Duolingo Vip Status Explained (+ How to Earn it & Does It Matter)

Duolingo Vip Status Explained (+ How to Earn it & Does It Matter?)

If you are using Duolingo, you may see a streak score once you complete a task on it. These streak scores will increase each day when you are completing the task. However, if you stop using Duolingo for even a single day your streak will break up. Once you reach a 365 streak score, you will receive your VIP status. Thus here we will guide you about the Duolingo VIP status so that you do not get confused about it at any point in your language learning journey.

Quick Takeaways

  • Once you complete the streak score of 365 days you will unlock your VIP status.
  • To get your VIP status you will have to go on the streak society and tap on Enter now option. 
  • VIP status does not give you many benefits and you will only get streak society benefits.
  • With the help of VIP benefits, you will only be able to show your dedication to using Duolingo.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any crucial facts related to Duolingo VIP status. 

Duolingo Vip Status Explained (+ How to Earn it & Does It Matter?)

What is Duolingo’s VIP status?

Duolingo VIP status is the one which is directly related to your streak score. It will be nothing related to your XP score or which language you are in. Thus even if you are taking up timed challenges like XP ramp-up, it will not benefit you in getting the VIP status. You will get this perk as part of streak society. For different people, it may be a feature that supports the Duolingo community. On the other hand, some may see it as a way of getting exclusive content on it. However, it generally represents the support to the team. To increase your streak score you can complete the lessons or take part in various leagues daily.

How to get your VIP status?

You must have a streak of at least 365 days to be eligible for VIP Status on Duolingo. You will reach various tiers as long as your streak gets longer. Simply go to your streak page, and go on to Streak Society. Now tap on the “enter now” option to activate your VIP Status. However, it is not important that everyone is eligible for applying for it.

Thus if you are eligible you will see the option of activating your VIP Status. When it’s on, it will state “activated” underneath on leaderboards and in your profile. If you want to see your VIP Status, check next to your username. You will be able to see your VIP status. The VIP status will be only there till your streak score continues. Thus you must know that there is no need of taking legendary levels and crowns. You will get various levels which you will have to take before you reached VIP status. While completing these levels you will get the achievements.

What benefits do you get for being a VIP on Duolingo?

Duolingo Vip Status Explained (+ How to Earn it & Does It Matter?)

When you hear someone saying VIP is coming you feel excited. It means that someone who is very important is coming. Thus you may also be feeling that it is the same case in Duolingo and think getting the status of VIP on Duolingo will give you a lot of benefits. Well to be honest this is not true in Duolingo. It is just a way of showing the other users how much streak freak you are. When you will open your profile page you will be able to see your VIP status. However, there are three main advantages that you get with the help of it-

  • Fire Duo
  • 3 bonus streak freeze
  • 3 Super Duolingo free trials

All these three benefits are the ones that you get with streak society. Thus we can say that you only get the benefits of Streay society with VIP status. In addition to that you will also get the VIP tiers. Once you complete the streak of 365 days, you will get your first tier. You may also get some extra gems on becoming a VIP. Every year you will get a new tier. So if you have completed 4 years, you will get a 4-year badge under your name in Duolingo. Once you will get the VIP status, you will also not lose the motivation in the course.

Does VIP status really matter?

As we already know that your VIP status is only related to maintaining your streak score. Thus it really not matters much as you will only be getting the benefits which you get because of streak society. It will only show that you are a dedicated user of Duolingo as you are using it for more than a year. Also if you are really serious about learning the language then having a VIP status really does not matter.

Duolingo Vip Status Explained (+ How to Earn it & Does It Matter?)

So if you are learning your targeted language like Spanish, Japanese, French, etc every day by spending an hour and due to some reason you missed in one day, it is really OK. You may also find podcasts for Spanish and French language. Always remember that you are using Duolingo for learning a new language and not maintaining any status on it. Thus it’s always your goal that matters and not your streak or VIP status. 

Why Join Duolingo’s VIP Club?

With the help of the VIP club, you can show your skills and accomplishments to other members. You only need a hundred points to join the elite club without much effort. Also if you are able to maintain the streaks, you may become the longest-serving VIP in the club.

Can you hide the VIP status?

Well, currently you can not hide your VIP status. This means that there is no option of hiding it on your profile. However, you can only lose it if you are unable to maintain the streak.

Can you lose the VIP status?

As we already discussed that your VIP status is related to your Streaks on Duolingo. It means that you will only get your VIP status once you have a 365 streak score. If you break your streak score, you may also lose your VIP status. 

Duolingo Vip Status Explained (+ How to Earn it & Does It Matter?)

How to maintain your VIP status?

Maintaining the streak score means that you are maintaining your VIP score. If you are really worried about losing the VIP status, you must follow the below points-

1. Take the owl seriously

One of the biggest reasons for using Dulino is that it is very motivating. If you forget to log in to Duolingo, the Duolingo owl (app icon) will appear on your screen to remind you about completing the lessons. You will be seen different characters on the platform. Suppose you are learning the French language and due to some reason, you were not able to complete the task today. You will see Duo saying it’s time to learn French. Try to open and complete the lesson as soon as you can. If needed try keeping reminders on your mobile so that you do not miss practising.

2. Streak freezes

Streak freezes are the advantage you get once you complete 365 streaks or get your VIP status. You will usually get three free streak freezes from it as a free member. If you want more that you will have to be a member of Duolingo Plus. With the help of the membership, you can take up two different subscription plans – Individual and Family plans. By using the streak freeze you will not be losing the streak you made still far if you were not able to complete the lesson.

However, you must remember that you need to be active for at least a day before using your streak freeze. You can only use it two days in a row and not move it. 

Duolingo Vip Status Explained (+ How to Earn it & Does It Matter?)

3. Creating a habit

You must make a habit of completing the course on a daily basis. You can keep a time of either morning or evening to complete your lessons. When you will make a habit of completing the course, you will be able to maintain the streak score for a long. If you make a habit of never ignoring the owl, you will still be able to maintain the VIP status.


If you are using Duolingo you may have seen a feature known as Streak score. This streak score helps to show how many days you have come on this journey. When you get a streak score of 365 days or we can say that you are using this platform for a single year you will get Duolingo VIP status. Though you do not get many benefits from them you only get the advantages of Streak society. Thus we can say that even if you are not having a VIP status, it hardly matters. Only your end goal will matter for your VIP status. 


What happens when you get a 30-day streak on Duolingo?

Once you reach a 30-day streak on Duolingo, it means that you are eligible for becoming a member of streak society. You will be able to see the rewards once you complete 365 days streak.

Who has the longest streak on Duolingo?

According to the latest report, the highest streak on Duolingo is held by user Christi3, who has a streak score of 3676. It means that this streak is over the past 10 years. We can also conclude that Christ3 is one of the oldest members of Duolingo from the time of the Duolingo tree.

How do get Duolingo Streak Society?

You will get your Duolingo Streak Society once you have completed the Streak Score for the past 30 days. However, the rewards you will get once you are able to manage to get 365 days streak.

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