the dialogues as they are in Spanish but gradually with time it will become easy for you to understand the dialogues in the content. 
  • You can also use different platforms that can help you in developing your accent or help you in converting the Spanish dialogues that you do not understand.

9. Using flashcard apps

Flashcards are like very short note that helps you to answer exactly to the point. Thus they are the best way to remember the vocabulary.

  • There are a lot of good flashcards that you can find out on the internet. On these platforms, you will see a lot of different words, in your chosen language. 
  • You can choose the words that you are less and most familiar with. When you choose the words that you are familiar with, you will not be getting interacted much with them. 
  • Thus it is the best way to get to know a lot of new and different words. 
  • Further, there are platforms on which you will have to match the words on Flashcards with their meanings of it. 
  • You can also learn the basic words in the language if you are a beginner in the language. 
Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023

10. Make learning fun

Although it might look Childish, is a great way of learning the Spanish language.

  • There can be several ways of making your language learning journey fun which also help you to stay motivated. 
  • You must watch some entertaining movies or web series in Spanish. If you are unable to understand, you can try keeping the subtitles in English and the speaking dialogues in Spanish or vice versa. 
  • If you love to read, go for novels in the field you are interested in. Suppose you are a person who loves to read horror novels, you can decide to go for reading a horror novel in Spanish language.
  • Another thing that you can do is by keeping small goals for yourself. Give yourself some rewards after completing a lesson or a target you have made for it. 
  • You can watch your favourite movie or bring a pizza or anything else you like to eat once you are done with the target.
  • As mentioned earlier, you can think of taking up a game-based platform like Duolingo which help you get various rewards like Duolingo gems, or XP when you complete the lesson. You will enjoy learning Spanish on it.

11. Getting a language partner

As we discussed earlier, you can find out a native speaker who would help you in your language-learning journey. 

Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023
  • Try to get a partner who is native in Spanish and wants to learn your native English. It will help you to develop your communication skills and will help you in improving your Spanish language.
  • Further, as you both will be having a mutual understanding, you guys will not be having any issues communicating wrongly in the different languages. 
  • To get a Spanish partner, you can look for different groups on different social medial platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • If you guys are from different nations, you can always use video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Meet, etc to get connected with them. 
  • You can also sign up on the apps that usually organize a lot of different events where you can connect with people, who are native speakers of the language you are studying.

12. Making your own vocabulary list

It is similar to writing the words that you go through in a day in your personal journal. You must write the words in a single place, and not different sides.

  • In your free time, you can look for different words on Chrome, which will help you to know the meaning of new words and will also help you to develop your knowledge of Spanish.
  • Another thing that you can do is to note the words that you hear on your web series, movies, etc. Once you note them, you must try to find out the meanings of them.
Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023
  • You can also do the same for phrases or idioms that you get to hear in series or movies.
  • Try to make a table of the words and their meaning on a plain page and paste it on your cupboard or at a place where you can read them regularly.
  • If possible try to download a dictionary app on your mobile so that you can find new words in Spanish regularly and note them to remember daily.

13. Shadowing in Spanish

Shadowing in Spanish means repeating what you hear in Spanish.

  • It is the best way to learn the Spanish language and learn pronunciation. When you shadow Spanish it will help you to become more fluent like a native speaker.
  • You can watch short videos, that will take you less time and help you focus on your speaking skills easily. Try to repeat the same video twice or thrice so that you can have a hold on the dialogue in the video.
  • Watching the cooking videos will help you a lot for Shadowing in Spanish as they are really short and have fewer difficult words.
  • On the other hand, you can also look for short videos in your interest. It can be based on anything entertainment, general knowledge, etc.
Easiest Way To Learn Spanish For Beginners In 2023

14. Go for some of Spanish speaking hacks

When you are learning the language, you must make sure that you know some of the quick hacks that can help you to remember the meaning of words.

  • The first thing that you must remember is that you should avoid using many nouns. There are a lot of substitutes for some of the words. You must remember them but obviously keep the Spanish gender and rules in mind.
  • Another thing that you must do is to use fewer subjunctives while using the Spanish language. These are basically used when you want to express a doubt or a desire to someone. 
  • However, for this, you must try to add phrases like a lo mejor which means may be or esperar que which means to hope that. When you add up phrases, you will come in contact with fewer words during writing.


When you want to learn a new language it helps you to get a job in big business organizations. If you also want to learn Spanish, you can think of staying consistent with your language journey. Further, you must also try to use Spanish in your everyday life like buying groceries. Another way of learning Spanish is to look for a language partner with whom you can practice the language and create your own vocabulary list. You must also have a separate journal for learning Spanish.

In addition to it, you can look for language-learning platforms or flashcard apps for learning vocabulary. We have also mentioned other ways like Shadowing Spanish, practising listening, etc to get hold of the language. You can also look for some of the Spanish courses or special shortcuts.

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