Can you go to University without GCSE Maths?

GCSEs are the important exams that you take when you are between 14-16. It is important as it will help you in taking up your A-levels and getting into universities. GCSE maths is one of the most important subjects that you will need to get into universities. Most of the universities will ask you to have GCSE maths. But have you wondered if you can go to the university without having GCSE maths?

Quick Takeaways

  • When you are applying to universities, most of them will ask you to have GCSE maths. 
  • But there are some universities that may accept your application if you do not have GCSE maths with you. 
  • This will all depend upon the course and the university you have chosen. 

However, you must read till the end so that you must read till the end so that you could get a better understanding of whether you can go to university without GCSE maths.

Can you go to University without GCSE Maths?

Can you go to University without GCSE Maths?

It is a common question, especially when you do not take GCSEs during homeschooling. GCSE Maths is one of the most common requirements in most universities. You will need to score a grade of 4 or 5 in it. In addition to it, you may also require to have GCSE English and science as these three are very important subjects that make your application stronger. If you think that you can do better in it, you still have a chance by retaking it. But this does not mean that you can not do any degree or go to a university without it.

Some universities will not look for GCSE math to give you admission. However, you may need to take some additional courses like BTEC math to get into some of the universities. If you want to get your GCSE maths qualification faster you must try to retake it online. Further, you must start revising the GCSE maths, at the right time so that you can easily get your GCSE.

What degrees can you do without GCSE Math?

While going for higher studies, you must think of if you should go to the university or not. Following are the top 5 different degrees/majors that you can do without GCSE maths (hardest GCSE)-

Graphic Designing

As the name suggests in this type of degree you will need to design the graphics for your company. In this type of major, you will need to focus on various subjects like principles of design, various software, printmaking, etc.

Can you go to University without GCSE Maths?

Business administration

There is a big myth that you can only get into this field if you have a GCSE in math. Though this is not true. For getting into this field you will need to have the knowledge of principles of macroeconomics, business laws, human relation, etc. You can also take GCSE in business administration as it is an easy GCSE.

Public relations/journalism

In both of the majors, you will learn to create exciting publications for the company and the press. There is no need for math when you are majoring in writing. However, you will need to focus more on your communication and writing skills. This degree will teach you subjects like an introduction to public relations, communication law, professional writing, etc.


This is one of the things which will not require GCSE math for yourself. All you need to do is to advertise the products of the company. There are a lot of other things that you will need to learn in this major. It involves market research, planning, types of markets, etc. 

Can you go to University without GCSE Maths?


For completing this degree you will not need to have GCSE maths. All you will need to study pathophysiology, pharmacology, nurse leadership, and medical and surgical care. You will need to complete the required working hours to work independently.

Should you retake your GCSE math to get into university?

If the university where you want to go requires you to have GCSE math, you may consider retaking it if you do not clear the exam. However, repeating the full course may be full of stress as you will need to repeat the whole year. You must know which University you want to go to. It is because if the university or the course you want to get into does not require GCSE math, there is no fun in retaking it. 

What happens if you are unable to take GCSE?

GCSEs are very important and most universities will look for them. However, if you find GCSEs hard there are other paths that you can follow i.e. by taking up equivalent qualifications. One such qualification that you can do instead of taking up GCSEs is the functional qualification.

Functional qualifications involve more practical skills than the theoretical curriculum. This is a course specially designed for students who can handle more practical knowledge. However, you must note that if you can handle the tough theoretical curriculum then you must take GCSEs. It is vital as most of the universities will look for your GCSE rather than foundational qualification. If you were not able to pass GCSE maths, you can retake them in the university.

Can you go to University without GCSE Maths?

Why is GCSE math important?

The following are the reasons why GCSE math is important- 

  • This is one of the toughest GCS that you may take for yourself. Thus it shows your capability of doing tough work. 
  • As not everyone can do it, your employers look for GCSE math in your application. Having a GCSE math will give a good impression on them. 
  • GCSEs are the qualifications that never expire and thus will help you to get into the universities.
  • It will help you to prepare for your A-levels math as most of the basic parts will be covered in your GCSEs.


How can you get your GCSE Math fast?

The best and the quickest method to take up GCSE math is taking it online. This is especially the case if you are retaking it. If you are doing it online it means that you are doing it privately. Thus it will cost you the extra fees and also you will need to do everything on your own. It may also be sometimes hectic for you. However, if you are taking maths online, it is one of the best online GCSE courses.

How to get good scores in Math GCSEs?

Maths is all about numbers and operations. Thus to get good grades in math GCSE you must be able to practice a lot in it. If you are already taking up GCSEs from a private school, you will get to do a lot of practice in the school itself. Make a timetable and divide your time according to specific topics. Learn from the mistakes that you are making in preparing for the exam. Practice more and more previous papers.
So the best technique for getting a high score in math is practising in previous exams. This is because it will help you in knowing the pattern of the paper and we help you understand the type of questions in the exams. Start revising as early as you can as it will help you to remember the topics till the end. 


GCSE maths is the base for getting an A-level in maths for which you will need a separate calculator. It involves all the basic concepts that you need for A-level maths. In many cases, you will need to get GCSE math for getting into universities. If you do not have GCSE math due to various reasons, do not worry. There are many universities and courses that you can get into without having a GCSE. 

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