Does Duolingo Have Tagalog? (If No! Where Can I Learn Tagalog From in 2023?)

Does Duolingo Have Tagalog? (If No! Where Can I Learn Tagalog From in 2023?)

Learning a new language means giving a lot of effort and time. With the development of online education, it has become very easy to learn a new language. There are a lot of online platforms that help you to learn a new language. One such platform for language learning that is available online is Duolingo. It provides lessons in over 100 languages, including Welsh, Irish, and Swahili. However, one thing that is commonly asked does Duolingo have Tagalog. Thus, further, we have discussed in detail about if there is Tagalog or not.


  • Tagalog is the Austronesian language which is generally spoken and is most popular in the Philippines. It is most Filipinos’ first language and one of the country’s official languages.
  • In 2023, Duolingo does not offer Tagalog as a language course, but there are other options.
  • Language learning apps and programmes such as Lingodeer, Rosetta Stone, and Pimsleur offer comprehensive Tagalog courses.

Further, we have discussed in detail Tagalog and if it is available on Duolingo and where you can learn it from.

What is Tagalog?

One of the official languages of the Philippines is Tagalong. It is a Malayo-Polynesian Austronesian language with Spanish, Malay, Sanskrit, and English influences. It is distinguished by its subject-verb-object sentence structure and employs an affix system to denote grammar aspects such as tense, mood, and aspect. Learning Tagalog can help people who want to understand Filipino culture, visit the Philippines, or interact with Tagalog speakers. It enables interaction with the vibrant literature, media, and cultural heritage of the Philippines and enhances intercultural ties.

Does Duolingo have Tagalog?

Duolingo is a game-based language learning platform which helps you to earn gems when you will complete different tasks or lessons on the platform. You will also get different challenges like timed challenges that you can take up on the platform. There are over 100 languages available on Duolingo, including popular ones like Spanish, French, German, and Chinese as well as less well-known ones like Welsh, Swahili, and Klingon. The availability of these languages on the app depends upon the user demand, resource availability, and the platform’s ability to build and maintain courses.

Duolingo also has Duolingo classrooms that provide tools that let teachers monitor their students’ language learning. Sadly, Tagalong is not one of the numerous languages that are available on the platform just like Cantonese. Thus to help you with it, further, we have discussed some of the platforms from where you can learn Tagalog. It is also not available on Duolingo Classroom where your teachers can teach you different languages. However, you can always gift a Duolingo gift card to someone who is looking for its Subscription plan.

Where to learn Tagalog in 2023? 

Following are the platforms or Duolingo alternatives that can help you to learn Tagalog-

 1. Lingodeer

Lingodeer is a language learning app that provides an in-depth Tagalog course. It offers structured lessons in vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking. Lingodeer is well-known for its clear explanations, engaging exercises, and cultural notes that assist students in understanding the language in context. Just like Duolingo stories and units, it will also offer you engaging stories and units that will help you in developing the language. You will also get the HD audio and a detailed understanding of the language. It also has flashcards available which will help you to remember different terms of the language.

It will also help you to develop writing skills in the language. However, the only problem with this platform is that you will not get a lot of speaking exercises. Currently, there are more than 40 million users and it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. It will not only help you to learn lingoda but also will help you to learn different languages like Spanish, Korean, and English. 

 2. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a popular language-learning software that includes a Tagalog course. It emphasises participation learning, in which students are exposed to Tagalog through images, audio, and contextual activities. Rosetta Stone focuses on developing speaking and listening skills by immersing students in the language from the beginning. It will give you life lessons and will also provide you with a lot of audio lessons on the platform. If you are a beginner, it will help you to learn properly, but will not help you to get to the advanced level.

However, many users are not satisfied with this platform and usually give a negative review. According to some of them, the speech engine sometimes does not work properly and some of them have complaints about not accessing the microphone. Despite such negative reviews, Trustpilot gives it a rating of 3.4 out of 5.

  3. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a language learning programme that uses audio to teach you Tagalog. It employs an unconventional approach based on spaced repetition and conversation practice. Pimsleur focuses on teaching spoken language skills through systematic and repetitive presentation of phrases and sentences. The best part of this platform is that you will be getting a free trial which will help you to know if it is the right place for you or not. The cost of learning Tagalog on this platform is around $300.

On this platform, you will be starting with the basics of the language and reaching a near-native accent. The Tagalog course on this platform is about 32 hours long and you are also allowed to download the lessons in the course. It works similarly to how you can get your lessons offline on Duolingo.

 4. The Mezzofanti Guild

The Mezzofanti Guild is a language learning website that offers information and reviews on a variety of language learning resources, including Tagalog courses. You can look at different courses on it. Their list of the best and worst online Tagalog courses for 2023 can provide insights and recommendations to assist you in selecting the best course for your needs. As you can get a lot of options in a single place, you must try using it.

5. Mondly

 Mondly is another platform that will help you to learn the Tagalog language easily. There are a lot of different features like quizzes, games, etc. When you are using this platform you will also get the 10-day free trial which will help you with learning grammar or vocabulary. When you will be getting in contact with new words and phrases, it will help you to learn them with the use of it in the real world. It also has various motivational resources that will help you to keep engaged with the content. It has a great quality of the language and has several other languages available on the platform.

6. Drops

Drops is another platform that will help you to learn Tagalog. It is just like Duolingo that have a lot of games for learning the language. You can learn new words in different lessons and will also get a lot of quizzes which again help you to learn new words. This platform gives you a 5 days free trial which will help you to understand if it is a course for you or not. However, one of the common problems that most of the users have noticed is the repetition of the words again and again and some of the words were not even repeated a single time.

Again just like Mondly and Duolingo, it is a game-based platform which will help you to stay engaged with the content. The cost of using this platform is $9.99/month or $69.99/year.

7. iTalki

iTalki is again a language-based platform that has several different languages to learn. You will be connected with the Tagalog speakers as a part of one on one live classes. The classes are generally taken on Skype. One of the biggest drawbacks of iTalki is that it does not offer any free trial. The cost of learning a language also depends upon the language you are learning and what kind of lesson you are taking. Although Tagalog is not much popular language, you will still get a lot of teachers to teach you the language.

You can practise your writing skills and also get a language partner with whom you can communicate easily. However, to start with your language learning journey, you will have to try a lot of different tutors first.

8. Mango learning

Again mango learning is a language learning platform that will help you to learn Tagalog and other languages like Japanese, Russian, etc. You will also get a lot of different audio lessons and dialogues. You can also check for your communication skills with the help of the speech feature. This platform has 7 days free trial and a cost of $7.99/month or $79.99/year. However as this language is not so popular, you will generally get shorter courses just like unpopular courses. Also, it is only available for beginners, and thus the content on this platform is not for intermediate and for advance level learners.

9. Memrize

Memrize will help you to learn Tagalog with the help of different exercises like flashcards, games, etc. It uses a repetition system which will help you to get in contact with similar words again and again. Just like Duolingo, it is a free platform and has a subscription plan which has some special features. Further, if you are thinking of taking the subscription, you will still get 7 days free trial, in which you can cancel the subscription. As not only the staff but the other users can also create content on it, you will be getting different Tagalog courses and thus you may get confused about which one to choose for yourself.

10. Tandem

On Tandem, you will be getting in contact with other users and can have text conversations and voice conversations. Along with it, you can also have a video conversation which will help you to boost your confidence. It is available on every platform and again it is free to use with a subscription plan for it. Just like Memrize, you will be getting a free trial of 14 days for the subscription features. Thus if you do not find the premium version of it worthy, you can cancel the subscription plan for it.

The premium feature of this platform starts at $9.99 per month. It is a perfect place for users, who are looking to learn the language at an advanced or intermediate level. Thus if you are just starting to learn the language, you must avoid using this platform. 


Tagalog is the Austronesian language which is generally spoken and is most popular in the Philippines. While the popular language learning platform Duolingo does not offer a Tagalog course in 2023, there are other options. Lingodeer, Rosetta Stone, and Pimsleur are language learning apps and programmes that offer comprehensive Tagalog lessons and interactive exercises. The Mezzofanti Guild is a website that provides information and reviews on various Tagalog courses, assisting you in selecting the best one for your needs. By utilising these resources, you can start on a journey to learn Tagalog, which will allow you to understand Filipino culture, communicate with Tagalog speakers, and explore the vibrant literature and media of the Philippines.


Why should one learn Tagalog?

Learning Tagalog will help you understand Filipino culture, communicate with Tagalog speakers, and explore the Philippines’ vibrant literature and media. It can enhance your travel experiences and allow you to connect with the people of the Philippines more deeply.

Will Tagalog be added to Duolingo in the future?

Various factors influence Duolingo’s language offerings, including user demand, available resources, and the feasibility of developing a comprehensive course. While no specific information about Tagalog being added has been provided, Duolingo intends to expand its language offerings over time.

Why should Tagalog be added to Duolingo?

Due to its high demand, major speaker population, cultural significance, travel advantages, career opportunities, language preservation, and educational value, Tagalog should be added to Duolingo. It is a significant aspect of Filipino culture and the national language of the Philippines. Learning Tagalog can improve travel experiences, increase job opportunities, preserve the language, and broaden users’ knowledge of various cultures and languages. It can also help users better understand the culture, customs, and traditions of the Filipino people. Additionally, it is a well-known tourist destination, so learning Tagalog can improve travel adventures.

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